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Connecting Singles Review – Pros & Cons – All Service Features

When we refer to Connecting Singles, we talk about an app that makes things easier at the moment of dating or blowing off some steam. Connecting Singles is just that, an app that aims to connect people who are single or want to have a chat.

This website is not a typical dating portal that just focuses on finding matches. People who join this community stay up-to-date with the latest games and watch videos. The platform even has a poetry corner.

It is mostly for finding people who live nearby, but if you don’t like it, you can search for members who live in remote places.

Connecting Singles is then an app that gives means of communication to have friends and build relationships.

Besides having plenty of features as we are going to see below, Connecting Singles is completely free, meaning that no features are blocked like on other apps, and can be used at no cost.

Surprised? Keep reading to learn more.

Member Structure

Connecting Singles is one of the apps where women outnumber male users. Women aged 20-44 outnumber guys, whereas there are more men aged 20 and over 45 than women the same age. This is strange, considering that the app is packed with users who are not there for just dating and flirting.

Yes, Connecting Singles is not only used for dating. Most people take advantage of forums to engage in discussions. In the case of guys, for example, you find them more in forums. Women generally take part in other activities.

Most members are from the United States and are interested in marriage or going steady. The app can also be used for flirting or finding hookups, but this is not the main purpose of the site. The majority of users are single.

The site welcomes all genders, even though most members are straight. It is very common to come across people from places like Cyprus, South Africa, Denmark, and Portugal. On Connecting Singles, you will find zero porn, but normal headshots.

Signup Process

Unlike other websites for dating, Connecting Singles will not ask you to submit only real information. You’ll be only required to fill in the fields with real information, except in the name and contact details fields.

You must enter a username, and the rest of the information regarding location, age, gender, genders you like, religion, hobbies, and all that will be the same as on other platforms. By the way, you can register via desktop or smartphone. The site runs smoothly on both.

It doesn’t have a transsexual option, so you must choose among the genders man, woman, gay, and lesbian. The site is available in a significant amount of countries, but it doesn’t automatically translate into the language the users may speak.

You can’t even say if you have children; it is not advisable to give out this information. After you’ve completed the registration form that takes 2 minutes, Connecting Singles will review the submitted information to check the identity. It does so to prevent scammers.

Making Contact

The most popular form to make contact on this platform is the forum. Connecting Singles has many forums for discussions. It doesn’t depend too much on chats or instant messaging to create meaningful connections or couples.

Aside from forums, there’s no live chat on the portal. Instead of that, members use games and puzzles to interact with others. Unlike other websites, Connecting Singles does not charge fees for the messaging service. It is charge-free.

Something remarkable is that people are more active in forums. They can engage in conversation using private messaging, but this is not common. Also, new members may not send messages until their profile is approved by moderators.

If you want to show interest, you can either favorite or like people. The site displays you a list of members who have favorited or liked you back. If you are shy, you can send a virtual flower to break the ice. Always use the search tool to find singles.

Mobile Apps

The first impression upon using this app is that it is clear, clean, and overwhelmingly crowded with tons of features. It seems that the developers attempted to make all functions appear on the app, just like on the desktop version.

Just like everything on Connecting Singles, the app is completely free. Some features it includes are the email, Likes, Who’s Viewed Me, Favorites, Blocked List, Members, Matches, Online / New, New Members. On this site, you can contact new members without paying fees.

To find a feature, you need to scroll down patiently. Due to the number of features, the app can be slow to load even on the latest smartphones. You can check your profile via the app or the desktop like you do on other platforms.

Connecting Singles app displays each profile showing a full-sized picture, username, age, and location. Profile pages are shown appropriately, depicting the user’s photo and the details below. The application has almost the same features as the desktop version. Nothing is missing.

Pro & Cons


  • This site is free.
  • Free instant messaging.
  • The app works very well on PCs and portable devices.
  • Very stylish design that matches with Millennials and new generations.
  • Connecting Singles is great for finding companionship.
  • It serves as a social network on which you play and share with other members in many different ways.
  • It indirectly encourages other types of relationships, but this depends on each member’s interests.
  • The website provides different ways of communication. It uses forums and much more.
  • Advanced search tools are available for all members.
  • Each profile is checked upon registering.
  • The age proportion of members is quite acceptable. Twenty, thirty, and forty-year-old singles.
  • It offers games and quizzes that are not present on other apps.
  • This is a website that promotes freedom of speech. It has its own poll section.


  • Connecting Singles needs to grow more. It needs to gain more popularity.
  • Small user base.
  • It has no chat. Members have to chat via instant messaging or forums.
  • The interface looks jumbled with so many features.


Connecting Singles doesn’t have membership plans because it is totally free. In exchange, it offers a wide array of features that streamline communication better than other apps. For zero bucks, you read blogs and articles written by other members.

The site is very similar to other dating platforms like Badoo, Twoo, and Tagged, except that all of its features are free. Despite this, Connecting Singles is still behind all those apps in the number of members. The site has even a section to play music!

You don’t have to worry about any possible hidden fees because it has none. Connecting Singles can be considered as one of the few apps that are completely free and are still growing. Something notable about this site is that it has profiles that look like catfish.

On top of that, it has no ads. Most free ads commonly display ads that provide revenue for the visits, however, Connecting Singles doesn’t do that. No fees are charged regardless of the location.

Special Features

Counting the features present on Connecting Singles is challenging because it offers more than 30 features. This makes it not such a dating, but a community to perform lots of activities. Connecting Singles’ features help know people much deeper.

  • Like Me: it shows the people who have liked you and the ones you’ve liked, too.
  • Favorite Me: this is how the Hotlist is named on Connecting Singles. It gathers the people you are most interested in.
  • Forums: probably one of the most important communication features. Forums substitute the chat rooms that are on other apps. They offer the chance to discuss  topics and meet members.
  • Email Me: the second most commonly used feature on the app. People chat via email as much as they do in forums.

Next, the other +25 features you’ll find here. Connecting Singles has more functions than many old platforms. Maybe, it is too much.

  • Flowers
  • Blogs
  • Polls
  • eCards
  • Books
  • Profile reviews
  • Tags
  • Quizzes
  • Rate photos
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Top 10 lists
  • Puzzles
  • Articles
  • Poetry
  • Groups
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Recipes
  • Games

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