Instabang Review

Instabang Review : Casual Sex or Scam?

Instabang is a casual site that tries to fulfill the same mission of other hookup sites, which is to help people find casual encounters. This site was founded by the same creators of Uberhorny, Global Personals LLC. Instabang and Uberhorny work together and have the same membership base.

Due to this, you can use Uberhorny to log into Instabang or vice versa. Instabang has been in the dating industry for around 11 years building reputation and credibility. The casual site counts on a team of experts who work round the clock checking any account is not fake.

Instabang makes sure every profile that is registered is genuine. This is a site that claims to be at the top of the game. It works as a kind of Instagram for sex thus it has gained so much popularity. And just like Instagram, this social network strives to have only real singles.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there are zero scammers. Happily, there’s an expertise team that removes potential scammers. Instabang is on its way to be as safe as Instagram, eliminating fakes and preventing fraud.
Below it is an in-depth description of Instabang.

Member Structure

1,200,000 is the number of people from the United States who take part on Instabang, with a gender proportion unequal of 24% of females against 76% of male users. There are 500,000 members worldwide. Undoubtedly, the site is dominated by men.

Instabang reports roughly 19,700 daily logins of people of all ages, but majorly within the 25-34 age range. Profiles that look suspected are definitely suspended. Instabang shares its user pool with that of Uberhorny, which is a sister site from Global Personals LLC.

The majority of users are from the USA, but there are lots of people who sign in from other countries. Although men abound in this platform, there are plenty of active women who interact in this community.

What most women do is to post explicit photos in order to find casual encounters. Men do likewise, but girls get more benefits. Instabang is filled with people who are kinky and fetishistic. All this increases the activity on the site.

Signing Up at Instabang

Signing up for this platform consists in 6 steps that take 3 minutes. While Instagram can be used by minors, Instabang is targeted at folks of over 18 years old. Once the first registration steps are done, a verification link is sent to the email inbox.

In the first step, you choose your gender or sexual identity. You’re also asked whether you’re an individual or a couple. After that, you must select the type of people you want to meet on the site, whether you want swingers or somebody single.

Then, it asks you to submit your zip code to make it easier for Instabang to show the nearest people. Following this step, you must input your age, given that minors are not allowed to sign up. Next, you must provide a valid email to receive a verification link.

This is the last step before entering your profile page on which you’ll see at least 20 profile pictures. They are not for advertising; you have to tick off the profiles you consider hot. This is the jumping-off point to start as a free user.

Making Contact on Instabang

The primary function to make first contact on Instabang is by adding members to the Favorites list. Afterwards, you’re at liberty to send messages, winks, and likes since these features are free. Your newsfeed will get filled with other people’s posts, videos, photos, and statuses.

Of course, there’s a catch behind sending messages. Only the Premium users are entitled to read the messages they get in their inboxes. Furthermore, you can’t check out who’s viewed your profiles or the likes and winks others have sent you. You need to upgrade your account.

Despite this, INSTABANG has some functions that are free for users to interact. There’s a page called “Trending Now” which depicts the users with the most popular photos and in which you’re allowed to comment on them. So, you’d better go by commenting on posts.

Apart from that, Instabang has a very effective search tool. Instabang has created an accurate algorithm that spots compatible members with precision. The search tool can be used by looking for singles based on their location, age, interests, and such like.

Mobile apps

Instabang app is not available on Google Play or Apple Store but an imitation can be found on The app claims to include the same features of what the original one could have. It aims to connect singles and attached people, but hot content is regulated.

The app operates differently from the PC format by providing a roulette of profiles in HD through which you swipe. There are no videos or detailed profiles on this Instabang app. You swipe through profiles until you find a match and arrange hookups.

This is one of the few apps that require no credit card and are totally free. It encourages sexting and meet-ups with strangers using the phone’s GPS locator. It is available for Android and has a very flirty and girly design.  It just keeps it simple.

So, the Instabang app is like a game that takes 2.5MB of space. On the other hand, it allows you to chatting. It’s current high reputation of 5 stars is a sign that it works and is helpful to find local singles.

Pros & Cons


  • Instabang has made some contacting features available at no cost.
  • Its interface is simple, direct, and convenient, making it hard to get lost in the place.
  • Instabang is a dating site on which you play games to find dates.
  • Its resemblance to Instagram is a lure to Instagram lovers.
  • It is available in a variety of languages.
  • Its sexual content is blurred in Settings.
  • Great search filters and tools.
  • An amazing app through which you make money on your photos.


  • Although there’s an app called Instabang, it was not originally created by Global Personals.
  • Scammers still thrive on the site.
  • Sending messages or replying to them are only possible with a paid subscription.
  • The option of viewing profiles is blocked for free netizens.
  • Too many males for the amount of women that partake on the site.


Instabang is full of free services but unfortunately, not all are useful for communicating. While it is not allowed to read messages, Instabang lets you use the instant messaging although you cannot read your messages. Besides that, the site enables you to add members to your Favorites list.

If you want to show interest, you can do it by sending likes. If you want to know more people, you can use the search tool and look by age, location, and interests. However, if somebody browses through your profile, you will be unable to see who did it.

Interacting in groups or engaging in private chat are premium features.

Instabang has only one Premium plan subdivided into three periods which cover 1, 6, and 12 months. There’s also a special plan for those who just want to try the site for a while. This plan costs $10 and expires in one week.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Gold Membership

  • 1 Week 9.95 USD / Week 9.95 USD
  • 1 Month 34.95 USD / Month 34.95 USD
  • 6 Months 11.66 USD / Month 69.95 USD
  • 12 Months 6.67 USD / Month 80.04 USD

Special Features

Instabang offers an array of features for free and premium members. Certainly, using one of these features helps you get more visibility. Some of these features are:

Who’s Cute Game

As its name suggests, you choose who’s cute or not according to your preferences. Each profile that is shown to you has a checkmark for Yes, and an X for NO. So, it’s up to you.

Who Is Streaming

Instabang offers broadcasts that are not necessarily performed by models like in other sex dating sites.

Swipe Game

It is an imitation of the Tinder’s feature that allows swiping or passing on members.

Premium Content

You can only see other people’s photos if you have credits. This helps people who want to earn some money.

Premium Live Cams

Apart from having regular girls showing some skin, Instabang has models who post videos exclusively for paying users. It goes without saying that they also do streaming.

Does Instabang work?

Sure, it works but to get better results, you need to get a paid membership.

Is Instabang safe ?

Even though the site claims to be safe, it still has scammers. Despite this, it is safe in comparison with other hookup sites that are packed with fakes and bots.

How to cancel instabang account?

You cancel the Instabang account by deleting it in settings or by disabling the auto-renew function not to get billed in the next billing day.

How to delete Instabang account?

Deleting an account on Instabang can be confusing because the site does not specify any option. There are two methods.

The first method is to do it via email. If you want to use this vein, drop a line to [email protected] explaining your reasons for not continuing on the site. They must be able to respond to you within 24 hours.

Make clear what you want done. Do you just want to delete your information from the data base or do you want to remove the account and all? Be concise.

The other option consists in entering Instabang and going onto Settings. Tap on your profile picture and a drop-down menu will appear with the Settings option. Click on it. In the Deactivate option, you will able to deactivate your account. After that, SAVE CHANGES.

I’d prefer go with the first option as the email alternative deletes the account permanently while the other deactivates the account you can recover anytime.

Is Instabang a real site?

Yes, it is a real site, but you don’t have the same reasons to think so about the app. Just beware.

Is instabang legit?

Yes, it is legit but all of its best contacting features are paid, which can be frustrating. You might find scammers, fraudulent people on it, but never ads charging you extra fees. Although Instabang still has some fakes, it is completely legit.

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