Top 7 Sugar Daddy Sites in 2021 [100% Free]

Sex Dating Sites for Sugar Daddy – Top 7 Sugar Daddy Sites

Have you ever heard about the term sugar daddy? Surely, you have.

Sugar Daddy is a term practically new referred to a middle-aged man that has money and date young girls. He tries to satisfy their requirements by giving them away gifts and money in exchange for sex.

Although this term has been buzzing more in the media now, sugar daddies have always been among us. They have cars, money, and probably manage a company that provides enough to satisfy young girls.

It leads us to the conclusion that sugar daddies never fall in love, but they are on the prowl for sex only. In some cases, the sugar daddy can fall in love with his sugar babe. Yes, sugar babe is the word that best describes young women that are into male cougars.

A sugar daddy is a money-bag, a guy who has enough funds as to court a young woman with very expensive dinners and pricey outfits. The opposite of sugar daddy is salt daddy, which is a guy who likes young women but is in bankruptcy.

A way to find sugar babes? There are many sites to find them.

Today, many girls prefer older guys because they find them more ‘interesting’ and self-confident.

Sugar babes are all over, in the clubs, street, and even at work. Some sex sites are dedicated to sugar daddies. Let’s see some of them.

Adult Friend Finder

The first site on this list is definitely Adult Friend Finder. There are strong reasons to put them here.

Adult Friend Finder is a very old platform with millions of members from around the world and thousands of models willing to date old guys. As you may know, AFF is like PornHub but with lots of webcam models and chat rooms for people to strike a convo.

AFF is not free, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a sugar daddy. You have to pay to chat, send gifts and browse Premium women. All that would be easy for a sugar daddy.

Adult Friend Finder has an algorithm that finds you matches quickly based on kinks, sexual preferences, location, and gender. As a bonus, you won’t see many middle-aged women chilling here.

If you don’t want to spend on your quest of a sugar babe, opt for the AdultFriendFinder free chat.

Additionally, the website has a forum that is completely free but not so suitable to seek this type of chicks.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a very well-known affair site, which makes it ideal for sugar daddies and the women who like them.

Come, who doesn’t know that most guys tend to become sugar daddies after 40 or 50? That’s normal. Ashley Madison is a site that is free from judgment, so nobody will tell you it’s wrong to date a girl 20 years younger than you.

There’s another aspect that makes Ashley Madison different: the inclusivity.

It happens that it welcomes all members, including the new ones that have been recognized in society. So, if you’re not a straight sugar daddy, this is the opportunity to date a young gay guy looking for a gay sugar daddy.

The good side about Ashley Madison is that sugar daddies can give reign to their bisexuals freely. They can date shemales, transsexuals, or individuals defined as fluid-gender.

The age range on AM in men is 24-35, but there are many guys older than 45 years old as well. This website is one of the most expensive on the list.

Sugar Daddy Site is a directory on which we read articles and find links that drive to other sugar daddy and babe platforms. Basically, you don’t need to register to this site to read all content.

It is not a website to see porn or webcam shows like in other sites, but it includes comprehensive information on sugar daddy sites and a list of articles to help you expertise in this field.

All sites are ranked from the best to the ‘worst’ or least visited. Their label indicates what they are used for. Besides these links, there’s another one that leads to the site.

You can read more details by clicking on the link Learn Why. The list is made up of 10 sugar daddy social networks.

There’s plenty of information referred to the membership size, types of memberships, functions, and mobile app (if available). Sugardaddysite displays a glossary on the right tab to keep you in the loop.


Sugar Daddy Meet is a sugar daddy site dedicated to the straight people who live in any of the 20 richest countries in the world. It sounds discriminative, but the main page makes it clear that if you don’t like that, you decide to stay.

The developers of the site take the trouble of removing any member who identifies with a gay sugar daddy, sugar momma, and sugar boy. So, it is very evident that the platform does not approve accounts from gays and women over 40.

Registering to Sugar Daddy Meet includes the same steps you use to create an account in other platforms. It requires a valid email or Facebook account, information about gender, location, and age. Then, they urge you to write a bio in a few words and upload a photo afterwards.

Something remarkable about Sugar Daddy Meet is that bios can’t include contact info or money requests. Likewise, the photo you post must be a real photo of yourself, or you’ll be suspended forever.


SecretBenefits is a discreet platform for finding sugar daddies. Although it is a new, it has gained ground very rapidly in the industry. Secret Benefits is designed for finding sugar daddies and sugar babes, nothing else-

The site claims to guarantees confidentiality regardless of the kind arrangement. It accepts new sugar daddies (men barely 40 willing to date young girls) and new sugar babes who have plunged into this dating field.

The interface of Secret Benefits is very simple, so we it can’t call it bland. You become part of this community by clicking on Free sign up on the upper right side of the screen. After joining, take your time to browse the profiles and private-message them.

Secret Benefits can be taken as a hookup site, but it is also open for people seeking to go steady. It welcomes a great variety of ethnicities, including Hispanic, black, Asian, white, and others that are not specified in the registration process.


If you were looking for a top-notch sugar daddy site, SugarDaddyforme might be what you were longing for. The element that attracts people to this platform is the friendly environment that makes contact really easy. It is a very populous site with over 4 million members.

SugarDaddyforme offers a free, a standard, a premium membership, and a free trial. The Silver membership costs $19.95 while the Gold account is $24.95 per month.

The drawback is the extra fees the site charges before upgrading to Premium membership. The free trial can be renewed after 3 days. It is recommendable to use a pre-paid card to pay all types of memberships.

SugarDaddyForMe claims to have all bells and whistles for old men to date young women, especially from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, and San Jose. In fact, you can read testimonials below there.

It features articles that show you to be a successful dater.


What’syourprice is a sugar daddy website created by the same founder of Seeking Arrangement. It caters to sugar daddies, sugar babes, but also rich men willing to date women their age.

The main page interface of What’syourprice is splendid and very simple. The registration process is totally free. After you sign up, you can start making bids to get a date.

This site focuses on local dating instead of long-distance relationships; however, if you have the purchasing power to travel, why not date a young girl from somewhere else?

Speaking of what members are like, What’syourprice stresses on physics. It tells you that you will find attractive members who want to go on a fun date much quicker than in other sites.

In this platform, you place bids on members, and they decide who to choose. This means you’re vying for attention along with other users who are also bidding.

Wondering how much to bid for the girls? Come up at least $150 to started.

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