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HornyWife.com Review – Find Casual Sex Near You


Hornywife is a website that is no different from other hookup sites since it equally portrays full images of people in sexual acts plus a significant amount of milfs. This portal would make any eyebrows climb in a good way.

Hornywife is all about mature women and cheating. In this portal, you also find lots of raunchy guy seeking to have sex with these milfs. Hornywife is an affair site which is more focused on married women than men; so this can be arguably the best side for committed females.

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This is the Ashley Madison website version that specializes in women who are married and would like to kick it up a notch on their sexual lives. It sounds evident you won’t find love on Hornywife, but sex and desperate 40-50 year old females hungry for single buds.

Hornywife is then a place where middle-aged women look for single guys. Married guys can also join? They can but it’s much better for those who are single. Married women would not want more problems than those they have at home.

This is a well-round review about Hornywife.

Member Structure 

There are not only horny wives in this site but also many Adult Friend Finder members looking for flings. This is because Horny Wives is also part of the big family of AdultFriendFinder and shares data with it.  So, apart from wives, you will find couples, lesbians, and everything.

Doubtless, you will find one of those things at Horny Wives. It is even possible to come across prostitutes, BDSM merchants, singles, and trans genders. Besides, men outnumber women on this hookup site by 11:5, but the amount of mature women is enough to compensate this.

Milfs  here have their own agenda as most of them are lesbians, BCC, BWC and so on, therefore, you will surefire get a great variety of females whom you can experiment with. Moreover, 11% of the user base is actually couples. Yes, some join the Hornywife community for cuckold sex.

What about those who look long-term relationships? Some women rely on this site because they think they can find something steadier. 6% of females use this site for this purpose.

Signing Up

Signing up for this site is not rocket science. The website asks you to fill out a form with your personal info that does not differentiate that much from forms of other sex finders. It includes the same elements (age, location, gender, sexual orientation, and so forth, the same stuff)

The form is subdivided into several sections or rounds. The round three touches upon aspects of life that are a little more personal such as race, body type, and marital status. It is important to disclose the marital status and be straightforward about it.

The form rounds go on until the final stage that welcomes you to the site. In this part, you’ve given even more details about the site.  It also displays a text box for you to spell out what you’re all about. Use this as your self-introduction.

Once the sign-up is over, the profile is put under review to be checked by the Hornywife team, yet this is not the end. The website may require you to subscribe to one of the premium plans to get the most out of it.

Making Contact on HornyWife

Making contact on Hornywife is very straightforward due to its great and plain interface. To start off, it is necessary to emphasize that Hornywife is all about an uncluttered layout. Once you’re signed up, you’re driven to your profile newsfeed which looks like on Tagged.

There is a wealth of tabs but you clearly need to upgrade to be able to contact members, that is, to take the first step in a conversation. You can see this evidently on one of the left side tabs upon login.

You have another tab called email which receives all inboxes from Premium members. If you’re a Premium user, you don’t need to wait long to reply to messages. Plus, in your very profile, you’re given an array of options and profiles to search for $2.

This is probably one of the drawbacks of HornyWife. Since it seems obvious that many of the profiles that claim to be real are actually real, it is also true that it is frustrating not to be able to contact them.

Overall, you make contact through:

  • Instant messaging
  • Webcam
  • Chat rooms

Profile Quality

The site is so simple that make profiles interface look outdated. Despite this, it offers very interesting options some of which will be explained later. There are too many to cover them all in 150 words.

The most interesting tab is My Stuff because it encompasses everything, all that comprises your profile including all actions you’re allowed to perform.  Added to that, regardless of whether you’re Premium or not, you can equally see a pile of profiles to search for a couple of bucks.

The profile can be created without any photo.  Hornywife doesn’t ask its new members to upload photos or submit info into all fields, so they can just keep it simple and upload content afterwards. Content includes videos as well.

There’s also a button that allows viewing received flirts and views. All profiles are identified with the membership type it is being used and members are free to decide whether or not to put censorship on the content they view.

The bummer is that the word ‘Upgrade!’ is all over. The good news is that right above all options, there are call-to-action buttons that allow you to search members, rate users, and watch live action at no cost.

Mobile App

The site Hornywife doesn’t offer an app yet, but the site can be perfectly browsed through the site’s mobile version, which is even simpler than the site as such. In fact, the mobile app is like visiting another website that has nothing to do with Hornywife.

Hornywife’s mobile version is like any other. It displays the desktop option above along with login tab. Right below come the options to search individuals according to location and sexual orientation. The mobile version seems not to focus on horny wives only.

This is because the site is not dedicated to horny attached women exclusively, but to males seeking to satisfy those women. This is the main reason why you see lots of newly registered male profiles and a few new subscribers that are women. That makes sense.

The mobile version of this platform allows you to search local sex rather than anything else. It depicts the photo of profiles in big size, which may prompt you to scroll up and down much more to visualize content, but the site is fast to load.

Costs and Prices 

There are various plans on Hornywife just like in other hookup platforms. They are the STANDARD PLAN and the Premium Plan. Naturally, the latter will give you entrance to all features for a limited period of time.

The Standard membership empowers you to create a profile for free but doesn’t allow you to view profiles fully. Additionally, it allows you to get flirts and messages through the email system but excludes the reply option.

The distribution of plans varies a little bit on Hornywife since there’s a 5-month plan, which is not a common thing on sex dating platforms which generally offer plans for 6 months.

This is how costs and prices are charted along with the plans:

Plan Cost Cost Per Month Saving vs. 1 Month

  • 1 Month $30 $30 0%
  • 3 Month $60 $20 33%
  • 5 Month $180 $36 -20%

All of these plans cover unlimited live member webcams (amateur chat, not with professional models) and unlimited flirts (the possibility to send as many flirts as possible)

Compared to other illicit encounter sites like Married Dating, Hornywife is slightly cheaper.

Special Features

As on other hookup sites, Hornywife offers a package of special features. Let’s start with those functions any member can leverage without a Premium account and then with the other ones:

  • Create a free profile – the sign-up process on this sex site is free.
  • Browse profiles – you can get a short view of profiles without a paid account but only that.
  • Instant messaging – you can receive and send messages through the instant messaging feature. This is a paid function, of course.
  • Send and receive emails – that option is visible in the profile menu upon registering. You can check out your Hornywife email inbox but it is hard to reply to this without being Premium.
  • Who’s online now – the site shows all online members and gives you a sneak peak of their profiles.
  • Advanced search feature – the advanced search feature empowers you to search members based on other traits and personal characteristics. Only paying daters have this.
  • Block members – available for everybody.
  • Mobile site – do you need to switch from desktop to mobile site view? Give this a try.

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