shagcity reviews Review – Real or Scam Dating Site?

Shagcity is a British site that aims to entertain guys in the UK. Although it has been criticized for enabling bots and catfish to interact as humans, it is also a fact Shag City ToS are clear in relation to how they operate.

The site makes it easy to engage in chats with people who are supposedly from the UK thanks to its interface and basic features. If you are not down to serious relationships and want to get nasty with somebody, this space may help.

It offers a great number of features and people who seem to be in the UK, generally in Northern Ireland or Wales. Shagcity only caters to British fellows, and there’s no way to register with an address that is not from the United Kingdom.

Shag City can be naughty, as most chats have a sexual overtone. This is an expensive place, and as you will see below, but you need willpower to shell out some money to chat with bots. Keep reading to learn more.

Member structure of Shagcity 

Although it serves as a hookup site, ShagCity does not have porn or any form of nudity. That doesn’t mean the people who send messages cannot send hot pictures nudes. Most users you will see there are over 30 years old.

It seems to be clear that Shagcity is a straight site, or at least, this is what it demonstrates. It has no option for gays and trannies among the options for registering, but many of its members are gays and lesbians. In case you are not a straight male user, select you are a man seeking a male user to sort this out.

Also, the majority of members are from London and Manchester.

It is important to add that making contact with real people on Shagcity is easy but difficult at the same time. It is a fact the whole site is either managed by a team of humans or bots that send replies and field queries.

The gender proportion on Shagcity is 67% men and 33% women, but there is also a small percentage of homosexuals looking for something different. Shag City would perfectly lend itself for cheating if users were actually real.

Signup process of Shagcity

Signing up on Shagcity is straightforward. As soon as you get into the site, a registration form presents itself begging to be filled. It is the typical form you find in other dating places. The signup process doesn’t take over 2 minutes.

Start by choosing your gender. There is no option for transvestites, gays, lesbians, or other genders, but only for men and women. Select yours and your match’s gender, anyway. Don’t worry about picking the same sex. A part of the user pool is not straight.

Then, complete the three fields regarding birthdate, and submit the city you are from. Shagcity only targets residents from the UK, so it does not include other countries. Submit a valid email to receive the confirmation link and complete the registration process.

The website won’t let you use your real name, instead, enter a username for identification. Input a strong password, preferably one that has over 8 characters. It is normal to receive plenty of messages once the registration process is completed.

Making contact

There are a few options to mingle on Shagcity.

The website has a search tool that allows seeking users nearby, in the vicinity of London and the big cities, mostly. To make contact, you need credits that are bought per package. Every message is paid, thus choosing a paid plan is better.

Unlike Adult Friend Finder and other hookup sites, Shagcity does not have a chat room for people to interact publicly because all chats are private. As a way of compensation, it enables you to send hot and sexy pictures to others.

Snagcity does not have a video chat. Also, messages are not read on a single page; a new tab opens every time a message is received. As a result, conversing with various bots will open many tabs.

Mobile Apps

Shag City doesn’t have an app, but the desktop version is responsive and doesn’t make devices run slow. Using ShagCity on a computer or on a portable device will offer the same functionality.

If you are not registered, you’re shown a form to sign up. It also shows an explanatory notice that sheds light on the purpose of the site, and the signup button below to proceed with the registration. If you are already a member, tap on Log in to enter.

Each profile portrays a large picture with the details below. Male users often leave their profiles in blank and do not add more details about them, while the few existing women do differently.

On smart devices, Shag City’s interface is fully greenish and white. Oddly enough, photos can be seen much clearer and profiles showcase the number of matches they’ve gotten.

Whenever you register on this site, do it bearing in mind that it is only aimed for entertainment purposes. It is designed to help singles deal with their lives while they are alone with the aid of AI.

Pro & Cons


  • Very clean interface with no ads.
  • It is reminiscent of the first dating websites that popped up on the internet in terms of layout and functions, but it doesn’t look outdated.
  • Nudes are not forbidden.
  • Most people are over 30, which can be advantageous.
  • The registration process is simple and has no tricks.
  • Shag City is a discreet site where people do not need to show their face and input their real name.


  • You need to be wealthy to send messages because this function is extremely expensive.
  • Shag City works on credits that are bought every time you need to send a message or per package.
  • Where’s the chat room? – Shag City only gives the option for a one-on-one chat.
  • Most users are Caucasians and there are few fellows of other ethnicities.
  • The portal hasn’t experienced the expected growth and falls short of visitors from other regions of the United Kingdom.
  • The site seemingly has tons of bots and fakes that bombard you with messages since the first time you are there.
  • Most users are not real but bots, but this is specified in the ToS, so please read them through before joining the community.


Shag City is expensive. The most expensive feature is instant messaging, which costs 2 dollars per message. If you want to send 5 messages, you must spend 10 dollars. Shag City provides credits and plans separately.

The platform offers a free version for users to try out. While you are using the free trial, you can browse the site, but you cannot reply to your messages. Every message is paid, even during the free trial.

The site offers credits and four premium plans for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. Checking out the inbox for received messages is also free on this website. Below is the pricing per plan on Shag City:

  • 10 Credits: £16.49
  • 25 Credits: £38.99
  • 50 Credits: £72.49
  • 100 Credits: £135.00
  • 200 Credits: £249.00

Premium membership plans:

  • 1 month plan: £10
  • 3-month plan £25 (£8.33/month)
  • 6-month plan £39 (£6.50/month)
  • 1-year plan: £45 (£3.75/month)

Special features

Shag City is minimalistic and does not have features that make it unique. Apart from being private, it offers these special features:

Search function

It gives the option to search for individuals who live locally or in the surrounding areas. They will be displayed based on the profile details and preferences. Shag City has a very basic search mechanism.


It allows sending text pictures but videos.

Photos uploading

The website allows adding up to a dozen photos in one sitting. Profiles have more photos than typed details, indeed.

HD photos

This option is only available for people with a paid subscription.

Private photos

You can make your photos private and accessible for people on a paid membership. Become a paid member to view private photos and gain access to the full details of the profiles you visit.

Visibility boost

Boost your visibility by upgrading the account. You will start getting five times more messages once you switch to a paid account and buy credits.

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