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About FabSwingers

FabSwingers is a Swinger dating site specially designed for swingers community in different parts of the world.

Who does not want a free service? And if it’s the online dating site then there is no one comparesFabswingers. It is a completely free platform for those who are keen on hooking up on digital medium.

Although there are some features that require a fee the cost is not much this is the reason you will find the site has become hugely popular among the people.

People opt for the site to get a happy life as it will help you to overcome your loneliness. The site is popular in several countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland. The site is designed to hook up with people and also for fulfilling sexual desire.


Fabswinger Pros

  • The site offers personalized profiles to the members and they can upload videos and pictures.
  • The website offers a wide customer base and has a big membership pool so it is easy to find a hookup partner.
  • There is a search filter so that you find your connection easily.

Fabswinger Cons


  • The number of features that the site offers is limited.
  • In order to access some videos and chats, people need to pay extra money

Features of FabSwingers

There are several features that can keep you hooked to the site and also the site lets you create a profile in a short while. There is a feature called ‘Meet Today’ that basically helps you to find the perfect sexual match for you.

Although in order to use the feature, you need to be a member of the site at least for 72 hours. Once you get your match you can talk to them via text and that will help you to sort out people.

As it is a swinger based site so it is a free website and this is the reason you will never find too many options. You need to keep in mind that ‘Meet Today’ is not the best feature to find a genuine date.

You can go through the review section as it will help you out regarding finding a partner. The Meet Today feature helps you to find people in an organized way.

FabSwingers Sign up process

It is already said that the site is free for everyone so once you visit the site and try to sign in you will be asked some basic questions like name, age, location, body type, etc. if you want you can add a short description.

fabswinger login and joining

That will make your profile more precise; on the other hand, all these options are optional. The most important thing about opening profile I to find a mate on a virtual platform.

So, you will get a lot of options regarding how you want to communicate including phone sex.

On the other hand, you can pick a dating site that has the greater part of its participation drawn from your area, state, or nation. There are significant languages, social and travel points of interest to scanning for somebody in your home zone.

Likewise, believe that there’s probably not going to be a timezone issue. There are numerous nearby or national dating destinations which have a great many individuals, so you won’t discover the part numbers restricting in this example.

I recommend utilizing dating locales explicit to your nation or district, except if you explicitly need to meet somebody from a remote nation. You may, for example, need to meet somebody from Japan – either for kinship or relationship. A universal site is along these lines the ideal arrangement.

In rundown, clearly in the event that you have an unmistakable comprehension of your promise to web-based dating (time and cost), and you’re likewise genuinely clear about who you need to meet, at that point maybe an outstanding paid dating webpage explicit to your district or nation is the best wagered.

Then again, in case you’re not all that unmistakable, or simply need to look at web-based dating, at that point a free webpage – even a universal one – may very well be the most ideal approach to begin in the invigorating and captivating universe of web dating.

FabSwingers Members

The site has got some members and why not the site is free for everyone and the ‘Meet Today’ feature is quite interesting.

There are numerous claims to fame and specialties with regard to internet dating locales. The swinging and polygamist network make up perhaps the biggest section in a claim to fame web-based dating. One of the most seasoned hookup locales committed to the swinging network is FabSwingers.com.

It has been an inconsistent activity since 2006. The site utilizes the slogan “fun, free and astounding.” Based in the UK, FabSwingers is centered basically around the English-talking market.

It has clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. While it has been inactivity for over 10 years, it had stayed under our radar.

As of late, notwithstanding, the site has gotten an upsurge in media inclusion. This drew it out into the open and we chose to set up a full survey of the site to decide exactly how fun and breathtaking it really is.

FabSwingers Safety Features

At the point when you run over an adult dating site that looks as out of date as FabSwingers, it is entirely expected to address its potential as well as its degree of wellbeing and security.

Hence, we began our assessment of the site along the security and information assurance front. We were satisfied to find that the site utilizes HTTPS conventions on the entirety of its pages — remembering for the immeasurably significant login and enrollment page.

Additionally, FabSwingers utilizes one of a kind friend based check framework. Confirmation is utilized to demonstrate to different individuals from the network that you are in truth a genuine couple or a genuine lady.

Single men can’t get confirmed, despite the fact that they can at the present join and utilize the site. Individuals can confirm different individuals simply after they have by and by observed them by means of webcam.

While straightforward, this framework seems to function admirably. During our test, we discovered a large portion of the profiles on FabSwingers to be genuine. This was a reviving astonishment thinking that free destinations will, in general, be overwhelmed with counterfeit profiles and grouped trolls.

FabSwingers Mobile App

There is no mobile app available on google play store and iTunes for FabSwingers, but you can user this website web app using your phone’s browser.

While we were dazzled with FabSwingers, we do need to specify a couple of tech-based issues that you ought to know about. To begin with, FabSwingers doesn’t have devoted versatile applications.

You can be that as it may, get to the webpage and its highlights by means of a portable based site. By composing in the URL on a cell phone’s internet browser you can get to your record. Clients of iPhones and iPads won’t have the option to get to website visitors.

This is because of the way that FabSwingers requires Flash for the web visit include. There is no HTML5 elective. Additionally, when we attempted to get to web talk through Android gadgets, we found that in over a large portion of the occasions it smashed or turned out to be terribly moderate.

From our point of view, turning into a “site supporter” on FabSwingers is progressively much the same as adding to somebody’s Patreon page. Being a site supporter enables you to spare messages from different clients inconclusively in your very own record envelope and it expels the 12 picture limit on your profile.

It appears that on the off chance that you become a site supporter it is on the grounds that you truly appreciate the network and truly need to contribute monetarily to it. Once more, the network attitude is grinding away here — and again it’s viable.

FabSwingers Costs and Prices

Like every other dating site, the joining is free but if you want to access the premium features you need to pay some extra bucks. The one-month membership will cost you 20$ and the 3 months membership will cost you around 60$. If you opt for a full year subscription then you will get a 25% discount on the subscription fee.

FabSwingers Payment option

There are multiple payment options and you can choose one as per your convenience. You can pay by card both credit and debit are accepted. You can paycheque and also by cash.

FabSwingers Free Services

Among the free service, there is instant chat on the messenger. One can like photos and videos. You can join the groups and blogs without paying extra money. The free members can watch webcam video but that is a limited tone video at a time.

FabSwingers Fee-based Services

If you have become a member of the site then you will be able to access to other members’ profiles along with that photos and videos.

You can also send emails to other members and friend requests as well. You will not be interrupted by advertisements and along with that, you will be allowed to comment on the videos and photos.  Contact between individuals is made through the site’s chatroom.

There, you can take part in content-based or webcam discussions. FabSwingers likewise has discussions and sheets where individuals can present welcomes on true meet-ups and different events.

FabSwingers built up a triumphant equation ten years back of keeping things straightforward and letting the network take an interest in its very own development and policing.

This has made a network of clients that are dynamic and a stage that really yields results.

FabSwingers Customer support

They have a good customer support option. You will get an option on their website; in order to get help from their end, you need to provide your name, email id, and your skype id. You can also call at 888-575-8383.

The people group is included couples, single ladies, and single men. Couples and single ladies can decide to square messages from single men.

This forestalls trolling and other ungainly experiences. The two couples and ladies may contact single men regardless of whether they have blocked getting spontaneous messages from them. This kind of network-based quality management is extremely successful. We were left asking why bigger compensation destinations don’t have any significant bearing comparable practices.

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