PinkCupid Review

PinkCupid Review – Worth It? Legit? Scam?

PinkCupid is another platform run by Cupid Media that has been operating for almost 20 years. It was born with other sites of Cupid Media that targeted a different audience.

In this generation, it intends to be an alternative for the bi-curious and lesbian women. It has been growing slowly with the passing of time without being too sumptuous. So far, it has been responsible for creating thousands of bisexual couples of women around the world.

This platform serves as a place for long-term commitments. The site clearly states it is only for finding love, so it should be avoided for getting flings. The women who partake on this site do not have other intentions but to find companionship.

Knowing if this site is worth the time may require navigating other Cupid Media sites. This platform is not designed for male users, but they equally sign up enter occasionally. They are also accepted on Pink Cupid.

Here’s a breakdown of this lesbian-focused site. There are lots of success stories telling it is worth the time and money. Are those reviews actually true? Some users find them sketchy. Let’s see.

Member Structure

This site has a larger member pool than Christian Cupid. It has over 300,000 members from the United States and a few other thousands from other countries. The gender proportion on PinkCUPID favors men 60% to 40%.

PinkCupid is a very active community that records 28,000 logins per month, which means 1,000 users log in daily. 1000 logins are scant as to find a date quickly. So, you’d need a stroke of luck to find a date quickly. Yet, women will always find people to interact.

There’s uncertainty regarding the actual number of registered members. According to Pink Cupid stats, it has over 1 million members. Considering the number of lesbians in the United States, Pink Cupid falls short in satisfying all customers with such an amount.

On the other side, Pink Cupid is also used by male users. They register on the site to find bisexual women and have casual sex. Hence, it is recommended that lesbians be careful and focus on finding women. Men do not have restrictions to register on the site.

Sign-up process

The difference between signing up for PinkCupid and getting a subscription to another Cupid Media site is that the registration process takes longer. You have to answer a questionnaire created to turn off fraudsters.

Likewise, you have various ways to become a member. PinkCupid allows using the Facebook account or email address. As a security measure, you must send a photo of your ID for account verification.

It is very important that you add your real birthdate and where you are located. PinkCupid uses this information to find matches and more accurate suggestions. After you’ve submitted the basic information, fill in other fields regarding your interests, hobbies, and such like.

Pinkcupid makes sure that real lesbians register on the site but it does not prevent straight people from signing up. It asks questions to verify only respectful people sign up. Adding photos is a very important step to attract more interest.

Making Contact

Making contact on OkCupid has its advantages and drawbacks. While premium members can read and send messages, free joiners are only limited to send messages. If somebody replies to their messages, free users won’t read anything.

Pink Cupid makes it easy to talk with people from other countries with its own built-in translator. This is good considering that lots of Asians enter the site to find somebody drawn by Caucasians. Also, girls from Brazil and South America feel attracted to the site.

The website offers a chat room that is free for all members. You can chat without restriction and tell your thoughts to the community. If somebody from the chat sends you a private message, you will need a paid subscription to read and reply to their message.

In case of not being able to reply, show that person your interest by adding her to your Favorites list. Maybe she will understand your hint. Anyway, you can upgrade your account later to catch up with all the messages you could not reply.

PinkCupid App

PinkCupid comes with a mobile app that doesn’t carry the same features as the desktop version, but it is still workable. You can get this app for free on Google Store, although it is only available for Android users. It is a pity that iOS users do not have the chance to use this app.

According to reviewers, it is much better to visit the Pink Cupid desktop version than the app itself. Besides having an app, Pink Cupid offers a mobile desktop format that runs perfectly on Android and Apple phones. So, you can use any of the two options not to miss out on any features.

The app is basic and well designed. It can be downloaded 24 hours after signing up. Like the desktop format, it doesn’t let you read your messages if you are a free member. If you’re intending to enter your Facebook URL link or Whatsapp number, you won’t be allowed to either.

Pink Cupid protects all of its members. The app lets you see other profiles, and if you are a paying user, you can get in touch with the individuals you like.

All the special features are blocked, but you can alternate the site and the app to get more perks.


The site offers two types of premium membership besides the free subscription. As a free user, you can send interest, use the basic matching tool, upload as many photos as you want, and communicate with other members, although this is limited.

You can also try the site for free to see how it works. While you’re testing the site, you will see ads everywhere and you can’t read your messages. Once you’ve decided to become a paying member, you highlight your profile and increase your profile space.

Pink Cupid gives the option to search for people by other categories that are not the age, location, and hobbies. Premium users rank higher and boost their visibility.

The site is very affordable, as the highest price does not exceed the 25-dollar fee per month. It is the cost-effective app made for queer women to chat without being discriminated.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Gold membership

  • 1 Month 24.98 USD / Month 24.98 USD
  • 3 Months 5.55 USD / Month 16.66 USD
  • 12 Months 0.69 USD / Month 8.33 USD

Platinum membership

  • 1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD
  • 3 Months 6.67 USD / Month 20.00 USD
  • 12 Months 0.83 USD / Month 10.00 USD

Special Features

There are special and not so special features that make PinkCupid unique and convenient.

Firstly, it has a contest that gathers the members with the hottest photos of the site. This competition is held every month and engages selected voters of the Cupid Media sites. Only a small percentage of users can vote, not all.

The winners are awarded depending on the position they ranked. Some get a 3-month platinum membership, while others attain a one-month premium plan to enjoy all features offered on the site.
The runners do not win based on their physical appearance only. They are chosen according to what they want to reflect on the photos.

The Cupid Tags is a function that enables you to use a nickname that identifies you the most. You can use any tag or word that describes you. If you are into sports, you can call yourself a name related to that, or if you like poetry, you can assign yourself a tag related to music.

Cupid Tags searches for users by tags. If you want to get more visibility, get your CupidTag to appear in more searches. It is an excellent way to find matches. Tags are associated to interests and individual preferences.

Pros & Cons


  • There are reasons to trust the site as it is run by one of the largest dating networks, Cupid Media.
  • PinkCupid has a team that checks through each profile to prevent fraudsters.
  • It has an app and a desktop version that complements it.
  • If you have any queries, touch base with the support team. They are always willing to help clear up queries.
  • It is one of the few sites that ask for a photo of the ID.
  • 1 million members is a considerably large user pool, especially if it comprises women.


  • You cannot leave any field empty while registering. All fields must be filled properly.
  • Messaging is tricky as a premium membership is needed for communicating limitlessly.
  • Free users must deal with pop-ups that even appear on the phone.
  • There’s a limit for messages for both types of members (500).
  • iOS members cannot use the app.

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