Top 10 Free “Single Parents” Dating Websites

Sex Dating Sites for Single Parents – Top 10 Free “Single Parents” Dating Websites

Dating as a single parent isn’t that much different from when you were single and had no kids. The truth is that kids almost never accompany parents when they are on a date. The process of knowing the other person when being a single parent can take longer.

However, you’re more determined when it comes to choosing who to meet and who not to.

When you go on dates as a single parent, you equally go to movies, dinner, or family reunions of the person you’re dating. You can also go out with various individuals at the same time, so you’re not exclusive. You’re exclusive of your children that stayed home with the sitter.

As a single parent, your phone is always with you because it’s the only way to stay on top of your kids’ behavior while you’re dating. So, it is a norm to message or call the sitter from time to time amidst a date. Sometimes, things get bad, and you have to cancel a date when issues emerge.

As a single parent of whatever age, you become a little more detail-oriented to pick people to date.

The following are some top dating sites for single parents that serve people in this situation. Let’s see what they provide.

Ashley Madison

The unique target audience of Ashley Madison has given the gift of having members from all over the world. The majority of its traffic comes from rich and North American countries, but some South Americans also come and join. Also, most of its members are over 30 years old.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is pretty famous because it provides an environment for finding any form of arrangements for committed people or those who are taken. If you check out the profiles, you realize that most of its users are already married and are parents.

Ashley Madison has a diverse pool that is not confined only to open-minded singles with no kids but also serves single parents that are on the lookout for flings. These ones particularly do whatever it takes to grasp a second opportunity in love.

The registration process on AM is very easy and does not require a great deal of cleverness to come grips with it. Overall, members do not provide much personal about them. The site is very discreet and does not require its members to show their faces.


When it comes to free online dating when having kids, OkCupid is one best dating sites for single parents. If offers free communication and lots of features for single parents that are charge-free. It boasts about creating up to 50,000 dates per week.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

OkCupid is free and is rated high on most review sites for being an inspirational website with a matchmaking system based on specific areas of compatibility.

Previous to registering, future members have to fill up a long questionnaire that allows them to express what they are intending to. This test is the tool used by OkCupid to generate highly accurate compatibility ratings.

On this site, men can message anyone they want without upgrading the account. The number of men and women is pretty similar, but men still outnumber women by 4%.

The membership on OkCupid never expires, so you can stop using it when you find a date.

OkCupid is a plausible option for parents because it is a varied community, and the probabilities of engaging in a convo privately are high.


This is another site that requires taking a very lengthy test to join. This dating site goes the extra mile to provide the best matches for a serious relationship and is known to have a high-tech algorithm that has generated over 2 million love connections until now.


eHarmony, which is a very old site with over 20 years of history, is designed to satisfy those who have marriage plans. It has an in-depth compatibly quiz that functions that same way as the OkCupid matchmaking system.

This platform provides personalized matches according to religion, educational background, age, income, and gender. Additionally, browsing profiles is completely free. Its gender ratio is proportionate, with 51% to 49% of men and women.

Thanks to its psychologically sound matchmaking, eHarmony has had the capacity to generate thousands of single parent couples.

The site sparks connection every 14 minutes, which ranks it on top of the list of the best completely free dating sites for single parents.

eHarmony is ideal for parents because of the compatibility test envelops aspects that may be of interest to members. The quiz enquires into good parenting, online dating, and the experience they’ve had when dating people with kids.


When it comes to sites that provide the best matches according to specific variables, EliteSingles is one of the 100 free online dating sites for single parents that make it. EliteSingles is basically for educated people that have a degree and don’t want to play.


EliteSingles is focused on connecting users with a professional background and money. Yet this is not a limitation indeed; the website also serves all races, ages, and religions that are interested in serious dating.

Elite Singles features a deep questionnaire that considers aspects related to online dating, professional background, and status. Other than that, all profiles are carefully verified.

Elite Single has an app that is compatible with iOS and Android. Most of the users you will find here went to college and are middle-aged folks. Elite Singles is not aimed for hookups; instead, it overemphasizes ethics, accomplishments, and lifestyle.

This place is great for single parents because it gives them the possibility to meet only marriageable people who may have children and life aspirations like them. It is amazing to find only emotionally mature people in a single place.

This platform differs from others because it delivers a personality report after quiz completion. is a serious dating site that aims to find true love, too. In fact, if you don’t find that person in 6 months, they refund you the money or double the membership for free. It was not created to operate like dating sites for single parents do, but it’s doing a great job. Reviews | 100% Free Trial

The website hosts over 20 million users, most of which are singles that are looking to go steady. Registration and profile build-up are very easy as they solely require filling up an information form to increase compatibility. Match also gives the option to search users based on individual criteria.

While you’re allowed to see other profiles on a free membership, you have to upgrade the account to send messages. Match app is up for the grabs on Apple Store and Google Play Store and comes with an interface that resembles the one on the Tinder app. is suitable to single parents because it is very straightforward, easy to use, and helps meet people from countless walks of life. Plus, the average cost for a Premium membership would not overwhelm a single parent that has a steady income.

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is designed solely for people who are 50 years old or above. The registration and profile build-up can be completed in minutes and features a long quiz associated with personality and relationships.


Silver Singles markets itself as the best dating sites for single parents as it encourages all kinds of relationships, including casual dates, friendship with benefits, and friendships. It doesn’t differ much from other sites regarding the facts it considers for sparking matches.

Since it is not a place for serious online dating only, Silver Singles asks its visitors to complete a survey at the moment of signing up for determining types of matches. This survey aims to collect information about ethnicity, body-build, location, age, and religion.

Just like other sites for single parent dating, this platform offers a free trial and other types of memberships at a relatively low cost. It is suitable for 50-year-old people because it is very simple to use and exclusively of middle-aged singles.

Plus, single parents can install it on their Apple or Android devices. This site pertains to the same company family Spark Networks belongs to.


Zoosk is astoundingly considered one of the highest-grossing dating apps because it already has a 35-million user base and makes it easy to create connections. They claim to have a behavioral matchmaking algorithm that finds matches based on people’s way of behaving.


This easy-to-use site includes a free version and paid memberships that are charged on a monthly and yearly basis. The app offers a widely-known feature called ‘Boost’ which increases the chances of being viewed by more people inside the community.

Zoosk is for all, even for veterans or single parents that are open to any kind of relationship. Apart from that, it is said to be the favorite of Mormons, especially single moms that register to the site in the hopes to find love.

At the moment of registering, Zoosk asks some questions. It may ask you about your professional background or sports. The site likewise gathers information related to your sexual preferences and the things you like doing while you’re chilling.

This is one of the completely free dating sites for single parents that help single parents socialize more. It is like a social network with a large pool of users interested in a variety of things. We cannot claim that Zook would help find love specifically, but you’ll surely have fun.


Tinder started out as a hook-up site, but now it is viewed with another perspective. Tinder is the pioneer of the dating site swipe, which makes it singular among the 100 free online dating sites for single parents.


None of the profiles on Tinder are robust, because they are very limited in photos and information. The app doesn’t give you space to express who you are or learning deeply about your matches. The app is all about swiping right and arranging dates on the fly.

Despite these downsides, the site has become one of the best venues for dating nearby people and finding serious relationships. Because of this, Tinder can be great for single parents who want to connect with others romantically speaking.

Tinder has grown at high speed, although it tended to skew younger in the beginning. The truth is that more and more consumers are installing it on their smartphones because it shows great effectiveness.

Tinder may not seem designed specifically for single parents, but it equally provides chances they can leverage for meeting young members that live nearby. Are you a single mom and want to become a sugar Mom? Are you a single dad and want to do the same? Get it!

Plenty of fish

POF is a solid dating app that has a good consumer base packed with single moms. Most of its users are women that are single and are looking for a serious relationship. POF is like the paradise of single moms and sugar moms.


Plenty of Fish harbors 70 million members, and unlike Tinder, it does give the opportunity to write a good essay and a bio. Nobody can doubt the site is great for having fun, but according to reviewers, it is excessively flexible when approving profiles.

Plenty of Fish is a free site that has over 88 million users around the world, many of which are located in the United States. The app has gained popularity in many countries, but consumers residing in the US have higher chances to find a date.

Even though it is a fact that this app does not cater to single parents solely, it is also a fact that it suits single moms. For some reason, women with kids are quicker to find somebody to hang out on POF.

You just need to enter ‘single parents’ in the corresponding field to check this fact out.

Single Parent Meet

Single Parents Meet clearly caters to that community of single parents that are on the prowl of new love. This site contains a very active community that garners 50,000 new visits weekly, which ranks it amongst the best dating sites for single parents.

Single Parent Meet has a one-of-a-kind feature that allows calling or texting someone without revealing any personal info. This feature is called ConnectMe and works on an optional token system.

The website does not pledge to provide serious relationships only, but also friends and friends with benefits. The gender ratio is almost the same, with a probably slight advantage in the number of men over women.

On Single Parent Meet, you obviously don’t need to explain your status as all members are single and have children. There are many success stories you can find on the Internet about how to find love on Single Parent Meet.

It is important to add that the majority of its members seek only to find a lifelong partner. This is the largest community of single parents looking for love on the Internet. The registration process follows the same steps as on other sites.

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