Swingers Lifestyle Reviews – Why People Love/Hate It?

SwingLifestyle (SLS Swingers Lifestyle) has been serving the facilities since 2001. This site promotes itself as the “alternative lifestyle dating” site because of the stigma surrounding swinging.

Containing a bold tagline “starts your sexual revolution” attracts the swingers for the non-controversial relationships. These activities consist of threesomes, partner swapping, orgies, and the like.

Swing Lifestyle

Swing Lifestyle (SLS Swingers ) takes every important measure to protect privacy simply. They provide some of the privacy control features, which offer another level of privacy that you can manage from your account. Share data and information only with the interested party and at your discretion.

Pro & cons of SLS Swingers 

SLS Swingers 
provides an extensive range of eye-catching swinger profiles visible to only their members. Since the website is subjugated by a lot of people of similar interests, finding a lot of people you are compatible with becomes a very simple task.

This is quite simpler to find other couples or singles because the website filters will make sure you find only the quality people permitting you to narrow your search to the manageable number of candidates simply.

Advantages & Disadvantages of SLS Swingers :


  • Profiles are quite detailed.
  • Users can view the full-sized photo with a free function.
  • Profile details can be changed for later.
  • Premium members will be able to select to hide their profiles from free members.


  • Nudity is blurred for the free members.
  • Users have to write a detailed introduction about themselves before signing up.
  • You cannot register through Facebook.

Signup & login process of SLS Swingers (Swingers Lifestyle)

Swing Lifestyle Login

If you are 18 years old or above, then you are allowed to sign up on Swing Lifestyle. The registration takes a few minutes, and it is very easy. To sign up onto the website, you will have to offer a username, which has not already been in the user or your email. The registration also can be done on another mirror website sls.com.

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You will get a “Join Free” button and clicking on that button, and you will be simply redirected to SwingLifestyle. Lastly, you will not have to wait at all for uploading a photo because this is not necessary.

Once you are redirected to the site, you will be able to immediately search for some of the amazing couples or dun activities after you sign up on their website.

Members of Structure of SLS Swinger (Swingers Lifestyle)

SwingLifestyle is considered as one of the very famous websites with over 16 million registered members around the world. Most of the users of this site are from places like the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Germany.

Besides, the site enjoys over 5 million visits worldwide and is used in Asian, Latin, and European territories. Most of the male users dominate this website. The users of the site are quite proactive.

There are no such doubts on the site, and the very first messages you normally receive are propositions.

Member Information of Swingers Lifestyle

You possibly see the swinger each and every day, only you do not see them. You will get lots of users who are considered as proactive members.

Apart from the impressive user count, the people on this website are also very active when it comes to contacting fellow members.

SwingLifestyle members are absolutely committed along with their users not reaching below 5000 at any given moment, 7000 newcomers, and 300 chat rooms every week.

Contacting Members of Swingers Lifestyle

If you are the free member of this site, then you will receive some of the new messages as pop-ups on your device. Like most of the chatting systems, you will be able to read the newest messages.

But because you are a free member, so, you cannot open the chat or the conversation. You will not be able to click even on the reply button as only premium members can use the IM feature.

It is extremely limiting as other swingers could get the wrong impression and then simply think that you’re just ignoring them.

On the bright side, you are actually viewed as a credible member if you initiate and reply to messages as users will know that you are a person paying for using the feature.

SwingLifeStyle Mobile App

SwingLifeStyle has recently launched the perfect swinger’s app for lifestyle singles and couples earlier this year.

The smartphone application market has detonated over the last few years, and each and every individual now desires to avail of some of the amazing features through this app.

Swingers Lifestyle Feature

SLS Swinger has brought that to you! The site is now dedicated to its users and members, and by launching some of the amazing features and effective functions, they are gaining popularity across the world.

The New SLS Mobile App has been totally redesigned along with the new graphical interface, which is more user-friendly, and it contains more features than the previous version.

The SLS Swinger Mobile App was launched for single women, swinger couples, and also the others who’re interested in connecting and building relationships with the users that share the same interests.

Costs and Prices of Swingers Lifestyle (SLS Swinger)

The site offers both free service and fee-based service to the users. You can approve the new members of their paid service.

If a user is opting for availing the paid membership, then they will get three options, which are for one month, three months, and six months of membership.

The cheapest membership out of three membership is the annual membership, and if any of the user wants to avail the monthly one, then they will have to pay a bit more.

  • Free membership with limited access.
  • 1 month – $14.95.
  • 3 months – $29.
  • 12 months – $69.
  • Lifetime Subscription – $150.

Free Services of Swingers Lifestyle

If you want to avail of the free service, then you can simply sign up or register your name, and you will be able to chat on the groups. In fact, you will be able to see lots of group chat as well.

It is interesting here to note that there are no credits to buy or subscription costs to take care of. As a free member, you are also allowed to search and view the profiles of a user.

Blocking any user is also one of the major options you can avail of. But on the other hand, Swinglifestyle exudes the practicality to those users who can afford the subscription on the site.

Fee-based Services of Swingers Lifestyle

Once the user’s name is enlisted into the paid membership section, they will be allowed to upload and view nude photos.

Thus, if you are availing the chat rooms, or even engaging in private messages, there are no such extra costs to worry about.

Swingers Lifestyle Payment Options

Apart from the monthly deals, SwingLifestyle contains lifetime membership too, which mainly costs 149.95 USD. You can get a couple of payment options here.

You can pay using a credit card, money orders, or cheque. Along with the lifetime membership, you will be able to avail all the features on the site, and then some more.

But the transactions have to be made payable to Dashboardhosting LLC and not SwingLifestyle.

Customer Support of Swingers Lifestyle

As you know that this specific site is all about the hookups and non-controversial relationships, so you will have to be extremely careful.

But if a user ever faces any issue over the site, they can immediately get the help from the customer care of Swinglifestyle.

The contact id of the site is [email protected]. The customer supports are available 24*7 to help their users.

Security & Safety of Swingers Lifestyle

Security is paramount to each and every member, so they have the safety and security in place to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

They also take steps to secure and safeguard your entire data and information from hackers and others trying to access the information you provide.

While these are only a few of numerous features and services, they offer, selecting SLS as the lifestyle dating site is one of the most excellent options.

This is quite easy and fast and also convenient to join the site. They will not really face any kind of issue while chatting.

All you just require is that the computer and the internet connection to make the profile then answer a lot of questions. You will be able to start to receive the messages from other accessible members of the website.

Furthermore, Swinglifestyle will never limit you to join swinger chat rooms. You are also free to make your own chat rooms and then manage them accordingly.

Notably, if you want to make a few things cozy and like to have a private chat, you are also accomplished to send some of the private messages to other individuals. You can also send them photos via chat rooms.

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