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HER Dating App Review – Lesbians LGBTQ Dating App

HER is a dating app that centers only on connecting lesbians, although it doesn’t ban male members. It is one of the LGTBQ+ courting apps with the fastest growth and population among other lesbian dating sites. Stats shed light on that.

According to Google Store, it is the biggest service that caters not only to lesbians but also to queer women, tomboys, and transsexuals. It has a user base of 5 million members, considering it has people from around the world, not only from The United States.

Besides, HER has a respectable rating of 4 stars on most review and app sites. Some new members, however, report it has catfish and men pretending to be women aplenty. In spite of this, it continues to be one of the most legit.

HER has won awards for offering a diversity of connecting features that allow chatting and browsing. This app, which also operates as a social network, enables the LGBTQ+ female communities to chat and browse without extra fees.

Read on to find out more about this amazing free service.

Member Structure

HER is huge to be a courting app that only serves queer women. This service so far has 5 million women, consisting of tomboys, transsexuals, and other variants. It is said to have more lesbians than many other lesbian-centered apps, although some girls complain about getting catfished.

The site presents errors and glitches, but it is evident it is well-targeted demographically speaking. You will find not only lesbians here, but also bisexual and queer female users, so the website is accepting of practically all genders.

Users are generally between 20 and 35 years old, which leads to thinking HER is targeted at the new generations. Not all women are looking for sex here. Some enter to read queer news, post statuses and just mingle. On the other side, HER acts as a private service for users seeking local relationships.

Saying it is a private service means although you can register using Facebook, no one out of HER will see your posts, photos, news, or any of your activities.

Signup Process

Signing up for this app is straightforward, but if you still find the process tricky, you can clear up any doubts on support.weareher.com. Once you register, you see from the news to millions of women hunting for a serious same-sex relationship.

The app can be downloaded on iTunes, through which you can register via Facebook as well. iTunes allows you to open and the app and register using that social network or other options further described. The phone number and Instagram are among the options to link the app.

Since this is a geo-location site, it automatically detects where you are and delivers suggestions accordingly. However, it can’t identify men pretending to be women or that kind of dubious activity. Thousands of straight ladies also pertain to this community.

HER is available for users who utilize Apple and Android devices. It copies your details from Facebook or Instagram to let you proceed with your registration.

You can start this process by clicking which operating system you use on weareher.com. The rest of the process will take you just two minutes.

Making Contact

As explained above, this app works as a social network, meaning that users update their statuses and share different kinds of content in the communities. Even though this is not a way to make direct contact, it is something that stimulates others to comment and hit you up.

Her is connected to Meet. You will probably see profiles that belong to the Meet community. Also, this is a geo-located app, so most suggestions are nearby.

If you want to show interest, you can do it in several ways, but adding friends is Ok. Before you do it, like the profiles that most caught your attention. HER also allows making contact by swiping right and liking back.

Messaging is free but is strictly limited to matches. If somebody likes you back, you can contact them. On a side note, if you want to attract more attention, it is recommendable that you take on a label, and use sexy photos that are not pornographic.

Mobile Apps

The HER mobile app is free and compatible with the operating systems Android and iOS. It is also accessible via desktop. The app’s layout is pretty easy to navigate, doesn’t look cluttered, and is geo-located. This app is free.

The app displays news as if it was a news portal. Normally, it depicts the user photo and below a caption describing what the news is about. Comments on news and events are visible upon scrolling down.

The browse function lets you see the main display picture of members plus the name, age, and location. The HER app indicates how far each member is. Below these options, it shows five icons for messaging, befriending, and liking.

Likewise, it has two more icons to track people online and matches. The Liked Me option tells you the members who have sent you interest. Profiles also contain an About Me and Fun Facts section, as well as specifications about the height and weight.

Pro & Cons


  • An ideal app for lesbians.
  • The site has been growing unceasingly.
  • Very nice interface. Blindingly, it looks like a legit LGBTQ+ application.
  • The age of members is nice. They are neither old nor young.
  • It is not only a dating app but a social network.
  • It has very interesting features that make the ambient less boring. People chat but also share about their lives.
  • HER is suited for finding long-term connections and commitments.
  • The app is available for Android and Apple and runs very well. It is not heavy.
  • Great customer support. You can see more information on HER’s the support page.
  • Allowing the use of Instagram to create the account prevents fakes.


  • Users have reported that the site has fakes.
  • The site does not block men, so they can sign up and trick girls into believing they are real women.
  • GPS sometimes fails to update automatically.
  • Girls without full-body photos are often ignored.


HER offers three premium plans for an average price below $90. It has a subscription plan for 1, 6, and 12 months. This site does not have extra credits or give coins to purchase features. As free members, lesbians can equally chat and enjoy the site without an issue.

A premium plan optimizes the profile because it allows changing the location, which is very helpful to contact girls from other places. Her does not offer this function to free users, it just updates the location automatically according to the place the user is in.

As a free member, you can do almost all, from checking profiles to reading and replying to messages, but they can’t make contact if they haven’t been liked back yet. Swipes are limited to members without a plan.

Below are HER’S plans and pricing:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total


  • 1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
  • 6 Months 10.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
  • 12 Months 7.50 USD / Month 89.99 USD

Special Features

There are three features that make this app different, and not just for dating. Besides offering free instant messaging, HER functions as a social network that improves the interaction between users through posts, photos, statuses. It is like a mini version of Facebook for queer women.

Events: In this section, you keep abreast of events that other lesbians organize or are inviting. These events can actually be held by members or may not be related to the community. Either way, this feature is another way to communicate and socialize.

Communities: HER is a community that has other communities inside. These places act as forums and are generally topic-centered.

Messaging: lesbians can talk with others for free provided that they have matched with each other. They can’t send a message to somebody who hasn’t liked them.

Who’s online now: as the name suggests, you view the users who are connected at the moment. This is an extra feature that requires payment.

Add friends: you can befriend other members by tapping on the Add Friend icon on their profile. Checking out profiles is free on HER.

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