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Finding a buddy for fuck is easier than you think. Gone are the days when men were the only ones looking for sex with girls. Today, women also look to hook up with buddies for fuck too. There are many ways to find fuck buddies. Let’s check out some:

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  • At a party: This is the traditional way to find a fuck buddy. You go to an all-nighter, you like a guy, you Exchange looks and you end up fucking in the toilets after the party or in the middle of it. I mean it: this is the old and traditional way to meet and fuck a new buddy.
  • Just make sure the body you fuck with uses a condom, since it’s your first time meeting and fucking with him. And you will probably no longer see him again.
  •  At College: hearing things like “we kissed in the loo” or “we fucked in the auditorium” is not rare. You usually hear such things when you are admitted in college and you start meeting people and dating other guys.
  • At the disco: this is very similar to first point. It is basically the same better said. You go to the disco, you like a buddy, you exchange looks, drink some beer and end up doing the deed in the toilets, inside the car or in a motel.
  • Most fuck buddies prefer doing it in a car. Personally, I find it a little uncomfortable but sounds more creative, IMAO.
  • Online dating: online dating is very common nowadays and I strongly recommend it. Wondering why? Because sites like Sweet Dating Poison gives you the chance to hook up with very young and mature women without so much hassle. Although there are many sites designed for this purpose, I really recommend this one.

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Why online dating?

Online dating sites are like job fairs. You enter the website, take a quick look at the guys, and finally pick the one you liked best. Then you start a conversation with him because feedback and chemistry is not about appearances when it comes to searching for a fuck buddy.

In my experience, I’ve had the opportunity to view many cam shows of very hot and cute girls who unfortunately have an empty personality, an empty head.

How come? They may be hot like super models but they are dumb and boring. They just don’t have that swagger that makes girls attractive.

The same applies for boys. A boy may be hot, cute, with ripped abs and chest and a big penis. But when you try to converse with him, you find out that he never comes out with an interesting subject, he acts like an idiot. He is meat headed.

And they are not a rare find…

On sites like Sweet Dating Poison, you can choose the girl or guy that best fits you. Below are some tips to prevent failing dates or one-night stands:

  • Physical appearance matters but that’s not all that matters: evidently, the way you look is important but it’s not the sole thing that matters. Although adult entertainment websites generally promote external beauty, it is always better to focus on personality.
  • Have you ever wondered some men replace their top model wife with a chubby woman? O why do some women like small-sized penises and short fuck buddies? Perhaps, personality does have a lot to do with those decisions here.

Be yourself when meeting a guy and hooking up with him. Don’t put on anything, be yourself and set all facts straight from the beginning. Do you want to fuck? Spit it out. Do you want to hangout? Spit it out. Do you want to go steady? Say it. Acting with honesty is good and will keep problems away from you.

There’s nothing better than bringing out the best qualities of person and having fun with him, especially if it’s a fuck buddy you’ve met from a dating site.