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F-Buddy Review – Finding Fuck Buddies

F-Buddy is a classy website that falls into the hookup portal category. Due to its amazing features and practicability, F Buddy is still used by thousands of members. This is a small hookup site that still provides casual relationships and one-night stands.

F-Buddy is aimed at residents in the United States, UK, Australia, and South Africa. The portal encourages a variety of activities that imply hot photo trading and sexting for entertainment purposes. Not a space to find love or serious commitments. Forget about that here.

The platform makes clear that part of the content showcased is faked and does not pertain to publications made by customers. The good news is that the site easy to navigate and the registration is restricted uniquely for a limited audience that is American.

It is one of the few dating sites that give the option of instant profile removal. F-buddy has a version and different prices for the UK, Australia, and the USA. In fact, there’s an F-BUDDY USA, F-BUDDY Australia, and F-Buddy UK.

Keep reading to find out more about F-Buddy.

Member Structure

F-Buddy has 2 million members, most of which have straight preferences. The site is geared towards individuals from The USA, and this is evident in the logo and some images of the USA map on the site. Yet, there are other versions for Australia and the UK.

There are also members from the UK and Australia, but not all can register with this service. If you are, for instance, from South America, you will not be able to join the F-Buddy community. South African residents can also register.

However, F-Buddy does welcome all ethnicities and people with distinct sexual orientations. Couples, however, cannot register, and the same restriction applies to groups. The site stresses more on heterosexual netizens than other orientations.

80% of members are from the United States, making it insufficient for people in Europe or Australians. Everybody is here for sex. This is not a space to find love or meaningful connections. Curiously enough, 70% of members are Caucasians.

Signup Process

The enrollment process has no cost on F-Buddy. To start off, just specify your gender, but bear in mind the site does not have an option for gays or trannies. The options are: “I’m a man looking for a woman” and I’m a woman looking for a man”. And that’s it. Apparently, it is a straight site.

Next, input your first name and birthdate. It goes without saying that you must be of legal age to be part of this community. After that, submit your email where you’ll receive notifications. Add a password safe enough to log in.

Then, complete the CAPTCHA, which protects the site from getting robots registering. This is OK, considering that most fake profiles are actually real people and moderators.

Now, the site does not accept from certain countries. If you are in South America, for example, you are not allowed to sign up. F-Buddy seems to be a hookup portal with exclusivity towards Kiwis, Aussies, and American singles living in the country of Uncle Sam.

Making Contact

Use the custom search tool to search for members according to your preferences. F-Buddy lets you search by location, sexual preference, and ethnicity. This is the first step to find people more accurately here, given that F-buddy has no swiping games or Encounters.

Once your profile has been approved, take the chance to drop comments on people’s videos and pictures. F-buddy portrays loads of nude content, so comment on publications shamelessly. If they like your opinion, they’ll reply to you via private messaging.

Failing that, use winks if you are still a free user. It is important to emphasize that free memberships won’t let you chat freely. Once you become a paid subscriber, you are no longer restricted to sending winks, and your profile will be added a video chat.

Other ways to strike a conversation involve gift-sending and filter addition. This is in order for you to look more attractive to other people in the community. It also has the Favorite option that allows adding members to a Preference list.

You can also communicate through kisses and video chatting.

Mobile Apps

F-Buddy has an app that works perfectly on portable devices. Additionally, it keeps your identity protected somehow. Your profile logs off after minutes of inactivity, so don’t worry about people knowing you are on the site.

It deletes the login data from your smartphone, so others will not see your log in data when using the auto-corrector. If somebody reads your message, you realize it thanks to the Bolt-on function.

It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iPhone, and it will deliver the same quality of performance in the three operating systems. If you use the app, it will be easier for you to save your searches.


F-Buddy has 4 plans, which are divided into one cost-free plan and three with a fee. It has a one-month subscription that costs $40, a three-month plan that is $80, and a six-month subscription for $124.95.

Anyway, you can make use of some features on a free membership. For example, F-Buddy lets you send winks without limits to members you would like to chat to. If you don’t know how or where to start, set up your search options and look for users by state to find nearby personals.

As a full subscriber, you can send and reply to messages and keep track of your visits. You can also upload a larger number of pictures and create and read dating diaries. If you don’t feel satisfied with this service, you can cancel your subscription immediately without restrictions.

The membership plans go as follows:

  • 1 month: $39.95
  • 3 months: $79.95
  • 6 months: $124.95

The pricing above varies depending on the country. 15 AUD is the average pricing for Aussies. Fees will vary based on the American currency. As a bonus, F-Buddy may have offers for newcomers.

Gifts cost 5 dollars.

Payable via credit card and PayPal. Bank transfer is also available.

Pro & Cons


  • The design is great. These guys have invested good money in the layout in spite of the poor popularity of the website.
  • F Buddy gives the option to cancel the membership at any time, unlike other platforms that make you wait.
  • Amazing instant messaging feature that makes customers feel like at home.
  • Users can read diaries and experiences that others publish.
  • Good price –quality relationship, although opinions surround it are subjective.
  • F Buddy boosts local relationships, in fact, it asks you for the zip code, working as a geolocated app.
  • Although it has fewer members than other platforms, it hosts an active community.
  • No ads. The interface does not look cluttered.
  • The enrollment process is simple and can be one in under 5 minutes.
  • F-buddy offers an app compatible with all existing operating systems, or at least with the most popular ones.
  • It is a discreet platform.


  • Limited user base. F-Buddy is way behind other sites in this category in terms of popularity.
  • The layout is clean but looks old in comparison to other sites.

Special features

  • Instant message: you can send private messages and get in touch with any member if you are Premium.
  • Dairies: did you have sex last week? Share your experience and tell the community how it went.
  • Advanced search: the search tool allows members to seek others based not only on the physical appearance, age, and location but also on the activities they do on the site.
  • Amateur videos: F-buddy indirectly acts as a pornographic site as well, enabling members to publish steamy videos.
  • Unlimited winks: send winks as a free member to make the first contact. This is a good method to show interest. If the other person is a free user, she can reply with winks as well. For this reason, it is best to become a paid subscriber.
  • Gifts: this function is included with Premium accounts only. Buy gifts with your credits and give them away to the members you are into.
  • GPS-based search: F-buddy is clearly a local-centered platform for dating. It solely houses fellows from the UK and other English-speaking countries.
  • Online subscribe: unsubscribe from the portal whenever you want.
  • Customized search (this function is not the same as the advanced search).

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