Top 9 Escort Sites - Best Site to Find Escorts

Top 9 Escort Sites – Best Site to Find Escorts

Escort sites are the front pages of the sexual affair and casual dating of the Internet today. They are centralized to provide sexual services directly from escorts from all over.

They contain a custom search system that allows getting better results when looking. Most of the features they have are free and can be used discreetly. These platforms generally serve as giant directories of sites and escorts offering sexual services.

On these sites, it is possible to find almost all, including shemales, TS/TV escorts, and fuckbuddies, but these ones are not so common in escort platforms. Also, many have been operating for decades.

This is the list of the 9 best sites to find escorts on the internet. Read on.


Listcrawler is just as its name suggests; it is a directory of women who offer sexual services. The site collects names and other data that are published in other sites to keep updated.


The site has been operating since 2012, and after the closing of Backpage, it has gained more popularity. So far, it has managed to surmount the criticism about sex trafficking.

Whenever you dig around the platform, you realize that most ads are somewhat mixed. Some ads may be fake, while others have been posted by real women.

This sex directory has been recently renamed to, so whenever you enter listcrawler on Google, the domain that will appear will be the escortalligator.listcrawler. This may be confusing.

You must necessarily be from Canada, the US, Oceania, and Europe to sign up to this platform. The site focuses on local escorts. Thus it asks you to pick the location properly.

After that, it redirects you to a webpage that contains the ads available in your location. Listcrawler shows you a list of sluts on the left and a list of other fuck sites on the right.

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USA SEX GUIDE is another directory that contains information on escorts from different regions in the USA. Usasexguide changed its domain to nl.


Just like the major part of escort sites, you don’t need registration here. To enter, you must be 21 or older.

Pretty much, in the beginning, you realize the platform looks wordy, but the information is not cluttered. On the upper left side, there’s an option to proceed with the registration process.

The guide has many labels that are very hard to describe in simple lines. It features a forum, a photo gallery, a list of sugar babies, and webcam escorts.

Below, there are thousands of threads related to topics regarding the USA law, escorts, “where to find,” as well as multiple escort reports from cities like Chicago, Tampa, and Virginia Beach.

You’ll also see lots of massage therapists. Of course, they won’t only serve you massage therapies but sexual services of all sorts.


The interface of this directory is less wordy but a little dull. Eccie is not designed for hooking up only, but also for meeting new people, making friends, or finding love.


In this platform, you have many options to choose from. There’s even a webpage for reporting sex trafficking, which is one of the biggest issues these sites have to deal with.

It has a scrapbook with galleries of girls of all ages. On clicking on one gallery, you gain access to their private photos. Additionally, registered members can leave their likes on their photos.

Eccie offers Premium access. There are two types of Premium memberships that have special features specifically.

The first Premium option entitles you to send a limited number of private messages and post on forums almost endlessly.

The second option is a one-time membership upgrade that multiplies your benefits to 5,000 private messages and forums. This plan also gives you access to ROS within reviews.


Eros is blocked to some countries, so if you’re from certain regions of South American, you won’t gain entry.


Eros was created for those guys who have a little extra to spend on casual sex. This is because Eros gathers information on Premium girls, not on streetwalkers you could find anywhere else.

This means Eros does not have cheap girls, but only escorts from popular cities like Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, DC, Boston, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Finding locals is not a problem because the site facilitates most of the work for you.

On, you browse girls that are classified by categories, which are All Escorts, Eros Verified girls, Visiting, XXX stars, VIP, Mature, New Girls, Coed, and others. You can also watch videos on this site.

Apart from that, Eros has an index that makes it easy to find a girl from among all categories. The silver lining is that guys have a chance to meet porn stars that are registered to this website.


Onebackpage is a minimalistic website that focuses on the different categories of escorts, including those that are uncommon. Certainly, this platform allows you to fuck even shemale escorts, which means it is totally open to the LGBTQ+ community.


The other categories are the ones we’ve already heard of Premium local escorts and sugar babies. Likewise, it gives you the option to watch girls broadcasting.

Onebackpage includes even many more options. When you select the category, you realize it offers the opportunity to have sex with trans and much more than that.

This sex guide doesn’t only concentrate on sexual services, but it also has multiple categories unrelated to dating like cars, bars, local places, education, and construction.

If you want to post an ad, you need to buy ad credits by clicking on one of the upper call-to-action buttons.

To register, submit your name, a password, and an avatar. The registration is completely free and removes all ads on the site.

Some categories may take time to load, so be patient. Since the categories on the top tend to be empty, you may also find escorts advertising themselves there.

Skip the Games

Skip the Games can be found with two domains: and It seems that this directory has been falsified by hackers to trick users into registering to sites they use for fishing. So be careful.

Unlike Onebackpage, Skipthegames showcases escort services only. It sorts services by category and cities, among the most popular are Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Boston, London, Sydney, and Shanghai.

As you can see, the platform is well known internationally. Here, you can also post ads after registering. To find sexual services, use the drop-down menu on the top to choose the location, gender, and physics of the girl you would like.

Below, there is a gallery and a place for the most popular posts. Yes, Skip the Games also contains blogs about sexual services. The gallery section is distributed in MALE, FEMALE, AND TS.

Skip the Games has providers from all over the world. You can find escorts from the Caribbean, South and Central America, and the Middle East.

To have an idea of how much an escort costs here. A 28-year-old can charge you $50 for 1 hour of sex without special services included.


TUSCL stands for The Ultimate Strip Club List; the message is very clear what this website was made for. The platform displays the names of the best strip clubs and dancers you can contact for services.


It is the oldest site on this list as it has been operating since 1993. TUSCL has several sections that include listings, reviews, dancers, locations, photo galleries, articles, discussions, groups, and much more.

If you want to know how things go on in this place, check out the What’s New section. In there, you’re able to read reviews and complaints of customers regarding issues as well as positive opinions.

The photo gallery is plenty of lesbians, transgenders, and XXX stars, which is a sign that you can call for a threesome or a transgender.

However, the photo gallery is not there to host real pictures only. Some of the photos you see are uploaded by men.

If you haven’t registered and click on Dancers just by curiosity, you’re likely to see a list of dancers spread worldwide. The platform is well-assorted and properly organized by country.

Escort Babylon

Escort Babylon is another escort site that has a minimal interface. You don’t need to register to start browsing.


The first thing you see is a drop-down menu of options with specific locations.

The sex guide is angled to people from Canada, Oceania, US, and Europe. After you pick the country, state, and city, it redirects you to a bland webpage with information of escorts updated by date, popularity, and activity.

The good is that you see the girls just like they are, not their simple names only. This means that you don’t need to click on them to see what they look like, as the website portrays all at once.

On your right, you have a list of “friend” websites through which Escort Babylon also advertises. Under those links, you see a list of categories which are live cam girls, live sex cams, sugar babies, and horny milfs.

It is important to remark that each girl has public reviews. To submit a review, you have to register, click on the girl pic, and then strike Submit a Review.

Adult Search

A typical escort site where you can search gay escorts, shemale escorts, and also meet and fuck. Adult Search has a webcam webpage among its features.


The most impressive facts of Adult Search is that it has no ads and that it includes countries you wouldn’t expect to find like Colombia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Macau, and China.

As to the United States, there’s no need to say that all states and cities are included. You can see all the regions just below on scrolling down a little bit. This list gets bigger with all the cities organized by the country.

If you are an escort, you can post an ad on this platform. To do it, you have to select your gender, location, write your ad and photos (mustn’t portray nudity), and secure checkout. This is not a free service, so you have to pay for it via Visa or Mastercard.
There are four types of escorts here: female escort, TS/TV shemale escort, and female body rubs.

Escort Meetings

Escort Meetings is the only escort website here considered for business. It doesn’t have an attractive template but compensates it with a wide array of countries where you can find an escort for fucking.


The site slogan clearly tells you that it only hosts escorts that are independent and with the willingness to travel for business. Remember that being an escort is a job, then they consider it a business.

Escort Meetings is regularly updated with new models you see on the very main page. The information displayed below them shows their location, age, and the time they became part of Escort Meetings. Most of these girls are under 30.

Right above, you see a list of sections that show information about the new escorts added, all escorts registered until the moment, latest comments or reviews on these models, photo feeds, live cams, and a top 10 of the chicks.
To register, submit a username, a password, and the membership type.

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