Top 10 STD Dating Sites

Sex Dating Sites For Herpes Singles – Top 10 STD Dating Sites

Whenever you enter Herpes and STD Dating Sites, you cop onto the fact that you have many more options than you may. These sites are created to help people who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, also known as STDs.

STDs are all that involve gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis, herpes, HIV, and other diseases that are not mentioned here. It is true that STD sufferers tend to feel ashamed about dating because deep down in their hearts, they know it’s difficult to disclose their condition to someone they’re dating. 

It is then much better when both parties have the same condition because they are able to speak about it. 

Fortunately, today there are websites designed to assist these people to find love even when they feel alone in the face of their condition. There’s always a second chance. 

On the other hand, Herpes dating sites work by creating a community of herpes sufferers willing to meet and date others on the same page. These portals provide a shame-free environment, which empowers them to interact fearlessly. 

Sadly, our society still looks down on them, prompting them to scare about getting rejected or suffering from stigmatization, which may be, to speak frankly, even worse than the disease itself.

With herpes dating sites, users don’t have to worry about stigmatization or having uncomfortable because they will only find lovers that are in the same situation. In these platforms, you don’t have to hide your diagnosis or be afraid to unveil this information. 

These STD dating sites have all that it takes to help fellows with herpes and STDs. 

Adult Friend Finder

With over 80 million registered users, Adult Friend Finder is not only one of the largest STD dating sites, but it is also one of the biggest services for hookup and casual sex. This site operates in the United States, where millions of folks have these ailments.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is open to all kinds of arrangements, including polygamy, fuckbuddies, couple share, and STD meet-ups. Very few people dare to talk about this, but this site is one of the most popular places where individuals with herpes come to spice up their sex life. 

This is a venue for those seeking casual relationships, not love. So, if you’re looking to go steady, you should go to another place. 

It is a site that boasts of a varied user base, which makes it ideal for netizens in this situation. The website is solely populated with individuals who look for sex, not something else; but certainly, this is not a place for discrimination. 

The majority of its members share a lot of porn content, videos, blogs, and many women broadcast to show off some skin. 

Ashley Madison

Registering to Ashley Madison is not complex. The only thing you need to do is submit your basic information and no more. While doing so, it is important that you specify your relationship status since this is thoroughly an affair dating website STD that serves cheaters. 

Ashley Madison

Although Ashley Madison is for people who are committed, part of the information they enter is never made public. Ashley Madison is a no-string-attached portal that protects its user identity by displaying some details on their profile page, even those related to a possible STD condition.

It is a service with a particular approach towards individuals with an arrangement. Ashley Madison requires applicants to input details associated with their ethnicity, limits, height, and of course, STD. 

Some of the features that come with Ashley Madison are the options to email members, send gifts and messages.

On Ashley Madison, women don’t pay while men must do it to make the first step. If you don’t want to do this, Ashley Madison features a free general chat room to improve interaction. 


OkCupid is a website that attracts a huge variety of singles, including many with herpes and STD. It’s like a funky bar in the middle of the town where ambitious professionals engage with creative and attractive daters with STD that are seeking to get a second shot in love.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

Unlike the two other Herpes Dating Sites, OkCupid is free and many of its features are usable on a free membership. OkCupid reviews all the info to provide potential matches. It is important to complete the required details, so the system works more accurately to give matches with STD. 

One of the positives of this website is that it makes it possible to search for matches and send them messages without a subscription. OkCupid is among the best std dating sites due to its diversity of free features.

The portal comes with two levels of paid membership that are packed with the rest of the features. On top of that, it has been operating since 2004 and still holds strong along with other websites in this niche. 


GetITON is a service with a simple and smooth interface, which requires completing an 11-eleven test to complete a profile set-up. The quiz includes questions that have to do with physique and type of relationship hunted for. 

Get IT On

After profile completion, all members are displayed with a percentage on the side that shows how well they would get along with the rest of the members. Apart from that, daters can search by location, status, and other facts that vary depending on an individual’s activity. 

The website is one of the std dating sites free with the largest number of browsing options that even include a hotlist. Matches can keep interacting through its hi-tech emailing system. 

This place is always crowded to the extent that it can really get busy sometimes, but still equally holds hands. Fellows with STD and herpes must know that this portal is purely for hookups, not for love. It merely connects those that are sexually compatible. 

Meet Positives

Meet Positives is an alternative to dating for std sufferers. The goal of this service is to help impacted people regain a normal life like when they were healthy. Most positive singles feel embarrassed to talk about their condition.


Meet Positives targets people who are experiencing struggles with herpes and std. This means you will solely find daters that are in the same position, that is, singles with TSD. The site intends to find casual and serious relationships as well. 

Meet Positives provides articles related to dating with herpes or TSD and how to find love. They have a community where users share their experiences with others regarding how to deal with this condition. 

Unlike the methods we find in other std dating sites, Meet Positives uses a different approach to create matches for long-lasting relationships rather than hookups. They make this possible in a short period of time. 

Meet Positives is a totally free site.

Meeting People with Herpes (MPWP) is a dating portal that uses the same left and right swipe system as Tinder to lead folks with STD to find love. The main difference between this site and the others is that Meeting People with Herpes is focused on herpes. 

According to members that use this service, the site provides details of users so others are clear about who they are dating. In the end, it is well-nigh impossible to gauge who has herpes and who doesn’t.

The age range of personals varies from 23 to 35. Meeting People with Herpes is a forum where people tell their experiences and help others with herpes and how to take care of it. Many of its members prefer not to expose their face. 

Meeting People with Herpes is a dating website STD that has gained popularity most recently. It has served thousands of individuals with a shared interest and background through its algorithm that finds people to go on dates with. 

Positive Singles

When you have herpes, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, HIV, HPV, or any other sexual disease, you may feel it is impossible to find love for you. Positive Singles changes this reality so you don’t have to worry about getting discriminated or rejected. This venue has been in the industry since 2001.


This is a dating site for std friends who suffer from herpes and STDs. Since then, it has created thousands of friends and long-lasting relationships. The website registers around 60,000 success stories that stem from about 2,500,000´+ monthly convos.

Overall, Positive Singles is a warm-hearted community that is completely anonymous which provides one of the most comfortable atmospheres for people with herpes. Singles are free to post as much info as they want and disclose whatever they want to others.

The community is a mixture of different religions, sex genders, and orientations. It is estimated to have 400 million people worldwide, making it in one of the most numerous STD dating sites unquestionably.

Million of those 400 million members are from the US and have any kind of STD.


The premise of this very popular site is: swipe right if you are interested, swipe left if you choose to pass, and if the user if you like likes you too, you can exchange messages. This would be common direct gratification to anybody with STD, which comes with plenty of upsides.


Tinder is a pioneering website that revolutionizes the swiping world that features a huger user pool composed of singles of all walks of life, including people with herpes. It is certainly a platform that can be used for free without an urgent need of upgrading.

The app enables members to shift their location with the Passport feature, which means they can pass and like on singles located in other places. Plus, unlike other free std dating sites, there are no limits on messaging. 

Tinder is great for finding casual sexfriend with benefits, or one-night stands. It is even utilized for finding marriage regardless of being diagnosed with an STD.


A while ago, eHarmony used to serve only straight people but now it has recently switched to same-sex dating. eHarmony is a courting site that shifted gears to support the LGBTQ+ community. To register, it still requires answering a long questionnaire.

As part of the signup process, this site asks you questions regarding hobbies, passions, and opinions about STD. They don’t only pose questions to keep the site judgment-free, but they also do it to render more accurate matches. 

It is necessary to respond to each question; otherwise you will be unable to proceed. This might overwhelm you especially because there are 100 questions that are repetitive and tedious. 

eHarmony shows matches itself based on the answers users submit. At the end of the day, all matches they’ll display must accord with location, age, type of relationship, religion, and other facts.

Once the quiz is completed, applicants are asked to add a photo and can follow ahead.


H-Mates is a courting venue dedicated to connecting people with AIDs, herpes, and other STDs that strike their sexual life. This site has been changing since 2004 with the addition of more features that operate like all in one.

According to std dating sites reviews, H-Mates excels at forming real connections between people in this specific situation. It doesn’t only cater to folks with herpes but it also offers dating services to individuals with other types of STDs.

It is really great to think that on H-MATES, users are not limited to post pictures and videos. As a bonus, they can discover personals based on answers in previously set-up questionnaires. The portal allows sending kisses rather than messages on a free membership.

While it doesn’t display a modern interface and top-notch algorithm like others, there’s no doubt this site works out well. It accepts donations which give access to some locked features. However, as a not-paying member, you can still field members. 


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