How to Use Ashley Madison for Free

How to Use Ashley Madison for Free?

If you’re here to know how to use Ashley Madison for free, you must have already tried to use it. So, let’s skip the basics and dive right into it!

The whole Ashley Madison site is free for female clients, which is why Ashley Madison can keep up with such a solid female client base. In this way, your free Ashley Madison choices are abundant on the off chance that you’re a lady. You can send visits, open talks, start discussions, and the sky’s the limit from there.

Yet, if you’re a man, you should buy credits to use, read or message other users. Assuming you’re considering how to get free credits for Ashley Madison, the ideal way is to set up a 30-day trial account where you will be able to send and get messages for not even a penny.

It is a fast process to set up Ashley Madison. While bunches of dating locales will give their very best to discover a great deal about you, Ashley Madison comprehends that you would rather not have delicate data uncovered. It costs nothing to join at first, nor does it take a lot of time.

It would be best if you expressed out loud whatever the condition of your relationship is, on the off chance that you’re at present in one.

You’ll likewise incorporate personal insights concerning things like your appearance. Moreover, the data you submit when you join is stored in the server for your profile, so ensure you’re cautious.

Reasons to Choose Ashley Madison

The prime reason to pursue Ashley Madison is picking photographs. You can help your anonymity by twisting this with things like sheer covers, masks, and anything you please. Doing this is simple and can forestall your affair seeking from being uncovered.

After you’re done setting up, Ashley Madison will begin to charge users for credits.

On the Ashley Madison home screen, you’ll see a vast and brilliantly-hued button that says “BUY CREDITS.” If you can’t guess at this point, they need you to take out the credit card!

Credits Plans 

Credit costs depend on future developments and could likewise rely upon your area or be impacted by deals and advancements. Here is an overall thought of what you can anticipate that credits should cost.

Credits are sold in mass, with Basic, Classic, and Elite plans:

  • Basic gets you 100 credits for $59, or $0.59/credit.
  • Classic (their most well-known plan) gets you 500 credits for $169.00, or $0.34/credit.
  • Elite plan will get you 1,000 credits for $289.00, or $0.29 per credit.

Keynote: An Elite arrangement additionally nets you admittance to an “Ashley Madison Premium,” allowing you 24 hours of free visit and “Priority Man” status. Priority Man puts your name higher in search results, making it more straightforward for intrigued searchers to track down your record.

Benefits of Credits

After you’ve bought credits, Ashley Madison will prompt you to consequently “Top Up” your credits every month. All in all, they need you to set up automatic payments when your credits come up short. We’d suggest against this; however, it’s your call.

Member Initiated Contact Fee: Upon buying credits, Ashley Madison prompts you to sign up for a Member Initiated Contact Fee (MIC charge), permitting you to view and react to messages sent to you by different individuals for absolutely nothing more (without using any credits).

MIC is free for the first month and $29.99/month after that. It’s discretionary, and you can decide to use credits to react to these messages. Assuming you’re an extremely dynamic user, this could set aside your cash over the long haul.

The credits framework is generally extraordinary for a dating site and can assist you with making the most out of your record.

Rather than paying a month-to-month expense and possibly disregarding the site, Ashley Madison and their credits give you an adequate remittance. It’s likewise a reasonable value given all that is being offered.

As may be obvious, Ashley Madison’s credit plans are expensive. Be that as it may, it’s much harder to tell how expensive until you know how to manage them! Sadly, the credit framework isn’t straightforward.

It costs you five credits each time you communicate something specific or open one sent by another client. Then, at that point, it will cost you credits relying upon the time spent talking. You get charged 50 credits each hour of live chat with another user, and Ashley Madison will give you another 30 credits once the hour is up and another 20 credits once that hour is up.

Virtual Gifts

Ashley Madison likewise permits you to send “virtual gifts” to grab the eye of different users. These gifts cost, you got it, credits. Contingent upon the gift, it will cost an alternate number of credits; however regularly goes between 20, 30, and 50 credits.

Essentially, as a man on the stage, you can expect each cooperation you need to cost you credits. You can see your equilibrium whenever, and you’re additionally free to re-up on credits whenever.

Use Ashley Madison for Free

Apart from the straight-up, not-free solutions offered, a few other hush-hush methods to use Ashley Madison for free.

First of which is to use a hacked version of Ashley Madison. Yes, you heard it right. A modified version will let you access all features without asking for a nickel out of your pocket. However, there are some consequences to this free solution. You could be banned for life from Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison Review

The second way is to create new profiles every month using that 30-day free trial. It’s easy, legal, and will work as long as you’re able to cheat your way inside Ashley Madison.

The third and last is to use Ashley Madison for free by disguising yourself as a woman. The ladies can use it for free, so you might as well fake it till you make it.


In conclusion, Ashley Madison is a premium site, and most have to pay their way through. In the US alone, there are 24 million members. Above that, close to 3 million are registering every 30 days, so you’ll always have a decent stream of people to connect with and discover the potential.

At last, let it be said, being a man is expensive. We hope this article about how to use Ashley Madison for free is helpful to you.

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