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AdultMatchMaker Review – Australia’s largest dating site

Australia has its top hookup site: Adult Match Maker. This platform is focused on casual dating, although it is workable to find friendships and virtual sex. Not all is about one-night stands and kinks here – Well, almost.

The site is clean and protects members’ identities. It allows posting nudes while it offers privacy. It will never ask for the ID or headshot. Due to its functionality, people use it like Hot Pie or Adult Friend Finder, although it also serves as an affair site just like Ashley Madison.

Adult Match Maker is one of the first sites that started to cater to Australian singles. People enter here hoping to find couples for threesomes or have extravagant kinky experiences. Adult MATCH Maker is considered the Adult Friend Finder for Aussies.

It is also designed for people who want an affair or to get involved in kinky chat experiences. The site is geared towards Australians, therefore it is a great opportunity to meet people from that country and learn about their dating culture.

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How AdultMatchMaker Works

If you’re looking for a sexual partner online, Adult Match Maker is a great place to start. It’s a site that helps people find sexual partners online.

AdultMatchmaker is a very popular website in Australia with millions of users worldwide. AdultMatchmaker works by matching users based on their interests and desires.

It offers a variety of services, including anonymous online dating, personals, and online sex chat. Adult Match Maker is not a scam, it’s a legit dating site that works! There are thousands of success stories on the site that are living proof of this statement.

For example, you can easily overspend on the site. Scammers will be scammers no matter what. Just because someone is a scammer doesn’t mean they won’t treat you nice.

However, it can be a scam if you don’t know how to use it responsibly.

Adult Match Maker Member Structure

All of its members are from Australia. Adult Match Maker contains around 2,500,000 daters and receives 1 million visitors per week. This site is truthfully active. Plus, the gender proportion is quite varied.

Men and women comprise nearly 60% of the user base, and there are also people of other genders (20%). The portal welcomes gays, lesbians, and trannies, and all are here are for sex. Members’ age ranges from 25 to 46, however, older people also sign up.

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Signup Process on Adult Match Maker

You need to be of legal age to join the Adult Match Maker community. The registration process is easy, does not require completing a survey, and allows setting up a discreet profile. You can add as much information as you want.

If you want to flesh out your profile page with more details, you can do it anytime, but it is something that few people do. It is important that you specify the type of people you are seeking while registering.

Select if you want to find a relationship, do sexting, or have a one-night stand. Adult Match Maker also allows meeting friends and getting a dom/sub relationship. Be straightforward when submitting these details.

Besides, you can meet people with different sexual preferences. Adult Match Maker is frequently visited by lesbians, gays, and transvestites. If you are not straight, this site may be for you.

If you browse through profiles, it is clear that some profiles are almost empty, because they sometimes do not specify where they are located, or how old they are, or whatever.  Adult Match Maker only offers basic profiles for discretion.

Making Contact on Adult Match Maker

This site is free, or at least are its contacting features. To show interest, you can send winks, and if that person replies, you can initiate a chat. Reading messages is also cost-free. To make contact on Adult Match Maker, send a message request, and wait for the recipient to accept it.

To facilitate things, the site has a chat room where everybody can exchange messages. Members can send a private message request to others, and if they accept it.  Exchanging contact details like Facebook or WhatsApp Number is not against the rules.

So, if you want to carry on chatting with a member, you can ask for the phone number or Facebook name, however, it is not advisable to add this information to the profile page. The photos you upload are visible for all members at no cost.

It is normal to come across profile pages that look empty, but if they have photos, you can comment on the pictures. Just bear in mind that everybody is looking for sex, so do not expect something different.

Adult Match Maker App

Adult Match Maker doesn’t have an app, but it is optimized for all devices. It is best to use the desktop site to make use of the menu and other features. In fact, all transactions including membership cancellation should be preferably done on a PC.

On the app, however, the desktop layout lets you sign up, search, and make contact easily. Account setup can be hard when done on the phone. Despite this, it is enough to chat and navigate.

As to the search function, it is fast to narrow down people based on location, age, and sexual preferences.

Adult Match Maker Price

The site lacks many features that other sites have. In general, it is only for chatting and replying to emails. It also gives the option to send winks for free, but only that.

It offers a Silver and Gold membership. Adult Match Maker is expensive when compared with other dating platforms for casual dating. Prices for a Silver membership vary from $50 to almost $80, and from 110 AUD to 165 AUD for a Gold subscription.

It also features a Platinum plan, but it is more costly. This plan lasts a year and its prices range from 160 AUD to 335 AUD. The Silver plan lasts one month and the Gold membership three. Prices are based on the Australian currency only.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Silver Membership

  • 1 Month 49.00 AUD / Month 49.00 AUD
  • 1 Month 75.00 AUD / Month 75.00 AUD
  • 1 Month 75.00 AUD / Month 75.00 AUD

Gold Membership

  • 3 Months 36.67 AUD / Month 110.01 AUD
  • 3 Months 31.98 AUD / Month 95.95 AUD
  • 3 Months 55.00 AUD / Month 165.00 AUD

Platinum Membership

  • 12 Months 13.33 AUD / Month 159.96 AUD
  • 12 Months 19.58 AUD / Month 234.96 AUD
  • 12 Months 27.92 AUD / Month 335.04 AUD

Special Features of Adult Match Maker

Member Testimonials: the site portrays stories shared by members who tell how they have been feeling using the site. They share only personal stories.

Member review: when members meet each other, they tell how it was, so others can see if they are worth it. In other words, users review the members they’ve met. This ensures all participants are real and not fakes and bots.

Adult Mode

The site allows posting raunchy pictures, but users must be of legal age. To do that, they can send their driver’s license or make a payment via credit card. The same applies to those who post nothing but love to see.

Pro & Cons


  • It is massive to be an Australia-focused platform.
  • The registration process can be completed in a matter of five minutes, and no display picture is needed.
  • It is ideal to see amateur porn pictures for free. Nobody outside the site can access them.
  • It has a good validation system that checks people’s age. Adult Match Maker must be used by majors only.
  • The portal encourages local meet-ups rather than anything else. If you are not in Australia, you may be losing your time here.
  • User-friendly and clutter-free layout.
  • Everybody is horny. You won’t find a person who is not looking for sex.


  • The authentication process sometimes fails.
  • The signup process must be stricter because creating fake accounts can be easy.
  • You pay a lot of money for 3 or 4 handy features.
  • No special features aside from instant messaging.


Whether you’re looking to meet someone in a local area or are just browsing for a partner online, is the most popular adult dating site for hookups.

It’s also important to be aware that many people who use this site don’t actually meet the people they’re trying to date. This is because AdultMatchMaker is really just an online dating platform designed primarily for sex contacts – not romantic ones.

Finally, make sure you read the reviews before making any decisions – they can give you a valuable perspective on how popular the site is and whether it might be right for you.

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