Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison

Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Head-to-Head Comparison

Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Overall Review

When looking for flings or casual sex, there’s no doubt that using to use a dating site where people do not take dating seriously is the way to go. You just need to use a site that allows you to meet other people interested in no-strings-attached relationships, one-night stands, or sex regularly. Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison can offer all that. 

Ashley Madison aims to help find affairs and extra-marital sex, however, this approach is changing now. As to the purpose of Adult Friend Finder, it offers more possibilities. It is more diverse in terms of approach and casual sex. 

On Adult Friend Finder, for instance, we can find dates, friends, one-night stands, affairs, escorts, virtual sex, and texting, webcammers, and more. On Ashley Madison, we can find practically the same, but it is clearly more focused focuses more on affairs.

So, in this analysis we can say Adult Friend Finder is streets ahead of Ashley Madison regarding functionality. If you want a more varied sex finder, Adult Friend Finder is best. If you want an affair-centered site, this is what Ashley Madison includes. 

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But on Adult Friend Finder, you can also find extra-marital sex, cuckcolds, swingers, and committed women interested in getting laid as well. So, you can get the same, and the options are more. 

Winner: Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Pricing

Prices in both platforms are simply different. 

Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site with a plan-based system, whereas Ashley Madison depends on credits. On Adult Friend Finder, you buy a membership, while on Ashley Madison you buy credits for the services. 

Both sites restrict free memberships. In any of them, it is possible to send private messages, boost the profile, read messages, and use advanced filters without spending a penny. Apparently, both sites have this in common. 

Below are the prices per plan on Adult Friend Finder Vs the Ashley Madison site

Adult Friend Finder

  • 1 Month 39.95 USD / Month 39.95 USD

Gold Membership Most Popular

  • 3 Months 26.95 USD / Month 80.85 USD

Gold Membership

  • 12 Months 19.95 USD / Month 239.40 USD

Ashley Madison costs


  • 100 Credits 0.59 USD / Credit 59.00 USD


  • 500 Credits 0.34 USD / Credit 169.00 USD


  • 1,000 Credits 0.29 USD / Credit 289.00 USD

As you can see, Ashley Madison is way pricier than Adult Friend Finder and doesn’t offer temporary packages. For this reason, Adult Friend Finder is more cost effective. 

Winner: Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Demographics

Although both sites are popular, it is a fact that Adult Friend Finder has a bigger user base than Ashley Madison. The gender proportion of Adult Friend Finder puts it at a loss because it is packed with dudes and there are fewer women to interact with. 

While Adult Friend Finder offers 80% of its database in dudes, Ashley Madison is the opposite. There are more women registered on the site than guys. The problem is in their age. Most women on Ashley Madison are middle-aged and above, so finding women in their 20s or 30s can be a problem. 

Ashley Madison is geared towards cheaters, thus the major part of its member pool is made of divorcees, who are obviously not young adults. On Adult Friend Finder, however, you can find young people, but women are scarce.

In a few words, Ashley Madison is chock-full of mature women and guys who seek something discreet (there are also young folks and singles, but they are a minority). Adult Friend Finder, on its end, is full of gays and bisexuals, who take the lead for women. 

Winner: Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Features Comparison

Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison share a lot of commonalties and features. They operate similarly, but to be fair, Adult Friend Finder is more flexible with members on a free membership. 

Adult Friend Finder allows joining groups and forums and chat in them for free, something unlikely on Ashley Madison. Additionally, you can comment on photos and pictures and get feedback. Something you can’t do on Ashley Madison either.

On Ashley Madison, the free account just allows adding people to the Favorites list and sending winks, which are very basic features. You can use the advanced search filters and view profiles fully, but nothing more. So, you have no other option but to add people to the hotlist and contact them when you become Premium.

You can’t comment on photos, videos, or use other means of communication, while on Adult Friend Finder, you can interact in forums and use instant messaging once you get a paid membership. 

Both are great, anyway. This is a draw. 

Winner: Both!

Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Dating Success

Both sites have shortcomings, for sure. On both websites, you need to be patient to find somebody, however, it is possible. What makes it hard to find dates is the number of fake profiles snuck in. 

On Adult Friend Finder, it is tougher to find real women for sex because 80% of the user base comprises men. The good news is that there are more chances to find younger women than there are on Ashley Madison. In fact, there are more chances to find single women than on Adult Friend Finder.

On Ashley Madison, however, you have the advantage to find people who are on the same boat. The major part of the user base consists of female users who are 40 and 50 years and are divorced or undergoing marital issues. On the other side, most guys are going through the same. 

The demographic aspect is also a thing to consider when talking about dating success. If you are a member of Adult Friend Finder who lives out of The States, you have slim chances of success. Why? Because the larger part of the membership pool resides in The United States. 

Regarding Ashley Madison, things are different and probably better in terms of demographics. The user pool comprises not only members from The United States but also from The UK, Canada, and Brazil, which improves your chances to find an international date. 

The problem with scammers exists everywhere, but it has worsened on Adult Friend Finder. Members claim Adult Friend Finder uses bots to keep the website alive. This is true. Moderators and bots use this tactic to entertain users. 

On Ashley Madison, there are plenty of bots and moderators doing texting too, but there are also more real women desperate for sex. The real reason women outnumber guys is they don’t have to pay to be on the site. That puts them to advantage. 

But, what kind of people would you find on both sites? Adult Friend Finder appears to be more suited for gays (not so for lesbians). If you are a homosexual guy, you have more chances to find a man with the same interests. If you are straight, your waiting may take longer. 

On Ashley Madison, it is well-nigh impossible (to say the least) to find sugar babes, but it is more plausible to find sugar daddies and mommas. Regardless of your gender, if you are 20, you can take advantage of your age to go out with somebody middle-aged. Women prefer toyboys.

Strangely enough, due to the low number of women on Ashley Madison, female users in their 20s and 30s struggle to find men here. This is something that would not happen to them on Adult Friend Finder. So, both sites have perks and drawbacks.  

The discreet-profile feature that Ashley Madison offers encourages the creation of fake profiles. Since members can mask their photos and privatize their profiles, they can use photos that are not theirs to fool other partakers.

On Adult Friend Finder, profiles are not so discreet but will remain private to free members. Certainly, this doesn’t guarantee the non-creation of fake profiles. The privacy features and verification process of this site have more defects. 

Winner: Neither

Verdict: Which is Best?

Choosing the best platform between the two is complicated, but all will depend on one’s needs.

If you are a guy in your 20s, why not use Ashley Madison and seek cuckolds there? Women will jump on you because of your age and might invite you to threesomes. Many women on Ashley Madison are married and are searching for threesomes. 

If you are a girl in your 20s and 30s, why not try Adult Friend Finder? There are many more chances to find a date on Adult Friend Finder if this is your situation. Here, guys surpass women in number by 60%. 

Are you gay, bisex, or transsexual? So, Adult Friend Finder is best. While Ashley Madison has some gays and lesbians, the number of the homosexual populace on Adult Friend Finder is undeniably higher. Of the 80% of guys on AFF, 60% are gays looking for sex. 

Is your age above 30, 40, 50? Your best option should be Ashley Madison then, however, you can utilize Adult Friend Finder to make some money as a broadcaster. But if you want dates and sex, Ashley Madison may help more. Why? Because of the average age on the site.

Further, most users on AM are divorced, married, and separated. Both men and girls are in the same position. So, why not try this site based on these stats? 

Are you out of the United States? Again, Ashley Madison is your best option. Even though Adult Friend Finder hosts over 300 million users, it is a fact that most are in the United States. If you are in the United States, your chances are high with AFF, definitely. 

Ashley Madison is more diverse in terms of demographics, housing members even from Brazil and most likely from other countries. Besides, the site automatically translates into your language. 

Nevertheless, Adult Friend Finder bests Ashley Madison in features. It is more practical and flexible, and so are the payments. If you are a free user, you can equally communicate by dropping comments and joining forums. 

So, the pick is upon you. Look at the options above and choose the website from the two.

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