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MeetBang is the typical dating landing page that leads you to more excitement. In this portal, you have the gate to meet up with more women and attractive fuckbuddies that share mutual interests. This site is growing in quality and promises to add more features as time goes.

MeetBang is not that hookup site that everybody would love and take pleasure in hassle-free. Since its launch, more people are entering it to see the catch behind it. It is a fact that it can be confusing and misunderstood.

However, you can find a lot of substance on it. Since it is relatively new, it may be difficult to find reviews on MeetBang as you would find on Adult Friend Finder or Ashley Madison. What has been clear is that MeetBANG intends to meet women for the most part.

Whenever you enter MeetBang, you realize it is like a landing page that drives to other sites, which makes it hard to find women on it. Nevertheless, the site is legit and the sites that are connected to it are free and plenty of hot women and models.
Keep reading to find out more.

Member structure

Meetbang boasts of having 6 million members, but not all are actually real. Former users state that there are a lot of bots that send automated messages. On the other hand, there are around 200 women perform on cam.

Nearly 70% of its members are from the United States, Canada, and the UK, yet the United States is the country with the most members. As to the age proportion, it is not equal. While models are in their 20’s, most guys are over 30 years old and are married.

Likewise, there’s a crop of Arabian buddies who fall for the beauty of the girls they see on it. In fact, they are some of the best contributors. Since Meetbang and Meetbang are in partnership with other sites that are in other categories, they also welcome sugar daddies and mommas.

The site is not designed to find love or a face-to-face encounter, although some try hard to find at least sex services. The majority of women who partake on Meetbang and are not webcammers are much older (45-65 years old).

Making Contact

While it doesn’t look like a site on which you can exchange messages, MeetBang and Meetbangnow give the option to reach out to other members thanks to its data-driven system. The site finds compatible singles according to the profile information.

So, Meetbang allows you to chat via electronic messaging, email, instant messaging, and SMS. Of these functions, instant messaging and email are the two main means of communication. Not to mention you can interact with multiple members at a time in nude chats.

Surprisingly, Meetbang does not have something new that makes it different. It equally offers the option to make matches and set up dates in the most discreet way. Furthermore, it provides live instant messaging, but it is paid.

To attract interest, you’re allowed to upload an unlimited number of pictures. The email service is also among the options. Paid memberships enable you to show up in top results and have more chances to leverage smart match filters for hookups.

Oftentimes, you’ll be receiving messages from “Love Stars” who are the models of the site, but you’ll need credit to reply.

Mobile app

Meetbang does not have an app, but works perfectly on portable devices. It will redirect you to Meetbangnow like in the desktop version. There may be presence of ads but they can be skipped by clicking on the ‘X’ on them. Ads are not overwhelming.

In the beginning, you’ll see a full-page notice with the particular ACCEPT red button. After that, the screen turns black and a survey appears. All questions can be answered in a breeze. If you have a good phone version, you won’t have problems to watch cam performers.

You will only see the most important sections of the desktop format on your mobile phone. Things related to the Terms of Services or notice boards disappear. Chat rooms portray the model above and the chat box below, but the box of comments is partially in view.

As your profile stays logged in, you’re probably led to other sites every single day you visit Meetbang on your smart devices. To prevent this, add the friend sites you like to your Favorites list. Profile pages are clear and has the display picture on top and the details below.

Tabs are separated in a drop-down menu.

Sign up process

Unlike other hookup sites, MeetBang doesn’t handle the sign-up process on the main page. When you click on Meetbang, you are led to its main page that depicts a half-naked girl and a red ACCEPT button.

After you click on Accept, you’re asked for your particulars; the typical ones you’re asked to submit in other platforms. You are demanded to put a username, a password, and a valid email. It is important to say that the main page contains pornography.

Since it is not obligatory to confirm you are a real person, you have access to your profile page when you tap on ACCEPT. It seems like an automatic registration process does not require you to fill out anything else.

Something to remark is that you’re allowed to date women only within an age range. You can’t reportedly contact any woman that is too old for you. The site collects information about your age, body type, and type of dating, although Meetbang is solely for casual sex.

Pros and Cons


  • Awash with people with an open mind.
  • It can work for women willing to find guys.
  • Abundance of desperate wives.
  • It is feasible to find serious relationships with a stroke of luck.
  • Suitable for reckoned women.
  • Unlimited picture uploads.
  • It encourages discreet casual encounters.
  • Live instant messaging.
  • Hot girls only.
  • “Love Stars” take the initiative.


  • People might not know what the site actually is since it doesn’t operate as a sex dating site or a gallery at least.
  • The approach may not be convincing. If you click on a link, you expect to see lots of girls at once without being driven to other partner sites endlessly.
  • All the cam girls are not even on one of the website’s tabs. You have to register on another landing page that is actually not on Meetbang. All the cam girls are somewhere else.
  • Questionaries repeat themselves over and over again as you’re attempting to navigate the site.
  • MeetBANG operates most as a gateway.
  • All of its contacting features are paid.

This site is paid and requires you to make use of your credit card during the registration process, even though in the profile page, you may not see a link for a paid subscription. You can skip this and proceed with the next registration step.

Neither the plans nor the prices are on the MeetBang main page. Once you sign up for MeetBang, you also become a member of other hookup sites. The credit card is claimed to be used only for age verification. They put in large lettering that life memberships are 100% free.

When you submit your credit card details, you authorize Meetbang to charge for any additional services. They offer three packages, which comprise a monthly subscription and two plans for VIP video services and vide erotic. This is how prices break down upon the services:

  • $49.95 for a monthly subscription – normal subscription to Meetbang
  • $39.61 for a monthly subscription to enjoy VIP video services
  • $28.87 for a monthly subscription to watch VIP Video Erotic

With this, you get free access to these other services:

  • InstantHookups $49.95 per month
  • HookupCloud $39.95 per month
  • Milftastic $29.95 per month

TOTAL $119.85 per month

Special Features

  • Great and clean layout once you are on the profile page. Meetbang is full of ads as long as your registration is being completed. After that, you’re not disturbed any longer and everything keeps simple.
  • It provides access to sugar daddy sites. As explained above, MeetBANG seems to be created for desperate women of all ages.
  • Meetbang’s page is packed with cam girls offering nude broadcasts and photo trading. Of course, all this has a price tag apparently.
  • The site redirects to MeetBANGNOW, which leads you to chat with real broadcasters who are related to MeetBang.
  • “Love Stars” is a program that empowers you to chat with webcammers and keep track of their shows. This is a premium function.
  • Email service and live instant messaging.
  • The site allows browsing other members’ pictures without restriction.
  • It includes special filters to narrow down searches.
  • There’s no limit in the picture uploading, so it is normal to see profiles jam-packed with visual content.
  • All profiles are customizable.
  • The opportunity to see real hot models showing off skin, although they are hardly datable.

Does meetbang work?

It works provided that you get used to the intensive ads. In the end, it works more for virtual sex rather than for anything else. Most of the girls you’ll see are from other sites.

Is Meetbang a scam?

It is a scam if you fail to understand how it works. If you think it is a hookup site where you register and start interacting, it will be disappointing. The site acts as a path to other sites that are in partnership with it. Just be aware of the fees that its friend sites charge.

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