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Looking at women for casual sex? There’s no such difference between men and women since women like casual sex too. Of course, not all women like it but some girls really do. It depends on the woman, the situation and the moment, for sure.

And thinking different may definitely sound sexist.

It is possible to meet a lot of women seeking casual sex on dating sites nowadays. Actually, you can date girls with whom you can stay for a year or longer. How to do it? The key is in the way you filter them on the website.

Make clear your interests. Are you looking women for casual sex or dating? Make clear your likes and dislikes. Those factors define the kind of person you are and the kind of woman you are looking for. Even if you are not looking for a girlfriend, women will have the privilege to know what you like and what you don’t.

 How can I find a woman for casual sex

Instead of openly submitting you are looking women for casual sex, make clear you are looking for a girlfriend and something steady, and you won’t look so aggressive. It’s simple, try not look like a douche bag. Also, make much of the information displayed on the profiles. Most girls make clear to display what they are looking for. Avoid those with a relationship.

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Here’s a personal tip:

  1. That a girl has a profile pic of her with a man doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to date someone else. Don’t believe in those bogus profile pictures. She will date you if she likes you.
  2. Prefer single girls. The road is safer with this kind of girls rather than those married or in a relationship but looking for casual sex. Sometimes, married women or girls clearly in a relationship are a waste of time.
  3. Make clear of what kind of relationship you are looking for. You will save time and space in your profile once you do it.
  4. Be as honest as possible. There are strong reasons for doing so:
  5. Honesty will draw you to fruitful conversations and will get you to the right way. Imagine chatting with a lying girl with fake information. She’s there for playing and chilling out and not for dating. Most of those girls won’t even get to first base with you and with any man. Well, the same applies to men.

Honesty again. Let girls know you are only looking for it and that’s it. Don’t display this information on your profile though, or you will frighten all women away. Start with a normal conversation and subtly go into details of what you want. Girls will understand and enjoy the conversation if they like you. So, keep it cool then.

Many things at stake: bear in mind that some women are not looking for hookup like you and they can block you. That’s a risk to take.

Dating sites can help those who lack social skills because they can speak and address to women in various ways. If you still find it hard to get a girl on one of these sites, give swinging sites a shot and you’ll probably see a difference.

Swinging sites often offer a larger pool of options that go according to your preferences. People, who usually visit these websites, exchange nudes, and love libertinism. They are all looking for sex, just like you.

Also, consider the fact that there are a lot of picky girls out there. The trick consists in not being aggressive and everything will be alright for you.

In summary: success on these websites won’t happen in a matter of hours in most cases. Be patient and subscribe for free to increase your chances of casual sex. Wait a month or two. Don’t pay for a subscription to then get disappointed because you found nothing.

So, try your luck first.


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