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Amigos Calientes is another site that gears towards Latinos and belongs to Various Inc. Even though it belongs to the Latino Community, it opens the door to everybody and every dater who’s into the mixed skin. Added to that, it is inclusive of all genders.

It is one of the largest communities that provide online services to Latinos and Latino lovers. So far, it has gotten around 8 million members and has been awarded with many positive reviews on review sites. It is very common that Spanish-oriented hookup sites get high rates.

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Amigos Calientes refund members in case they don’t obtain what they are looking for within 6 months, but this doesn’t happen in all cases, actually. It is often visited by people from America, Brazil, and Colombia and is perfect for all kinds of relationships except love.

The website has been around since 1999 and has been able to survive thanks to its great capacity to change according to the new trends. At first, it was aimed exclusively at Latinos and Spanish-speaking people but with time, the service has expanded to others.

Keep reading to learn more about it.

Member Structure

Amigos Calientes has users in many countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the United States, but this shouldn’t be disappointing for people who love Latino swingers or would like to date Latinos because there are singles from other places as well.

The platform has a user base of roughly 8 million, many which are on ALT.comAdult Friend Finder, and Passion. Of those 8 million personals, 3 million are swingers and 2 million are guys interested in meeting women for a one-night stand, sexting, photo-trading, or virtual sex.

While you won’t find lots of Latin members here compared to other sites, it is true there are many travestites and shemales who speak Spanish and create an account to make some money. On top of that, it is also a good place for a male cougar to find a young woman.

The age range here is 27-39, mainly in females. As to men, such figure tends to skyrocket to 33-45. Amigos Calientes should not be frequented to look for love or something steady because it is a hookup site thoroughly.

Besides, there’s an important amount of Spanish tranvestites on the site. It is also possible to find American webcammers doing shows given that there’s no restriction for ethnicity.

Signing Up

Amigos Calientes registration is a thing that takes from 7 to 10 minutes.

To sign up, you must be of legal age, that’s obligatory since this is a grown-up site and content is sensitive.

There are two ways to join: the first one consists in going page by page filling out forms with sexual orientation and gender, and the gender or sexual orientation of member(s) you would like to meet. The next forms are related to age, location, username and password.

You are also given the option to search couples and groups. Additionally, you can change the language on the upper right corner to Spanish and Portuguese.

The other registration method is much simpler. Just enter the site in your browser and fill out a form. Amigos Calientes will ask no more but the birthdate, country, province, and email. After that, simply put your username and a 8-16-digit password to finish.

Click on Join to have fun. You can see what your profile will be like when scrolling down to the women profile previews.

Making Contact on Amigos Calientes

There are various ways to touch base with members on Amigos Calientes.

First, consider the fact that not all have a decent picture that gives an idea of how they look, but those who do, have a picture of a suggestive posture or face. Find a member using either the basic or advanced search tool.

Amigos Calientes has the best of both worlds, brunette and blonde girls, so do not expect to find only girls with black or brown hair on this Latin site.  Use the search tools to set your parameters. After using the search option, feel free to play Hot or Not to show interest.

If it’s not enough, message people instantly through the instant messaging function. This contacting feature can be utilized in live chat rooms or model webcasts and allows typing messages while browsing the website.

If you want to show yourself to the whole community, put on your broadcast and interact with many people at the same time. Bear in mind that only Premium members can hit you up without a problem. You can reach out to free users on a paid subscription.

Sending flirt is free as well.

Profile Quality

All profiles can be set private or public but nobody unregistered can see their pictures but the introduction and connection status. The profile picture is public even if it portrays nudity. If you want to view a public profile, just enter:

The first thing you’ll see is the country on the right of the picture and the username. It seems that Amigos Calientes puts emphasis on location to make it clear that profiles are legit and belong to Latinos. You can see whereabouts the user is residing above the username.

Below, you have a link to all pictures with information on how many snaps there are. Many profiles have over 100 pictures and others have as many pictures as videos. Guests are not allowed to see any of this.

The status is also accompanied with the exact location of the user but can be partially blocked to standard members. The display photo does not necessarily show the face of the member. This can be a drawback allowing that anybody can register with photos they’ve stolen from other people.

Profiles are abundant with information about religion, hair size, and eyeglasses types.

Mobile App

Amigos Calientes doesn’t have an app but it doesn’t need it.

The site loads fast on iOS and Android mobile phones and contains almost the same characteristics as in desktop. In fact, it looks like the mini Amigos Calientes version to a T, with no additions or things that can confuse newbies.

If you’re a first-timer, you see the login option on the upper-right right as it is shown on sites like Amigos Ardientes. If you’re not signed in, you’re given the options to be part of the community. You’re allowed to join as an individual or couple through tabs that open other menus.

In the ‘Looking for…’ tab, you see options such as ‘for casual sex’, ‘for dating’ and cybercam, which means Amigos Calientes may be mostly used for self-satisfaction through cam. In contrast with that, it displays locations within 50 miles away.

The app opens with the option to search users and a large JOIN call-to-action button down the way.  The app is displayed in various languages depending on the location.

In brief, Amigos Calientes doesn’t have an app but you’ll get the same features on the app then on the desktop version.

Costs and Prices

Creating and browsing a profile is simple and free here. It is also free to add people to favorites, comment on blog, take part in groups, and view a limited number of videos and broadcasts. A standard membership solely enables you to see one video and show per day.

You can reply to Premium members if they ever contact you first but you’re not allowed to take that first step. If you’re not a paying user, join the chat rooms to meet more people at a time. You can avail yourself of this feature for free.

These are the costs and prices according to the type of membership:

Gold Membership – with this plan, you gain full entrance to other people’s profiles + other benefits

1 month: $30 per month

  • Limited Time
  • Gold subscription terms: $30 billed monthly

3 months: $20 per month

  • Gold subscription terms: $60 billed quarterly

12 months: $15 per month

  • Gold subscription terms: $180 billed yearly

All of the above subscriptions include free nude model chat credits.

Amigos Calientes encourages you to become a Premium member because it gives you access to all contacting features without limit.

Special Features

As other hook-up / swinger portals, Amigos Calientes offers an array of special features that help it maintain in the competition. Some of them:

  • Advanced search: it helps seek daters, singles and couples by more features and options. You can do your search more specifically.
  • Hot or Not: this is a very old method to show interest in someone. You rate people saying if you like them or not in an anonymous way and wait for them to play and ‘discover’ you.
  • Instant messaging: it allows you to send a private message to people in chat rooms and webcasts. This is a feature that requires you to pay.
  • Live chat rooms: All members have access to live chat rooms which are great for interacting with others free of cost.
  • Model webcasts: they are very similar to chat rooms but are managed by an individual or couples who perform a nude show.

There are other features that are not unique but still interesting:

  • Self –introduction video
  • Free members contact

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