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How Much Does Adult Friend Finder Cost

There’s no doubt Adult Friend Finder can be used for free. When you sign up, you do it without spending money, and it gives you the possibility to interact with other users. However, you can view profiles and other pictures. 

In this article, we’re going to read about how much Adult Friend Finder costs. It’s not free, but if you learn to use it, its features can compensate for the price. 

Adult Friend Finder: Discreet Affair Dating made more fun with premium features for a fair price

AFF provides a discrete form of dating online. No matter if you’re married or single, Adult Friend Finder includes a variety of options to take advantage of its features for a fair price. Read on.

Take a look at Adult friend finder cost & plans:


The following encompasses information about Adult Friend Finder prices and an explanation of features.

  • Both the registration and the standard membership are completely free; they have no price, save for the maintenance fees that come after 180 days of inactivity. 

With a free account, you can browse accounts, check out photos, and join chat rooms. The standard membership does allow you to chat with other members hassle-free, but you can’t send private messages to them. 

It allows you to complete the profile by adding new pictures, videos, or embellish your bio. If a Premium member likes you, they can buy you as a free member, and talk to you and you can reply to their messages this time. 

There are no reports of people being ripped off for not using the account. 

As for the types of accounts, AFF provides three more options. It is important to differentiate a Standard from a Gold membership. While a regular membership is for trial, the Gold membership is for subscribers. 

The premium or Gold membership gives you the option to perform actions you can’t do with a Regular account. 1 Month costs $39, 3 months $80.85, and 12 months $239.50. 



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Some of the features in Premium memberships are: 


  • View full profiles: certainly, you can view profiles with a regular account but not thoroughly. With a Gold membership, things change, and you can view profiles fully, including those of other Gold members.
  • Add friends: It is true that with a Standard membership, you can add members to the Hotlist, but you can’t befriend them. The Gold account allows you to do that.
  • Send gifts: not only can you send messages, but you can also send gifts, especially on birthdays.
  • Send messages: You can send gifts and messages as well. This means you’re able to reply to members. 
  • Read Messages: with a Standard membership, you’re aware that a message has landed into your inbox, but you cannot read it. The Gold membership allows reading all messages.
  • Use Chat: If someone is of your interest, you can invite them to chat.
  • Watch members on a Livestream: it is also possible to use this feature with a Regular account; however, with a Gold membership, you have coins or credits to watch shows privately. 

Is Adult Friend Finder expensive or cheap?


There are three types of Gold memberships on Adult Friend Finder. Of the three, the 3-month membership is the most popular at $80. $80 for three months is not too much and is perfect for trying AFF. 

The most expensive plan of Adult Friend Finder prices includes a package of 12 months and costs $240. Would it be worth the money? Absolutely. More chances to find a hookup there. 

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Should you Upgrade to Premium? (Free Services VS Paid comparison)

If you want to maximize your chances on the site, you need a Premium account. 

This is what you get when you upgrade to a Premium account. This chart includes the membership prices for Adult Friend Finder: 

Free Account Gold membership
  • You can like photos and videos
  • You can like photos and videos 
  • You can create a hotlist to add members
  • The Hotlist is ready, and you hardly ever need it because you can add friends.
  • It gives you the option to become part of blogs and groups to interact with other members live
  • You can join as many groups as you want, and engage in private chats.
  • You can comment on other members’ posts
  • You can check full profiles, comment on their videos and pictures, and chat with members freely
  • You can watch videos
  • You can watch uploaded videos, like them, and add members to the hotlist or send them a friend request
  • You can use the standard search filters
  • Advanced search filters
  • Price: $0 – limitless
  • Price for 1 month Gold: $40
  • Price for the 3-month plan: $80.85
  • Price for a year: $239.50


What do you get as a Standard Member?


Basically, as a Standard member, you view profiles and interact in chat rooms and forums. You can watch some videos (others are blurred or blocked for Standard members), like posts, add to hotlist, and enter chat rooms for free. Additionally, you can upload content to your newsfeed. 

What do you get as a Premium Member on Adult Friend Finder?


The Premium membership includes the aforementioned things plus others that involve private-chatting, befriending, buying credits to purchase Standard members for chatting, sending messages, gifts, videos, and using advanced search filters. 

So, is it worth your money?


According to users in recognized review sites, AFF is worth it if you know how to use it. Again, if you want to take advantage of all features, upgrading to Premium Gold might be advisable. If you’re doubtful, enter the site to find out more about Adult Friend Finder cost. 

It is also worth every penny if you’re a woman. Most members are guys willing to give their money. 

If you’re over 40 and want to maximize your benefits, focus on women of your age looking for hookups.

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