Top 5 Belarus Dating Sites

Sex Dating Sites for Belarus – Top 5 Belarus Dating Sites

As a general rule of thumb, the same sites you use for finding Russian girls are the same as the ones you will use to search for Byelorussian singles. There are numerous sites to choose from and find dates in this part of the world.

Online dating in Belarus is very popular due to the wide variety of dating sites in Belarus that cater to single folks and admirers. It is hard to put one in the first position. Many of the following sites are oriented to folks that are looking for serious commitments in Ukraine, Russia, and Byelorussia.

The following sites aim to help single fellows to find companionship and casual sex. It is important to clarify that dating culture changes dramatically in comparison to the culture of other places. Here, girls are more serious and do not forgive cheaters.

Besides that, it is advisable to learn some Russian to communicate in these sites since very few Byelorussians speak English.

Keep reading to get acquainted with the top 5 best dating sites in Byelorussia.

5 Best Online Dating Sites in Belarus


Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a mature site that distinguishes itself from others because it helps in finding sex only. It is not like eharmony or Match, which encourages other types of relationships. At AFF, you sign up to find personal encounters or delight in porn content.

Registering for this site is quite easy and won’t take you more than 1 minute. It only asks you for an email address, a username, a password, and an introduction you have to submit upon registering. Notifications will start pouring in once you finish all this.

Adult Friend Finder is very popular in Belarus because it allows communication without restriction. Here, people can talk to others without even adding a profile photo. Anyway, it is always best to fill out the profile properly to increase the chances of flirtation within the site.

If you’re 100% over being grilled with relationship questions and the slow-and-steady pace on traditional dating sites like eharmony or Match, AdultFriendFinder is your golden ticket to instant communication. Registering takes literally 30 seconds — they require nothing from you aside from an email address, a username, a password, and an introduction.

Your notifications will start pouring in even without adding any juicy info (because people see nothing wrong with hitting up a profile with a gray silhouette as a profile photo, apparently), but it’s probably best to add a few photos and a detailed description — both to up your chances of flirtation or finding someone who shares a super-specific fantasy, but also to signal to other users that you’re not a bot.


  • Registration is free and quick.
  • The opportunity to watch the hottest models from Europe doing live-streaming.
  • The site is massive. It has over 80 million registered users and counting.
  • It is useful to see porn and watch live streaming.


  • Adult Friend Finder is believed to have bots and scammers.
  • Some Byelorussians speak English, others don’t.
  • Many features remain restricted with a free membership.


The majority of features on Adult Friend Finder are not free. The only options that are on deck for all members are the chat and forums. If you want to watch models getting naked, you have to pay. Adult Friend Finder houses a significant amount of Byelorussian webcammers.

Paid memberships are the way to go when becoming a member on Adult Friend Finder. In brief, you can add people to your hotlist, send friend requests, send messages, reply to inboxes, and watch people of all genders in their nude shows.

This is how prices and costs are shared by plans:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Gold Membership Best Value

  • 1 Month 39.95 USD / Month 39.95 USD

Gold Membership Most Popular

  • 3 Months 26.95 USD / Month 80.85 USD

Gold Membership

  • 12 Months 19.95 USD / Month 239.40 USD


Passionate is an alternative to Adult Friend Finder since it is practically the same. Registration is free and quick and doesn’t take more than a minute. In this portal, everybody can register from straight people to gays, lesbians, and even tranvestites.

The site welcomes all gender and encourages all kinds of relationships. As a matter of fact, it opens the doors for couples and groups to sign up. As a result, around 1200 Byelorussians have become members. The site is feasible for both online and in-person connections.

The design of this site is simple and seems uncluttered and ad-free. It puts emphasis on sensual photos, for which it is normal to see dicks and vaginas plastering all over the interface. Chat rooms are the elements that complement the site and allow all members to talk to one another.

Just like Adult Friend Finder, you can’t do too much without a Paid subscription here. In general, the only things you can do as a free member include fleshing out the profile and adding people to the hotlist. Instant messaging and profile boosts are exclusive.


  • Clean interface.
  • A huge user pool of more than 50 million members.
  • Russians and singles from Belarus all over.
  • Many blondies and Russian guys mingling.


  • The site has too many features that remain unblocked for free members.
  • Instant messaging is only available for Premium members.
  • If you’re Russian, bear in mind that people speak English here.
  • It gives the impression that the layout needs enhancement.


The free services offered on this site encompass the option to view photos and videos, enjoy unlimited live webcammers, send flirts, and access to IM and group chats. Daters can also send flirts and make use of the trial choice.

The paid features are using the basic search and viewing profile summaries as profiles are unavailable for view for free members.

These are the costs and pricing per plan on this site:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Gold Membership

  • 1 Month 27.95 USD / Month 27.95 USD
  • 3 Months 19.95 USD / Month 59.85 USD
  • 12 Months 14.95 USD / Month 179.40 USD


This site has been online for more than 10 years but is less popular than the above options. Fdating is a free-to-use platform that facilitates meet-ups and flirtation online. Everybody can register here, but most members are from Russia and Ukraine. 67% of its members are women.

The letter F at the beginning of its name has no meaning apparently but can mean “Free”. Fdating is a strange site since it doesn’t reveal too much information about itself. Information on who’s at the helm of this site and how many members it has is not available.

Despite this, Fdating is far from being a scam. The site is free and doesn’t charge a penny to chat or mingle. What we do know is that most of the members are from Europe and a sprinkling of them turns up from the United States.

People visit this website from places such as Belarus, France, Greece, Chile, UK, Israel, Austria, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. As you can see, there’s only one country outside Europe that send visitors to this platform.


  • Most people are from Europe.
  • Great to meet Scandinavian women.
  • It is completely free.
  • Great interface with simplicity that does not compromise its quality.


  • Too little information about the foundation of this site.
  • Learning to use it may require time.
  • There are fraudsters but it is normal in this kind of sites.


Since Fdating is a completely free site and has no plans, we are going to talk about the special features it offers to its members.

It has a matchmaking system that doesn’t supersede the one of other sites but does the trick. In fact, it doesn’t offer anything special. Messaging members and viewing profiles fully is downright attainable without investment in this dating site.

Just like other dating sites in Belarus, Fdating offers options like Who’s viewed You, Favorites, and mail filters. The site lets its members also select the language of their preference.


Mingle 2 is a free site with a small amount of features that are paid for. The first time Mingle 2 appeared on the internet did it under the name of JustSayHi. It has scarcely 3 million members and keeps growing. 1300 users are from Russia and Belarus.

Registering on this global dating site is easy and takes around 30 seconds. It doesn’t require its visitors to complete very long tests. The interface is as easy as the registration step which is the last step to be able to navigate.

Most of its features are free, just like in Badoo, Tinder, and Fdating. Nobody knows with precision how many people are registered on this site; it is a secret or simply this kind of information is not leaked. The site reports around 1,000,000 members from Belarus.

The age range of netizens on this site goes from 23 to 51 years old and most of them are professionals and unmarried (talking about registered Byelorussians only). The profile page can be easily customized with more photos and personal info.


  • Enough people from Belarus.
  • Marriage-minded members.
  • The site is available in a variety of languages.
  • Most features are free.


  • There are more people from Russia and Ukraine as such.
  • More men than women.
  • Users are not encouraged to complete their profiles.
  • People are not asked to authenticate their profiles.


Signing up for this dating on the Belarus website is free. The platform provides a wealth of features that make it easy to communicate without spending money. Viewing profiles and uploading photos without limit is also free.

In spite of such freedom, the site doesn’t offer so many options for profile customization, so it may be difficult to stand out. The only paid feature that is worth mentioning is the one of browsing invisibly.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total


  • 3 Months 9.95 USD / Month 29.85 USD
  • 6 Months 7.95 USD / Month 47.70 USD
  • 12 Months 5.95 USD / Month 71.40 USD

Brides and lovers

Brides and lovers is undoubtedly one of the best Belarus sites that are targeted at the entire audience located in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Scandinavian countries. The site is known for having almost no scams in its database.

The downside of Brides and Lovers is that most of its female users are women over 30. Therefore, if you’re seeking a young woman, this place may not be a good choice. On the other side, consider the fact that many are looking to have a serious relationship or get married.

The type of woman you will find here is the typical East European lass. As for the security system, it does protect its customers from getting scammed or catfished. Actually, they provide a special customer service to clarify queries.

Additionally, the community is very active, so it is tough to get bored while being here. Belarussian girls here don’t like to wait, so whenever you planning to meet from this portal, do it before 3 months pass. There are many people from the United States who have met their fiancées here.


  • Excellent customer service and few complaints reported.
  • A great security system that guarantees customer security.
  • Sugar mommas everywhere.
  • Ideal to engage in meaningful online and in-person relationships.
  • There are no pages of models like on other dating sites.


  • Middle-aged women only. Male cougars- Sugar mommas.
  • Although the site suggests keeping it real, some women appear not to be so real.
  • There may be some red tape involved at the moment of meeting somebody here. Brides and Lovers require explaining publicly you met that person from a site that doesn’t fall into the IMBRA category.


As said, this site can be enjoyed without spending money. It provides a wide range of free-to-use features that facilitate communication between members without a paid subscription. Things like EOI’s mails and chats are completely free as well as the online translator.

Paid features are given at an affordable price. They allow navigating sites without restriction and anonymously. It also provides more privacy and the ability to edit the relationship status at any moment. There are no other features and options that may sound special.

The plan is based on a monthly subscription.

Cost: $15 each month. 

If you want to learn more about prices, join this community and try applying for one of the plans. You’ll get all the info.


Did you think dating in Belarus was that difficult? Well, it really is. The point is in finding the right site to find the right girl in this place. If you speak a different language that is not Russian, you may encounter issues. Byelorussian girls don’t speak English very well.

The two first sites on this list are jam-packed with Byelorussian girls. Most perform nude shows to entertain the community. If you want to know if they were datable, you have to contact them in private to solve this question.

Regarding the other sites Fdating and Mingle2, they are totally free. You just have to register to start using instant messaging from the get-go. Surprisingly, FDATING is full of women from Russia and Belarus, while places like Mingle 2 have a more diverse population.

Of this list, Brides and Lovers is the only site that is completely for marriage-minded singles. Brides and Lovers contain a huge database of people signing in from Russia. As a bonus, most of its features are free just like in Fdating and Mingle 2.

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