Top 7 Italian Dating Sites for Meet Singles

Sex Dating Sites for Italian – Top 7 Italian Dating Sites for Meet Singles

Italy doesn’t have a specific dating culture. There are many venues to meet Italian singles, even when outside the country. A lot of women state that Italian men are attractive, intelligent, and intriguing.

Either way, finding a date in Italy can take time and effort. Singles who register to dating sites do it for sharing details of their lives, trading photos, and messaging. One thing for sure is that Italians don’t waste time going out with people that are a bore.

Italians are persnickety when it comes to choosing people to go on a date. They just give a wide berth to those they don’t like. They put quality over quantity all the time, and in the case of men, they fall for professional women.

Since they are more serious about dating, most of the Italian dating websites are targeted at this kind of public. In Italy, the best places to hunt for singles are cocktail bars such as Ribotta, Rex Bar, and Dolce Vita. So, contemplate going there to try your luck.

But if you’re in your 20’s or early 30’s, it is best to go to the Hard Rock Café and 055. Teenagers prefer these places for mingling and meeting new people.

Italy doesn’t have a strong dating culture, but that doesn’t mean there are no websites that encourage casual dating as much as serious relationships.

Below, there’s a list of the top 7 Italian dating sites to meet singles.

Italiano Singles

Italiano Singles is a popular dating site that may work well for both women and men looking for dates. On Italiano Singles, profiles are very informative, and as the majority of dating platforms, there’s typical Premium membership that helps unlock other features.

The site gears toward serious relationships, therefore all profiles are made robust and completed thoughtfully. Given the fact there are lots of people willing to date Italians, the website is also open to non-Italians seeking Italians, although this was not its primary function in the beginning.

That said, Italiano Singles is among the 100 free Italian dating sites for Italians and descents to meet. Plus, as a place with over 17 years of history, it has managed to offer various plans with unique features that are not difficult to pay.

As a regular member, you can reach out to a limited number of members, but on a premium user, you can chat without limit. Not to mention the unlimited search options that enable you to seek singles within the community and from all over the world.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a courting platform that is perfect for those with a clear idea of what they want from the partner they are looking for. Currently, there are over 18 people that claim to have Italian heritage, so it is evident there are thousands of singles that could share an Italian background.

Elite Singles is a unique website that serves Italians and Europeans who still believe in true love and frown upon hookups. Here, you can find Italian dating sites singles of all walks of life.

Although signing up can take time and seems tedious, it truly has a lot of advantages. It gets visitors completing a lengthy questionnaire that contains questions about personality, career studies, professional background, and money.

This is then an amazing venue for Italians allowing for the fact that they hate wasting time in people that have nothing to share. With ELITE SINGLES, they know all about the prospective daters, including those awkward things they may do when dating.

Italian People Meet

Italian People Meet is one of many Italian American dating sites that serve exclusive Italians and descendants. This place is said to provide quick dates with Italian singles. Italian People Meet often lends itself for casual dating, but it goes further than that.

This platform is not a hook-up site, although some people think it is. The site hosts robust profiles that make it a solid place. Reviewers recommend it, especially for how thoughtfully their system has been created for supplying compatible matches.

Italian Meet People welcomes all kinds of visitors as long as they show respect and abide by the guidelines. It offers a wealth of contacting features, but nobody can post nudity as it is forbidden and a cause of a ban.

All types of memberships give access to basic features like messaging, free browsing, and flirting. You can also view profiles fully without restriction.

As a bonus, Italian People Meet gives the option to create albums to upload pictures separately.

This place is one of the most populous online sites for dating singles in Italy and Italian descents residing in America.

Amamiora is among the top Italian singles dating sites with the simplest layouts for communication.

As soon as you as entering, it gives you total access to the profile build-up. It virtually has no special feature that may differentiate it from other sites.

On the right side, there’s a column with tabs that allow searching members according to age and location, checking inbox, chatting with users in chat rooms, and donating. It is a site for straight people because it only includes the two genders in the registration form.

It is very easy to navigate through members here, but one of the most appealing features of this site is that it seems not to contain too many fake profiles at first sight. Other than that, most of its members are clearly middle-aged.

Amamiora was created for Italy only, but it has made ways to spread across other countries to the extent that it is on fire in African countries. There are even members from places like China and Tunisia, yet the membership is free only for those in Italy.

Sentimente is dating with over 1.5 million users that were first thought for the people from Italy. The platform merely contains the same features you would find elsewhere, such as various options for chatting and searching, plus registration is quite user-friendly.

As to the profile build-up, it is important to say that users are not restricted from inputting their names, email addresses, and birthday; in fact, they are encouraged to write than that. The platform suggests submitting the personal information in the clearest way possible for finding matches.

Additionally, Sentimente regularly asks you to update data prior to sending a warning. For this reason, it is not recommended to leave the profile incomplete. The website reviews the profiles that have been reported to be false, incomplete, or outdated and deletes them.

Sentimente hasn’t only popularized in Europe, but it also has started to invade Africa, South Africa, and the Scandinavian countries. Strange to say, there are lots of 30-year-old women signed up on this site, which leads to thinking Sentimente must be listed on top of Italian women dating sites.

Meetic is a French platform that became part of further on, and it’s now one of the top Italian dating sites. From its humble beginnings, it has never stopped growing. This fact has remained invariable for years.

What most attracts about this site is the fact that it is available in many languages. Likewise, it shares the same layout of all sites that pertain to Match, which makes it practical. It is not focused on local dating as it has daters from many countries.

Registering to this site is free, but subscription costs almost $30 per month. Although Meetic is filled with daters from all over the world, this site generally serves Italians and individuals that share the same origins.

Altogether, Meetic is exclusive of Italians, but there’s no doubt that other people who like Italians enter here for flirting.

Regarding plans, there are three types: 1 month, quarterly, and yearly, and all of them come with different privileges.
As Meetic is part of a network, all profile data is shared through it.


Tinder can easily be the second favorite dating site of Rome visitors. It is the sort of courting app that any tourist should use when planning to go to Italy. Tinder is currently a multi-purpose site which can be used for finding sex or love abroad.

Tinder is very popular among Italians, about 20 and 30 years old. Most of the Italians who join this community are from Milan, Rome, and Naples. It is preferred thanks to its mechanism of finding partners and locals incredibly easy. You’ll not find too many sugar daddies here.

Tinder includes the same features, regardless of the location. It is a famous app that uses swiping features and unlimited messages. Of course, you’re not allowed to send messages to someone who hasn’t liked you yet.

You can perform all these actions for free except that you’re restricted to a specific number of right swipes per day. 100 is the number of right swipes you can give, which is OK for a place with such an overwhelming population.

If you want to remove those restrictions, upgrade to Premium, and the right swipes will never end.

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