Does Adult Friend Finder Work

How Does Adult Friend Finder Work?

The first thing you see on entering the Adult Friend Finder is a girl explaining what AFF actually is. This site claims to be the largest hookup site in the world, but that’s not true, it is amongst the biggest. So, wondering how does Adult Friend Finder works?. Read on. 

And as a traditional sex platform, AFF has many pictures, videos, and call-to-action buttons that help you stimulate yourself when alone. Adult Friend Finder is arguably a site for those seeking something remote from a serious relationship. 

So, what is Adult Friend Finder then? A website where men find hookers, women find sugar daddies, and much more. Others see it as a platform for finding a platonic friend. There are actually many cam girls there, and they are hard to date.  

Adult Friend Finder is a large site that claims to get up to 40 million visitors per month (according to stats published in January 2020), coming from the US, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It supposedly receives millions of visitors—but are they actually real or bots?

If you take the trouble to inquire into the AFF success, you realize that, in effect, this site went places in the past, but now, it comes under due to the countless ‘bots’ thriving there. Does Adult Friend Finder work? You’ll find more details below. 

And here’s where it is hard to ascertain AFF success. It says that it is reportedly visited by millions on a monthly basis, but nobody knows (because the founder hasn’t revealed this information) a thing about the male and female ratio there.

Many people speculate that AFF is filled with male profiles (many of them are real) and just a few women, but they don’t want anybody to know this information because they can lose more reputation. The main reason that raises the question “Does Adult Friend Finder work”.

AFF says in its description that it is a site for finding hot girls, and yes, as per very old members, the platform used to be like that, like a brothel with a slew of girls showing tits to turn guys on after a long day of work. 

Ok, but is this site useful to date a woman, a real woman, and have a sex tonight? To many of its members, the answer is No, and the reason is very simple. There are many bots, many fake profiles claiming to be real, asking silly questions. 

However, it is important to say that it is still possible to find ‘someone’ there. And what does the word ‘someone’ mean in this part? Well, someone interested in sex, a one-night stand, yet, finding a date comes to be extremely complicated. 

Most webcam girls are unreachable, and many, probably millions of girls that are not broadcasters, are not real. Most guys look for young girls, and they are the ones who mostly scam. But, there’s a positive about this. There are bunches of cougar women looking for sex.

AFF ended up being a good site for people over 40 y.o, including middle-age women. Male cougars seeking young babes find gold diggers, as top reviewers state in trusted opinion sites. 

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In the beginning, you find AFF as a platform that’s not for you because you find only men and only get messaged by bots, which is awful. So, I would say that Adult Friend Finder is suitable to blow off some steam with webcam girls. It is a porn site. 

But besides this, this website is a space for new genders, that is, straight, gays, lesbians, and queer. AFF welcomes the entire LDGTQ+ community. So do not surprise if you see shemales or transgenders having sex live. 

AFF has undertaken to unite all genders in a single space, including queer men and women. But when you enter this site, you realize that Adult Friend Finder has a poor match system. 

AFF is a site that matches people, which, according to its algorithms, suits others’ profiles. In this sense, you can, unfortunately, get contacted by somebody you probably don’t like anyway. The bright side of this is that you won’t be able to reply if you have a free membership. 

So, practically, the site is a porn platform that works well to talk with webcam girls and meet middle-aged women in person (chances to do this are higher). When registering, you have to answer the usual questions and get a Gold membership. 

For you to have a clearer idea of this website’s explanation, Adult Friend Finder is like Okcupid but naughtier and with a reputation that has fallen. 

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How it All Started

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a very old site. Just imagine, how old could a site be since 1996? Very old, right? This is Adult Friend Finder, a sex finder which started out in 1996 under cover of Andrew Conru. 

In those years, the Internet industry was too young as to be ready for a full-featuring online dating website like this, and it broke. After that, it was sold to Various, Inc, which named it FriendFinder Networks, but such a company also went bust. 

Mr. Andrew Conru recovered the site again in 2013. For those who didn’t know, AFF went bankruptcy in 2013; this means it had disappeared. It goes without saying that after the founder gave another shot to the site, AFF rose from the ashes.

After 2013 and around 2016, the site was already receiving 35 million visitors per month. 


Today, Adult Friend Finder defines itself as a courting and hookup site, but when you go further into this, you see not many people think so. Back in the day, it used to be par with Fling and Ashley Madison. Things haven’t changed so much today. 

If you’re still wondering, ‘Does Adult Friend Finder really work?’, there may be reasons to think the opposite. 

How to create an account on Adult Friend Finder (with Steps)

Now, we’ve been talking about AFF, what it is, what you can find there, and its origins, but the registration process explanation is still missing.

When you enter Adult Friend Finder, it seems the color that represents it is red. Red and black, actually. They customize the sign-up heading of the site. The sign-up process is as clear as its heading. 

There’s a red heading that says ‘Sign up Now! Start hooking up Tonight’, which is a straightforward title that puts everything clearly. Afterward, submit your gender. It is important to point out that AFF welcomes all genders. 

When choosing the gender, there’s a drop-down menu to pick the gender or sexual preference of people you’re seeking. It depicts Men, Women, Couples (Man/Woman), and a special option that encompasses several categories: TS/TV/TGs. 

Then below comes the space to input your birthday, but that’s practically the same drop-down menu we find everywhere. After selecting the birth of date, pick your country (or where you’re currently living), and the province.

In the province, there’s an option that says ‘Any’ for people willing to boost their chances. The options to select the gender, country, and province are important for the website to show local matches.

Next comes your username, but why username? The site doesn’t force you to show your real name; thus it urges you to pick a nickname not to reveal your identity. Remember that this is also an affair site, so it is necessary your identity remains hidden. 

You also have to verify your account by clicking on a link that’s sent to the email address you registered. 

This is the entire process of becoming part of the Adult Friend Finder community. Following these requirements, you’ll be probably overwhelmed with the activity there. You’re likely to get hit up by women, but you won’t be able to reply to any unless you upgrade your membership.  

How Does Adult friend finder Work


Does Adult Friend Finder Work Now

This is a difficult question, but this is what everybody wants to find out in this article. 

AFF may work, but this depends on how well you use it. If you only seek hot babes (under 23 years old), you’ll probably get ripped off because many are fake. If you decide to focus more on mature women, you’ll get lucky.

Likewise, if you don’t get a paid account, you will get nowhere as the site is paid, not free. What does this mean? It means that you need to pay to chat and mingle. 

There’s no doubt that the site has a lot of catfish, but if you have an eye for detail, you’ll get it. You’ll be able to identify who’s who and who’s real and who’s not (which is very important in this kind of websites)

If you enter a chat room, you’ll have more chances to mingle than when swiping. Also, if you don’t upgrade to Silver or Golden, it will be impossible to lurk into biographies and other members’ photos. So, it is necessary to go for an account upgrade once the registration is completed.

It serves well if you like jerking off to porn and hot broadcasters. There’s no doubt that the whole AFF interface serves for masturbation. In the end, if you are not able to date a cam girl unless you’re a millionaire and find her number. 

Unquestionably, women get luckier more than men here. And here comes a suggestion. If you’re a girl (young or middle-aged), the odds of finding a hookup are extremely high. Sit back and wait for messages to coming from paid members. I mean, you’ll have to do nothing. 

And if you want to make money and consider yourself a knock-out, take a hack at broadcasting. Get naked with a mask on (if you want), and make guys really hot. Details on how AFF pays cam girls should be consulted directly.

Now, what happens if you’re a young man looking for an adventure with a hot mature woman? Your probabilities of finding one are high as well. As per reviewers, you do great with this kind of female members because most of them are not fake.

And what if you’re a 20-year-old guy? Things can get difficult here. The most successful members are the sugar babies, not the teen and young adult men, yet you will get lucky if you’re homosexual. 

As for couples, there are certainly many couples, but most of them do not look for sex out of the site. Instead, they are seeking to perform sex acts while broadcasting to make the dough. Many couples eke out a living by doing this.  

If you’re a trans, bisexual, or pansexual, you have tons of possibilities. How come? Undoubtedly, homosexual guys are luckier since AFF is packed with bisexuals. 

In the case of lesbians who don’t broadcast shows, they may have problems finding a girl their age, yet lots of webcam bi girls may be interested in having sex with other women.

If you’re a transgender, we can say that this depends, but most probably, you may strike it lucky with a man or couple who feel attracted to transgenders. Hundreds of transgenders broadcast shows and are doing great. 

Today, with the trend of the LGBTQ+ community inclusion, many men don’t find it bad to jerk off or date transgenders. 

Now, according to reviews, the least fortunate members are the straight guys aged 24-56 who enter the site for a hookup. Many have claimed they’ve paid good money, and in return, they get messaged by bots. 

But straight women (many married or separated) states they have no problem finding hookups because there are many more men than women. 

Speaking of the interface a little bit, it tends to be tedious and disturbing if you don’t get Gold membership. Adult Friend Finder works well, but it’s too wordy and displays many ads. Those ads make some videos look blurred.  

What makes an adult friend finder so popular


Is Adult Friend Finder very popular? Yes, but possibly less than before. Today, many people are posting things like ‘Does Adult Friend Finder actually work?’, because there are great numbers of reviews that speak ill of it. 

In its first years, more specifically, after 2013, AFF started to make a lot of ads pop up everywhere to make a comeback. If you’re over 30, you may remember this. Owing to this, many people from the United States, Canada, and the UK joined the site. 

Also, very early in the beginning, it used to function as a hot chat. Now, it is like PornHub. So note the difference. Not many people are content with this and have closed their accounts. They just wanted to hook up, not to watch porn. They wanted to speak with real people.

So, the popularity of Adult Friend Finder has been draining. 

If you check Adult Friend Finder’s traffic, you see it still gets up to 45 million visitors a month. However, some say this traffic is actually not real. Bots raise these numbers. 

AFF is, however, known worldwide because it’s very old and has a long history. Nonetheless, it has lost reputation because of the large number of fake profiles added to the fact that it is unsafe due to this. 

That a site has too many catfish cohabiting means it is risky. Not all are the people they claim to be on the profile pic. 

So make sure the person you’re talking to turns on the cam or engage in a video call. 

How does the Adult Friend Finder know Your Taste?



Basically, AFF has an algorithm that finds you matches according to the preferences you input at the moment of registering. Did you remember that step of entering location, age, gender, and sexual preference? Does Adult Friend Finder work when we do this?  

Well, the system takes this information, filters it, and shows matches it thinks you may like. That’s why it is always important to fill out the information properly when signing up. 

Adult Friend Finder is likewise focused on finding matches for ‘local sex’. It is not dedicated to distance love or the like. However, you’re free to choose people from other areas. Results will be awful, but give it a try if you feel so. 

And when I say the outcome will not be good, it’s because people who choose local sex still struggle to find hookups. Let alone those who want to fuck somebody who lives far!

Photos Tell a Whole Story


Photos that tell a whole story? Well, not too many. Honestly, when you browse the site, the things you see are dicks, asses, babies sucking lollipops, and guys in a boxer. What stories do you think you can find in those pics? I think nothing. 

Since there are tons of fake profiles, it is tough to find pictures that tell a real story or something unrelated to sex. The site is all about sex; that’s the sort of thing to expect from AFF. 

So, what can kind of photos can you see there? Girls with dildos, many but many women playing with themselves and that’s it. AFF interface has slightly changed throughout the years, and now it looks more jumbled. 

In the past, it used to be a site with less text, more pictures, and it was more straightforward. Today, Adult Friend Finder is quitting the idea of dating sites to turn into a porn site very similar to PornHub. 

And what about men’s profiles? Do they tell a thing? Yes, certainly. Many of the male members that take part in this platform look like engineers, physicians, lawyers, and professors. Unfortunately, these ‘perfect’ profiles tend to scam. 

As to the other guys’ profiles, there are plenty of old guys that are about to retire. What you can perceive in them is that they are likely looking for an adventure with young babes who can give them good sex. They’re looking for an affair, and the 40-year old women seek the same. 

A Bio Gives a Final Touch


When you register to a sex platform like this, you need to complete the registration form as well as you can by including your kinks and sexual preferences properly. At first, as you may know, the site requires you to submit basic personal data like age and location.

Next, you need to write a bio. It must contain, more specifically, everything you expect. Are you into sugar babies? Tap out that you’re on AFF for young women, hot girls, and take notice of your profession to attract more interest in you. 

Yes, if you’re a guy over 30 years, emphasize on your job, profession, and the things you can do when hooking up. Don’t write the same shit you entered in the basic information form; just leave it like that. Instead, write other things that may be interesting.

If you’re a young girl, you also have to write a bio, although this is not so necessary. Why should it necessary if there are more men than women there? So, stress on the things you can do in sex and surely, post your favorite nudes.

If you’re a young guy, things can get harder, but basically, put emphasis on your profession as well. Post a lot of selfies and pictures of your dick. Some women (especially older) may be interested. 

If you’re a middle-aged woman or one over 50, do the same, but give more importance to location. Are you interested in sex, right? Women have to overplay locations to keep foreigners away from them. 

What About Fake Profiles


what about fake profiles

Even though Adult Friend Finder asks you for a valid email, honestly, this is not enough. Any site that requires you to use a valid email address has more probabilities to be cluttered with catfish. The truth is that anyone can create an email address to verify the account.

According to some trusty sites, it appears that Adult Friend Finder has, unfortunately, getting filled with fake profiles all over. Fake profiles that sham they are real, and make you proposals inviting you to hot chats after three lines of conversation. Just ignore them. 

Apparently, most of these women who can contact you telling you they have a boyfriend that has erectile dysfunction and whatnot, are bots that send automated messages that redirect you to another site of webcam girls. 

The same applies to men with strangely perfect profile photos that clearly show they’re not them. They ask you if you want sex, and then invite you to a chat room where there are other guys broadcasting. 

This is a common occurrence on Adult Friend Finder from the very moment you register on it. 

Free Vs. Premium Adult Friend Finder

As any other fuck site, AFF offers free membership and a paid account. It makes no sense to stay too long with the free membership as many features are blocked. Adult Friend Finder is a paid website.

This is what you can do with a free account anyway: 


  • Filling out your profile properly. This includes the points mentioned above (personal data and bio). 
  • Describe your physics. This is important if you want to find dates. 
  • Specify your kinks, religion, and other habits like smoking and drinking. This is important too.  
  • Write more about your personality. Pick among the options what type of personality you identify the most. 
  • As a free member, you are allowed to verify your membership with your ID card.
  • Enrich your profile with videos and selfies that show who you are. 
  • You can add up to 200 members to your Hotlist, which is good, but you cannot chat with any of them. If any of these users message you, you cannot reply either. 
  • You can organize your photos in albums.
  • You can watch a member live at a time. With a Gold membership, you can watch more than that. 
  • You can browse sexual accessories such as ropes and cuffs. If you like any, you can purchase them.
  • You can update your status as you do on other social networks. 
  • Use basic search, but remember, you can’t contact AFF members. The only thing you can do is like their photos. 
  • It is the truth that you can’t engage in a conversation with any of its members, but it is possible to comment on their photos. If you’re lucky, they will reply to you or visit your profile to see if there’s something interesting. 
  • Although you can’t chat in private, you can participate in chat rooms. Chat on IM for free. I think this is a great chance to find somebody there. 
  • You have access to the blogs and public groups on a free membership. 
  • Some Premium members buy standard or free users. If any of them hits you up, you’re allowed to reply.  
  • You can upload as many pictures as you want to earn popularity privileges. This is not applicable for most women, as they are the most sought out. Do this if you’re a man.
  • You can create a post and publish it on Adult Friend Finder and advice lines. 
  • People who have received privileges are allowed to talk to some members due to their popularity. 

Premium membership


The Premium membership has the features that with a Free membership are not included. They are: 

  • Advanced search. It allows searching users more accurately.  
  • After you like any of AFF members, you can engage in a convo with them via email. 
  • With a free account, it is not possible to view members’ profiles fully, but with a paid membership, it is.
  • Remember that you were not allowed to read messages on a Standard membership? Well, with this type of account, it is different. You can read and reply to them.
  • Something unmentioned in the above paragraphs is that a standard account doesn’t allow viewing full-size photos. You can do it when you go to Premium.
  • You gain access to previous contests. 
  • The Standard account doesn’t enable you to send friend requests, but with the Gold membership, you can.
  • The number of people you can add to the Hotlist is limitless. 

The Final Word

In a nutshell, Adult Friend Finder, does it work

Adult Friend Finder is then a fuck and porn site that combines everything contained in PornHub or Motherless with the features of watching webcam girls you find on Chaturbate. In this platform, you won’t find love or somebody interested in a serious relationship.

AFF is a paid site. If you register and don’t upgrade the account, you will only be able to view full profiles, but you will be able to watch webcam girls. 

Nothing guarantees that the people you contact there are real. 

Young babes are the members who get the most out of this site.

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