Adult Friend Finder Free or Paid

Is Adult Friend Finder legit or a scam?

There is no question Adult Friend Finder is legit, even though many customers complain about their membership base having faked profiles and bots. The fact that it has 80 million users means we can’t doubt its legitimacy. 

The site has over 80 million registered members, which makes it the most popular hookup site along with Tinder. Plus, it has been in the dating business for 20 years, surviving hacking attacks and info leaks. It garners millions of visits despite this. 

Some remain skeptical about its performance, saying AFF is full of bots and even the broadcasters are not real. 

As we all know, AFF offers casual relationships and local dating but does not focus on long-term connections or love. The site is not free, in fact, it has different plans that unblock communication features. If you want to chat for free here, it is well-nigh impossible. 

Is adultfriendfinder legitimate? – Keep reading to find out more. 

The people of Adult Friend Finder

Also, most of the user base of Adult Friend Finder is from the United States, meaning that the main language spoken here is English and Portuguese thanks to the guests from Brazil. Other countries that partake on Adult Friend Finder are The UK, South Africa, and Australia, but they enter less often.

Adult Friend Finder hosts around 80 million members worldwide, and Latin Americans and Asians are not regular visitors. It is also a fact that some members are not real and increase the number of logins. What people affirm about the webcammers, claiming they are fake and that stuff, is not true at all.

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On Adult Friend Finder, we’ll find scammers aplenty. Scammers on AFF generally seek to get money and masturbate. For some reason, these individuals (we’ll never know who they are) copycat women to get money and trade pictures.

Scammers are all over Adult Friend Finder, but they are sometimes hard to spot. They use pictures that are seemingly from the Internet, while others have display pictures of regular users who are on other sexual networks. The good news is that most use pictures from the Internet.

Coping with scammers

It is impossible to get rid of scammers. They will be on Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, Facebook, Tinder, everywhere. The best we can do is to report them for them to get banned. Adult Friend Finder makes a great effort attempting to blot them out of the platform.

And why are there scammers on a sex site like Adult Friend Finder? The answer is simple; they do it for fun and money. The most dangerous catfish are those who utilize real members’ pictures to look real. Most of these photos are taken out from Warez sites.

Is it possible for scammers to find dates despite the fact they actually don’t exist? Yes, and it is dangerous. Whenever you mingle on Adult Friend Finder, chat with precaution and pay attention to every detail. Search for the user’s profile pic on Google first.

Members on AFF can find dates in the public chat room and by using the search tool. Although the website is home to daters from all over, it emphasizes on local dating. It encourages members to change the search criteria to chat with singles nearby only.

Unfortunately, hookup sites are more prone to get packed with scammers. Since AFF is a sex finder, members are less critical of the people they interact with. Members are so focused on getting laid that they do not inquire into the profiles regularly.

Adult Friend Finder scrambles to ban scammers, but the more catfish they ban, the more faked profiles are signed up. Maybe, AFF has to step up registration, making it stricter for newcomers, but they don’t do it because they are afraid of losing customers.

How to avoid getting scammed on Adult Friend Finder?

There are plenty of tactics that help identify scammers.
Scammers usually send lots of enticing messages and hot pictures to fool users. They, for the most part, have a display picture of attractive women and behave amicably. They start by saying hello and asking you if you want some sex.

After that, they can invite to another platform, so they share a link for you to click. Normally, if you leave them in viewed after this, nothing will happen. You can check their profile pic on Google to verify if they are legit.

If you continue with the conversation, they may ask you some personal questions. OK, this may happen, however, real hookup seekers never ask for information, which implies talking about the family, children, and hobbies.

The goal of most scammers is to get some photos and blackmail users. This trick won’t work if you are actually a woman who has no issue with making your photos public. But bear in mind that most probably, you are interacting with somebody with bad intentions.

Scammers use those photos and send them to the victim’s contact list, that is, their friends and family. If you have no problem with this, don’t worry, but most users have issues after their photos are leaked.

Scammers make ways to find the contact list of the people who send them photos. Then, they can continue to threaten them for a long time if they are reluctant to share more pictures. This can happen to men and women.

Scammers prefer to attack new members because they know they probably have no experience. They do it because they are sure these members will fall for their tricks. That’s why they target new members.

The best way to avoid this situation is to block them and move onto other profiles or do something different on the site. You can ignore scammers or report them for Adult Friend Finder to remove them from the site. Do not exchange more messages with them, knowing they are not real.

Another reason to think that a profile is not real is when the other end is not willing to meet in public places. Why shouldn’t he /she meet up in a public place? In the end, these venues are safer and are where normal people meet. After that, you can go to a hotel and have sex. But scammers are not there for hookups.

Some excuses they make up is that meeting up is dangerous and conversing on Adult Friend Finder is safer. They promise to give you lots of fun online, but at the moment of getting on cam, they back off. Doesn’t it look fishy? Sure it does.

If you ever ask them for their WhatsApp or Facebook contact, they won’t share it. It is important to add that sharing this kind of information on Adult Friend Finder is not permitted, but you can try this method to check for somebody’s legitimacy.

Another strategy to spot catfish is by browsing through their profiles to see when they were created. Some have been on the site for months or longer, but most are recently created. Some may not have even a single picture on it. This is a sign you’re getting catfished.

Something you must avoid is to chat on another platform. Scammers on AFF share strange links that drive to places of dubious reputation. Some scammers are hackers that use Phishing to steal information. Things can go worse if you share more information with the scammer.

Is Adult Friend Finder legit?

If you are asking is adult friend finder real, the answer is it is legit and because of this: 

  • It bans scammers unceasingly. 
  • It encourages personal encounters. If you are on Adult Friend Finder, you might expect to get laid and have personal encounters. The trick is not to fall into despair. Impatient members are more liable to fall victim to Phishing and catfish. 
  • It has very clear guidelines- Do you know how to use Adult Friend Finder? It intends to find people who want to have sex with very little conversation. If you are on this site, do not expect to get clever conversations. Expect to get sex proposals. If your conversation plays out in a different way, you’re probably talking with a scammer. 
  • The site is not responsible for what happens to members in the middle of a date. AFF does the job of banning reportedly faked profiles and keeping the site clean. 


Adult Friend Finder Drawbacks

Adult Friend Finder has disadvantages that boost the number of fake profiles. 

For starters, the gender ratio is horrible and completely unbalanced. The site has 120 men per woman. If you are a woman, you have more chances, but men will struggle to get lucky. 

Also, not all the people whom you arrange dates with will actually be there. Some users stopped using the site after being stood up. Perhaps they were talking to a scammer unknowingly. 

The free registration on Adult Friend Finder shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage, but it lacks rigidness. Everybody can enter, join, and become a paid subscriber without profile verification. AFF does not ask for profile verification. 

By profile verification we understand as the process to request new members for the ID or a 30-second video chat. This way, moderators know if the new member is real without asking for money or charging extra fees for “security”.  

So, is Adult Friend Finder real or fake?

Wondering “is adulfriendfinder real or fake?” The good news is that the site is legitimate, but it falls short of security measures to stay clear of scammers. It all boils down to the weak profile verification. While it is OK that members use a name that is not theirs, it is no good to let people sign up without asking them for documentation. 

Adult Friend Finder is free for women and this is OK, but this is not reducing scams. Since women can register for free, people use photos of women to join the community and find victims. Profile validation should be charge free and applicable to everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation.

What to use Adult Friend Finder for? 

Since it is evident the site has been flocked by scammers, you can use Adult Friend Finder for

  1. Having fun: chat and mingle without paying heed to who is real. Exchange messages without trading hot pictures. If the other person insists on you sending hot pictures, use the Block feature without hesitating. 
  2. Using the chat room and forums: these pages are better for chatting and are usually packed. Join forums and as many groups as you can to find real members. 
  3. Watching broadcasters: if you are OK with watching webcammers only, use AFF for watching nude shows and have a ball.
  4. Meeting up and getting laid: it may sound strange but avoid chatting with very attractive women. Verify the pictures of people on Google. Do not agree to converse out of the site without previously meeting up. 
  5. Having sex: AFF offers sex and nothing else. Do not expect to find friends or meaningful connections because such things do not exist here. Play it safe and go for sex only. 
  6. Watching porn: Members upload pictures and videos daily. If you are just a lurker who doesn’t want to take the risk of meeting somebody, just be a watcher. Certainly, Adult Friend Finder is a legit site with lots of authentic amateur content.
  7. Earn money: if you are a woman, use the site to make money by holding your own nude shows. On the plus side, 80% of the men who will join your room are real. So, don’t worry about that. 
  8. Meet people (yes, yet again): female users have many more chances to find real dates than dudes. Just be careful and always meet up in public places first. Be cautious and act mistrustingly always. 
  9. Chat via video cam: the best way to know whether or not somebody is real by asking them to turn on the camera, as scammers will never do it. Plus, video-chats get more insights into people.

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