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Tawkify Reviews – Why People Love/Hate It?

Finding romance on Tawkify is not complex. It is a dating service that offers contacting functions that give a new twist to the overall dating experience. This place does not run on a matchmaking system.

Tawkify is a dating site that does away with the matchmaking algorithm and entrusts a team of real people with the task of helping customers connect with compatible matches.

The Tawkify team is knowledgeable on how to find a relationship and the best ways to deal with insecurity issues. Apart from this, they provide you with matches you’re supposed to talk with.

The site is recognized for having such good personal matchmaking. These people endeavor to find what site members are actually looking for. Users can just stay as free members, but Premium members have more chances of finding companionship much faster.

Guests are encouraged to upgrade to client status so they can come across the right person. This website is aimed at singles that are super picky at the moment of dating. Workers know that, so they use their expertise to guarantee good service to all.

In this article, we are going to study the niceties of this peculiar site not many people have heard of. Keep reading.


Tawkify is not the typical dating website that connects people through a machine or AI. They use real people specialized in helping others to find the right connection. Blindingly, this is not a traditional site. If you want to find a partner, you may need to wait longer for the special one.

Tawkify is obviously a shortage of features that appear in other dating sites. But it offers the following:

  • Personal matchmaker: sadly, you would need a premium account to avail yourself of this service. Registering for this dating venue is free, but Tawkify emphasizes the importance of subscribing to a Premium plan to get a personal matchmaker.

The personal matchmaker is the person who will take charge of your issue. This person will be your assistant and the one who will get you through to the right person. It is like a personal trainer but on an online dating site.

Curate dates

This person will also undertake all regarding your date once she finds your match. Normally, this employee will curate your date by telling you what is needed for the occasion. The individual will set up everything, and you have to do the rest.

Signup Process

Signup process of this site can be tricky and takes time because it is meticulous. The questions they ask are not complicated, but you’re not allowed to skip any of them because it is part of the whole process. They have specific matching rules to abide by.

The questions are the same one is asked on most dating sites. You have to give information about your gender, location, age, ethnicity, occupation, income, and what you are like. They will use that information to drive you to that person you are looking for.

But the site is more interactive, indeed. Upon registration, they offer help and ask how they can assist you. As a single person, they understand that you may have problems finding a date. So they offer help in the following:

  • Planning and scheduling dates.
  • Screening and selection.
  • Getting more insights into online dating and other things related to going out with someone we met on the internet.

Besides, you’ll be required to upload a photo of yourself and provide more details about the type of person you would like to get matched with.

Tips & Tricks

These are some pieces of advice given by matchmakers on Tawkify:

  • Just stay positive and remember that negative things will always happen to increase patience. Life has ups and downs. Every day has its blessings, and it is better to be prepared to get the most out of them.
  • If you want a relationship, work on your relationships first. You may not be in an arrangement at this moment, but all can change along with a mindset transformation.
  • Be careful with your thoughts: you have to think positive to be able to live in the same way; otherwise, you won’t succeed in anything you venture into. The same applies to when you want a new relationship.
  • Love your body: the basic principle says that you have to love yourself to be able to love somebody else. Love for the body is linked to good mental health.
  • Introduce new changes: if your life needs changes, then go for them without too much hesitating. Your self-esteem and positivism are reflected through various forms to the person who listens to you.

Pro & Cons


  • Real people are matchmaking you: the matchmaking process of this site is different. You practically hire the services of somebody who helps you find a person from the site’s database. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with catfish.
  • Not only one matchmaker: you are given a minimum three matches. As for the amount of matchmakers available, there are always several of them willing to help.
  • There is no doubt that the site has a high success rate. You can read this anywhere on the internet.


  • In this platform, matchmakers do everything for you, and you don’t have control of anything. You just have to wait, and sometimes results are not the expected.
  • Some people set unrealistic expectations; hence matchmakers don’t find the right person. If you’re going to use this service, you have to be rational and set realistic expectations regarding matches.
  • Waiting for the matchmaker to find you a date takes time, maybe days.
  • This service is more expensive than others. There’s no way to liken Tawfiky rates with the ones of eHARMONY or Match.com. It is immensely pricier.

Demographic Makeup

There are thousands of registered singles from many countries, actually. Most members are from the USA and European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. Some users also enter the site from Asian regions, India, and Vietnam. 30,000 singles are from the United States alone.

As to the gender distribution, the majority of members are straight. Surely, there are homosexuals, but the proportion is not overwhelming. Either way, whether you’re gay or straight, the site welcomes all genders and provides quality service to everybody.
People are very active in this place. Approximately, 10,000 users sign into this site hoping to find companionship. When they pay for any of the offered plans, they are contacted with an amount of matches provided by the matchmaker allocated to them.
The age range of members is interesting. Although most singles are in their 20’s, many of them have finished school already. The website is jam-packed with people who work and aim to get married early.


  • 3 matches, all inclusive: $750 per match cycle ($2250 local match package)
  • 6 matches, all inclusive: $650 per match cycle ($3900 local match package)
  • 12 matches, all inclusive: $550 per match cycle ($6600 local match package)

Pay via credit card.

Real Life Review

“Good matchmaking so far. The matchmaker is totally in tune with what I’m looking for. I’m only a member so far, but I know that she would set me up with the right client if she comes across the right person. Strongly considering upgrading to client status once the holidays are over with ~ I’m super picky so that would most likely work for me.” – Adam, USA.

“I’ve had a great experience with my matchmaker. She was warm and put soul into it. She asked all the right questions, making sure the date she was trying to arrange will lead to a potential match. I’m grateful to her and would recommend Tawkify to anyone who is looking for a dating experience tailored to the individual.” – OZ, USA.

“Casey has been amazing. She actually listens to what I’m looking for and adjusts accordingly. The first match was pretty close. We discussed what made it a near miss. On the second match she knocked it out of the park. Tawkify is definitely worth every penny for busy professionals or anyone who wants someone else to wade through the choices to find that special someone.” – Melissa, USA.

Is Tawkify legit?

Tawkify is unquestionably a legit site with an average amount of people in it. Unlike places like Adult Friend Finder and OKCupid, the company’s user pool does not reach 75,000 members. That can’t be so much, but Tawkify reports a very high success rate.

The platform does not make use of bots to find matches for customers. This company employs people who are specially trained to provide assistance to joiners. None of the processes involved in this site require bots or even AI implementation.

If you look for reviews online, you realize that it seriously has quite a few participants in it. It is one of the few dating sites that can boast of receiving positive reviews almost on a daily basis. While some reviews show the service in a bad light, many others speak highly of it.

A thing that we can notice is that many people are just satisfied with the personalized attention provided in the website. Still, some complain that they didn’t get what they paid for, but ratings tell their own tale, and the service is apparently worth it.

Is Tawkify a scam?

Tawkify is definitely not a scam; instead, it is a legit service that functions differently from other traditional websites. While Match and eHarmony use an algorithm to find matches, Tawkify is more curated at the time of selecting matches. It uses real people.

Basically, they are a team that assists you in finding companionship. What they do is practically the same that a matchmaking bot does. They peruse your profile, go through your profile picture, and read all the details you’ve submitted. After that, matchmakers get in touch with you for more details.

They ask questions to learn more about your preferences, likes, dislikes, political affiliation, religion, and also about how you would like your partner to be. This is a serious site that solely targets serious people looking for true love.

When you provide all that information, matchmakers enlist some people they believe to match your preferences. Following that, they supply the amount of matches described in your subscription plan. This is an entirely paid website.

Nothing is free here, but the site is far from being a scam. It is a trustworthy platform..

Is Tawkify worth it?

With Tawkify, you shouldn’t be concerned about wasting money. Tawkify is one of the most reliable sites as per people who are still using it. In fact, many ex-users who are already married state that having a helper turned out to be much better than looking single-handedly.

This site is generally worth it for professionals and people who don’t have time to seek companionship. Tawkify offers 3 plans, but some members-only register and prefer to wait to be matched with somebody. Not all have $500 in hand.

Another reason for believing the site is worth the money is that matchmakers are trained to people with their insecurities. Some users dedicate time to solve their insecurities before they get back into the dating world. Users assure they have felt listened to and well attended.
On the other side, it is also a way to simplify the process of identifying individuals that share commonalities. While in other sites, you arrange your date yourself, on Tawkify, you pay for experts to look for your matches and arrange the date into the bargain.

So, the site is undoubtedly worth it.

Overall Rating

This site is excellent, according to most reviews. It gets 4.5 out of 5 and could be better, but some users complain about the pricing.

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