Top 7 Police Dating Sites

Sex Dating Sites for Police – Top 7 Police Dating Sites

Each to their own. Some people do dream of dating cops. Actually, it is possible to meet them offline as they are always around and also have a normal life like civilians do. They equally do the shopping, they use Facebook, and some go to church.

The problem with going on a date with police officers is the respect and distance they’ve enforced. We can see them without uniform doing the things you do, but deep down, we generally show respect towards them.

This is the regard the society has taught us to have towards the authorities. Either way, you have to understand that despite their job looks intimidating; they are human beings and have the need for love.

Today, there are plenty of methods to date cops. Apart from the police station, other places for finding them are social networks and police dating sites. Yes, certainly, somebody had the idea to found these websites for coppers and civilians.

Being a police officer is a stressful job that generally takes a lot of time in the street and implies a lot of risks. Constables also feel the need of meeting somebody that may be different from those they always interact with at work daily.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some police dating sites. In fact, they are websites that can be used by anyone but are designed by cops. Keep reading to find out more.

Adult Friend Finder

As you may know, Adult Friend Finder is not a police officer dating site as such, but it has popularized so much that it is frequently visited by camouflaged cops.


This platform is for everybody, including officers. Many people utilize it for having extra-marital relationships, finding casual sex, dating sugar babes, and meeting webcam models for sex. In the case of bluecoats, they use it for virtual sex or finding discreet casual relationships.

You cannot expect to see female cops doing live-stream naked or advertising themselves in the shady world of Adult Friend Finder, where everybody can see you.

So, what do you expect? Well, AdultFriendFinder may work as a venue for having affairs or casual sex. In the end, nobody must know you’re a police officer looking for flings. Plus, AFF is a legit site that is not forbidden for these workers.

This platform, however, may not be the best place for finding serious relationships. This is a grown-up site that caters to a community of users that are thirsty for sex. That’s it.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a dating site that functions differently from Adult Friend Finder. While Adult Friend Finder is used by cops on the lookout for sex, Elite Singles could be more ideal for those who want a life-long partner, or even better, someone to love and wears the same uniform.


When it comes to serious online dating, Elite Single is one upon other apps. Elite Single only gathers people with professional backgrounds and are committed to taking online dating seriously.

We’re not saying that all bobbies are interested in serious relationships, but we’re emphasizing the fact that there are more chances that coppers find real love here. Why? Because this is the goal of most people registered on Elite Singles.

The only disadvantage worthy to mention is that the registration process can seem tedious to any police officer. There are too many questions to respond to, but this is the way the Elite Singles algorithm works. So, if you’re a bluecoat, take your time in the sign-up process.

Police Singles

Police Singles is deemed as one of the best places dating sites meet police officers. Police Singles is not a hookup venue; it encourages meaningful connection between police officers who are in the quest of true love only.


One of the upsides of this platform is the variety of professionals in uniform it welcomes. In essence, this is a website for police officers, but there are lots of firefighters that join this community as well. So, this place is not exclusive of bluecoats.

It has been around since 2003, and since then, it has extended the number of features by adding winks, virtual likes, match suggestions, and messaging. It is a great alternative for contacting police officers with police officers and arranging dates.

The platform is paid and accepts various payment methods. It is solely possible to get in touch with the support team via email. Time to join this community? It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

This website promotes gender inclusivity.


Police Flirt is another single police officers dating site that promotes inclusivity. This place gives the impression that it even encourages distance love and relationships between people from different cultures and religions. Those cultural differences have no space here.

The sign-up process is the same as in other websites for dating. Just submit your answer in the corresponding fields that are mostly related to lifestyle, marital status, physics, occupation, political views, personality, and hobbies.

It is important to point out that many people of all walks of life register on Police Flirt, not only singles in uniform, hence the field about occupation. After the questionnaire completion, write an essay about your expectations and upload lots of pictures.

Police Flirt allows searching members by diversity of criteria that include age, location, as well as the distance you are willing to search. If you don’t like this method, opt for results according to antiquity and user connection status.

In addition to that, Police Flirt has a feature that enables you to “Pass” and “Like” on individuals.

Police Friends Date

Policefriendsdate is one of the free dating sites for police officers that pursue a relationship with somebody who works in the same field. Police Friends Date aims to create friend relationships and love relationships.


This website promotes local dating with law enforcement professionals, so it only displays nearby matches. It claims to have a variety of these law enforcement professionals that range from street patrols to NYPD.

The best of this site is that it allows all members to send and receive messages cost-free. On a side note, not all people who join this community are officers; there are lots of guys and women who fantasize about going out with cops.

Police Friend Date is a great network for finding people in blue uniform. The site boasts about having a large number of police coppers that are single. Thousands of them join this community every single day to mingle and find love.

If you become member of this platform, you will realize not many of them share their occupation outwardly. Just browse and use your cleverness to identify where the real police officers are.


This website is among the foremost police online dating sites that cater to civilians and those who work for the enforcement of the law. This site is for all as it welcomes straight, gays, lesbians, and people of all genders. It has been online for 17 years.


Dating Cops is not a porn site, so users are not allowed to publish this content here. This platform shares part of its database with third-parties that operate in the same area.

Date Cops offers two types of accounts. The free membership allows searching users by criteria that encompass the gender, age, photo, and connection status. The extended searches go further with more specialized criteria.

Succeeding on Date Cops may be tricky since there are many similar profiles. Paid memberships allow getting more visibility in the Priority Listing in the search results. Besides that, it allows adding details to the profile that help it stand out from the crowd.

The site works based on member compatibility. People that are not likeable can be blocked.

It has a Group-Chat feature that permits you to chat with all members at a time as well as the possibility to enter private chats.

Law Enforcement Dating

Of this site, Law Enforcement Dating is one of those sites tailored to enforcement officers that have experienced the fastest growth. The platform aims to provide something deeper that distinguishes it from others in the industry.

This state-of-the-art website offers a quick registration, the possibility of browsing membership base, reporting feature, and various methods to pay for Premium memberships. It doesn’t have the particularity to charge extra fees for functions that are linked to other sites.

This place is for meeting cops that reside in any place of the world. All profiles contain information related to age, location, hobbies, and interests, yet the site only allows searching members by location and interests using a free membership.

Law Enforcement Dating welcomes all today’s genders accepted but stresses on straight, gay, and lesbian coppers. This site can be used for multiple purposes, be it for finding friends or serious relationships.

It comes to be an ideal place that can be used by civilians who moon over dates with officers. For most civvies, Law Enforcement Dating is considered the best police dating site.

Something else to remark: it presents a feature that allows adding videos.

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