Bumble Review

Bumble Review – Is Bumble Worth it or Just Buzz?

Bumble is like the female version of Tinder because instead of letting all members take the first step, women are the ones allowed to do so.

It was created in 2014 and it has gotten to get 50 million registered members in its database. Something that attracted lots of visitors was precisely its uniqueness. Until now, 3 billion messages have been sent to the platform.

In this portal, women take the initiative in response of the problem that many men at the moment of approaching women. At Bumble, female users are the ones who can send the first messages and the first ones to show interest.

Thankfully, Bumble changed some of the old habits that prevailed in society and empowered women. They feel they are at the helm this time and not guys like in most courting platforms that occur. They are the ones who choose whom to talk with.

Additionally, Bumble is not a dating site that purely aims to find love. Its variations Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF help people get friends and why not? Find business connections.

This women-empowering site has been so successful that it has gathered enough funds as to open its own café and wine bar where, among other things, members use to have their first encounter.

This eating place is located in New York and operates as a coffee shop in the morning and then transforms into a bar by night. It specializes in small plates mostly.

The company sees as this as a great alternative to motivate people to use the app and meet singles on the internet. Not all is that bad.

How It Works

Bumble works similarly to Tinder. Just like its competitor, it immerses its users in a swiping game and sets them going through others’ profiles. The biggest change that separates both apps is that in Bumble, women need to take the first step.

Women take control of the whole process which involves swiping, liking, and contacting men they find attractive. This way, the platform liberates women from unwanted messages and from hundreds of men who take time to reject.

When women find a perfect match, they like them and then they have to wait for their match to reply in 24 hours. If nothing happens in a day, there’s finally no match and they’ll have lost the chance.

Due to this, women then have to be sure before showing interest. Bumbles colors the matches that are about to expire in red and put in green those that are still available.

As already said, women are the ones who can choose the men to chat with, but male users are given powers too. In the case of them, they can extend the 24 hour-period once per day, so women can have another chance.

This way, the app swaps men and women’s roles. In the majority of apps, men make contact first all the time resulting in women getting lots of messages in their message board.

When a person enters the site, they start off as a free member. The site offers an array of types of relationships that range from friendships to one-night stands. Bumble is also responsible of around 5000 marriages that have been possible thanks to the way it works.

On the other hand, it contains a premium feature called Bumble Boost, which provides plans for a week, 3 months, and 6 months. Each one of these plans comes with the following:

Beeline: this section gives you a list of members who have shown interest. The only thing you have to do is decide whether you return their like or not. If you click on Yes, the match is made.

Rematch: it allows you to reconnect with somebody who couldn’t respond on time. Rematch prevents you from losing matches forever.

Busybee: this tab allows you to prolong the time to 24 more hours to members who had missed the first chance. This is a second 24-hour shot.

BumbleBFF is the webpage that is not dedicated to dating, hookups, or things alike. BumbleBFF intends to find friendships instead of something more.

BumbleBizz: this section is totally different from the above ones and the true purpose of the app because it is catered at users who love business. This part of the site resembles LinkedIn in many ways.

BumbleBizz enables you to find business partners, sponsors, and members who can help you make more money.

Bumble Hive displays very important events that can gather a lot of people in one place. Everybody is invited, which means members from Bumble Dating, Bumble BFF and Bizz can join Bumble Hive.  You don’t need to be a member of a specific type.

These events create connections among people based on their individual preferences.  These events are often held by experts who offer conferences on various topics mostly regarding careers, business, and stuff like that.

Bumble also includes the BeeHive which is a resource that people use to get acquainted with online dating and topics of that sort. At BeeHive, they can get educated with tips on what to do on a first date and are given the latest Bumble updates.



  • Women are the only ones who can hit up men and other members.
  • Profiles are easy to create and set up.
  • Registration can be done with the Facebook account.
  • Large user base and a very active community.
  • 24 hours force users to have a deeper conversation that leads to something more meaningful.
  • The interface makes the site quite easy to navigate.
  • Paid subscription comes with three extra features.
  • The BFF zone is not empty as some people would think.
  • You can connect the Bumble account to Instagram now.

Sign-up Process and First Steps

The initial process of signing up for this website is very easy once the app is installed on the phone. Bumble then asks you for some personal data which involves name, age, and education. However, they usually extract that information from Facebook by themselves.

In case you don’t want to use Facebook, they give you the option to use the phone number to receive the code they will send.

After that, you can upload photos and selfies. They just let new users upload up to 6 pictures. If you want, add more information about yourself, so other singles get more insights into your lifestyle.

Instagram can be also linked to the Bumble as mentioned above.

However, this can be tricky as Bumble will only show the latest 24 photos you’ve added to your Ig and you don’t have control of this. If you are going to use Instagram, be sure you only have presentable pictures.

Following the social media connection, write a short bio about yourself in About Me. The site only lets you type up to 300 characters, which is not too much. They are only two sentences long, so it is important that you really write well.

The other feature is the search tool through which you set up practically how you would like your match.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to using this app, some tips should be taken into consideration. The most important thing about this app is the pictures that one adds to the profile. They are crucial because they provide many details that can be interesting to guests.

Please, be sure to pick the best pictures; otherwise, women wouldn’t be even encouraged to read your profile. Also, you rank higher with quality photos. At Bumble, physical attraction and good impression are key elements to appeal to more girls.

Secondly, you have to flesh your bio as much as you can. To have stronger chances, you won’t only need a pic but also a very good and understandable bio that supplies enough details.

You need to sound approachable with your opening lines. Write something funny in those sentences, so women feel they can reach out to you without fear. At Bumble, you really need to put your effort into your profile because you actually don’t have too many chances after all.

Now, what happens if I swipe a profile by mistake? What are the steps to do? Well, that shouldn’t be of concern because you have three swipes per day. Other than that, wrong swipes are not a common occurrence.

Once she finally begins the conversation, this is when you need to show how smart you are when dating. Just make sure not to wait too long to ask her out. At Bumble, women like bold guys.

If you have just missed the chance to initiate a conversation for the first 24 hours, you can prolong that time to another day. This function is an imitation of the Super Like we find on Tinder.

There are statistics that show when it is advisable to swipe and when you should not do it. Oddly enough, it turns out to be that the worst time to do it is on Fridays. It appears that not many people are attentive to swipes in those days. Experts think timing matters on Bumble.

There was another research that stated that the most feasible time of the day to swipe is between 8 and 10 pm. The same study revealed the worst time to swipe was at night.

Using search criteria is great especially if you’re picky when selecting people to date. However, there’s a catch. Besides adding more criteria to your search, you need to submit an answer to the questions displayed on your profile.

For example, if you find yourself not even a little interested in drinking and smoking, it is a good idea to add this info to your profile after you modify the search criteria. But things like weight and size should not be changed.

If you just like tall girls but you’re short, it is recommended to leave it like that and not to change anything.

After matching, you have various ways to send messages and keep in touch. You can use the traditional form or video calls. There’s no question that the latter stands out more.

Pros and Cons


  • Women can finally relax and make the first step instead of getting their on-site email cluttered with messages. On a plus side, they are less likely to deal with explicit messages from male members.
  • Bumble is a social network dedicated to dating and business connections too.
  • Setting up the profile is a piece of cake as it only requires a small amount of pictures and 300 words. And then you’re ready to go.
  • Men can finally sit back while waiting for women to touch base with them. Women, from their end, can send ice-breakers or other tricks not to be ignored.
  • Many men say that they are tired of being the ones who go after women. They also get confused when women play hard or get, resulting in more confusion because they have no clue if they want to go. When this happens, they stop sending messages because they see no interest.
  • Premium plans are quite affordable and offer many more features than its free counterpart. By paying some bucks, members can give another chance to approach those connections they had missed. Free members cannot get the same matches twice.


  • Men can’t send messages, so they have to wait for women to do so. Such waiting can be frustrating.
  • A man might get matched to a woman he likes, but the problem begins when time passes and the woman does not reply. Thankfully, this can be fixed.
  • Even though the site provides different criteria to narrow down member search, it is not possible, for example, to seek according to extremely specific traits. You can’t look for somebody who’s specifically 25 years old and would like to have children in 5 years. This is not possible.

Bumble Mobile App

Bumble offers a desktop and an app that works smoothly on portable devices. Stats say that members spend more than an hour daily on the app.  In October 2016, Bumble introduced new photo regulations which prohibited obscured faces, mirror selfies, and half-naked photos.

According to the New York Times, Bumble has reached an astonishing amount of 800 million matches and 10 billion swipes per month, which evidently makes it the second app that people download the most from the iOS Store.

But there is a problem, newer versions of operating systems do not support Bumble’s latest version.  Some people will be in the need of using another operating system to download the app. Despite this, Bumble is always shown in a positive light in most reviews.

Demographic Makeup

Here are some of the useful statistics:

The gender proportion is 50-50, which may be surprising considering that this is a female-centered site.

72 of Bumble users are very younger than 35.

The United States is the country with most members on Bumble. This is where American members are located according to stats:

  • 31% from the west
  • 26% from the Midwest
  • 17% from the South
  • 26% from the Northeast

Upwards of 91% of members are 22 years old and above and have finished college.

The site has 500,000 active users each month.

Bumble is available in more than 120 countries; 150 to be clear.

Women have initiated contact millions of times. The site reports that they have done it over 650 million times.

3 million is the amount of users who partake in Bumble BFF.


The shortest paid feature lasts for a week and costs $9. This fee is charged on a weekly basis.

1 month’s subscriptions will cost $24.99 while the three-month program doubles that amount. The six-month plan costs $80.00 respectively.

Along with these 3 features, they allow users to unblock multiple search filters, as opposed to the free version which only unblocks two.

Another way of upgrading the account is through the purchase of Bumble Coins, which lets you use SuperSwipe, which has the same features as SuperLike on Tinder. Through this addition, members are on top of the members who liked them. One coin gives you a heart you can give to a person you are really interested in.

In case you don’t know which Bumble Boost features fit you the most, think of your priorities on the site.

The Chances of Having Success

Nowadays, with so many apps available, it is almost inevitable to doubt about the legitimacy of many of them. This is fair enough considering that the number of scams is going up.

Nevertheless, Bumble seems to be different. As we already said, Bumble is a dating that has had the capacity to put 50 million people from 150 countries in only one place to chat, find love, and more than that. On top of that, it gets up to 500,000 active users who sign in daily.

Thus, with such a broad user base, it is obvious to think that there are plenty of opportunities to find love, booty call, friends, pen friends, and even business partners.

It is important to create a very detailed profile because it is ultimately what is going to reflect you. After that, you need to be patient because finding somebody in dating sites like these takes more time than in real life.

Bumbles has made public its privacy policies in which they ensure they protect personal data from leaking. However, they encourage members to be clear of when they should use the app and why. Only select the features you think you’re going to use.

When you install the app, it collects your personal information like your name, username, gender identity, birthdate, photos, email address, and location in order to improve the actual functioning of the app and certainly as a way to verify the identity of newcomers.

The information you provide to the app is never shared with third-parties unless they need it for loyalty programs.

Customer service aims to resolve queries as fast as they can. Added to that, they track your IP and save your question in their database until all is solved.

To prevent abuse of the app/site, Bumble can make the decision of blocking accounts, especially if profiles look unquestionably fraudulent.

If the location is turned on, Bumble collects the information related to the Wi-Fi points of access as well as the longitude and latitude from where the signal comes. They do it to study their membership pool and offer more accurate services.

As we said, Bumble has boasted of generating over 5000 engagements and marriages. You can start mingling with real people without leaving home.

Overall Rating

  • Signing Up – 5/5
  • Communication – 4.9 /5
  • Search Filters – 5/5
  • Ease of use – 5 /5
  • Customer Service – 4.7 /5
  • Safety and Anti-Scam – 4.9/5
  • Number of Members – 5/5
  • Overall Rating – 4.95/5

All things considered, Bumble is truly a representation of how fast modern dating is changing. Some sites are not limited to casual and serious engagements, but they’re also trying to connect people who seek other things like friendships and business partners.

With its variety of options for different wishes and goals, the site expects to meet many people’s expectations. Aside from that, it possesses a colorful and pleasant interface that catches the eye of daters.  Either way, it is best to register and see for oneself what the site offers.

If you read all of the tips and tricks and feel like you’re geared up for this adventure, feel free to join Bumble’s community. If you’re

woman, the odds of finding something will be always good.

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