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Sex Dating Sites for Asian – Top 9 Asian Dating Sites

For those who are looking for a date or love with an Asian guy or girl, some sites are dedicated to that. While most don’t come with many functions as other traditional dating sites, Asian dating portals have the peculiarity to only focus on Asian daters.

Although they don’t have so many features that are surprising, they really support love between races, LGBTQ relationships, and casual dating which involves polyamory. Other websites, however, are more serious and create opportunities for getting married.

Asian dating sites have practically become a synonym to dating. It makes sense given that these websites work on a strong algorithm that provides very impressive matchmaking results.

Next, the top Asian dating sites that any man or woman should be interested to try. On a side note, not all of them are exclusive of Filipino girls; some feature daters from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and China.

9 Best Asian Dating Sites – Best Dating Sites For Asian

  1. Adult Friend Finder

  2. Passion

  3. OkCupid 

  4. Asian Match Mate 


  6. eHarmony


  8. Filipino Cupid

  9. Asians 4 Asians

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is possibly the most popular sites for finding Asian girls we may find on this list. Here, it is easy as pie to find members as good as you would in real life, because they are millions of joiners. There are fake profiles of course, but the site has managed to keep them at bay.

Adult Friend Finder

If you want to meet somebody from Asia on AFF, you need to be patient. This venue offers an array of alternatives that will vary on the location and the membership type you’re using. Casual dates and hookups are the only kinds of arrangements you’ll find on Adult Friend Finder.

Many Asian chicks and pinays are open to polygamy, poly relationships, including affairs. While Adult Friend Finder is not tagged as an affair site, it comes to be a great place for finding Asian girls who are so open-minded to make one cheat. This is a norm here.

Adult Friend Finder is a partially free hookup site that can make it possible to have a date with an Asian girl in no time. Membership rates are low and are far from buccaneering. For $300 annually, you can have multiple dates with Filipino women and Asian cam models.

is a grown-up dating site that mixes elements of a normal website and a porn one. It has whatever it takes to find and meet people from Asia seeking only physical relationships. The site offers a wealth of things that often go unnoticed.

For starters, Passion has been online before 2000 and has a membership base of roughly 35 million users. The plus side is that most of these 35 million users are active members stay active and many of them are from Asia. The amount of Asian females is enormous.

Passion is open to any kind of relationships, including dates that will eventually lead to orgies. In this venue for dating, some Asian girls register to go on dates with European and American guys that are doing tourism.

As for the signup process, this is completely free and only takes 5 minutes, so there’s no need to complete quizzes or deal with irksome questions. Although it doesn’t describe itself as a LGBTQ community, there’s a noticeable preference in same-sex arrangements.


Of the free Asian dating sites explained above, OkCupid has been the only one that has added progressive and in-depth characteristics. Upon registration, it asks questions related to almost every subject in order to know more about the applicant’s personality.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

The initial test will help them define what kind of partner you want and what kind of person you are. Signing up can take time but this is comprehensible because it’s part of the matchmaking system.

The platform welcomes visitors from all ethnicities, including Asians. It has had a lot of success stories related to the relationship between Western guys and Asian women. It generally encourages local dating but international love is never excluded. It’s up to the user.

The site strives to display Asian women that reside in the vicinity of 10 miles. Most of these chicks have moved to the States or Australia naturally live in medium cities. All profiles are made in detail, so customers can know each other better.

Asian Match Mate

Asian Match Mate is a hookup site that does the trick to find sex with Asian personals. There’s no space for love and serious commitment in this community. So, if you’re looking to go steady with someone, another place can work out better than it does.


Yet, Asian Match Mate does a great job helping singles to find Oriental women. Best of all, the website offers free trials coupons and deals for customers, which are features that frankly distinguish it from other Asian women dating sites.

The registration is free like in other legitimate Asian dating sites, and solely features guys and hotties interested in no more than casual sex. Words like marriage or serious dating are not found anywhere here. Asian Match Mate aims to create NSA relationships uniquely.

Can you find locals easily on an Asian site? Well, this porn website has all bells and whistles; however, it is more suitable to residents and tourists who spend time in Asia. Interracial commitments are deeply encouraged.

When it comes to the best Asian dating sites, Asian Dating must be definitely included to this list. The good thing is that neither men nor women are handsomely superior to the other in number. There are as many women as guys participating in this website.


On the other hand, it is full of Caucasians and people aged 44 and above. The majority of users are people have Asian descents or were born in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines. There is likewise a crop of hotties from Japan.

Plus, it has a system that blocks spammers, scammers, and catfish impersonating women. To get the most out of this courting platform, upgrading to Premium is the right ticket.

It is evident that on Asian Dating, a huge percentage of the active netizens are actually free members. This means the website doesn’t deter standard users from communicating. But this function is still limited.

Unlike some of the best Asian dating sites, free members are given permission to reply via messaging.


eHarmony is a website that sets apart from others in its entirety. This time, we’re talking about a dating a site that targets people who take online dating serious. From this perspective, it sounds like a great opportunity to find somebody who is wife material like a Filipino chick.


eHarmony uses a system that delivers the best rate of compatibility. There are many Asian girls who sign up on eHarmony in the hopes they can find the man of their lives, no matter where he is from. There are lots of success stories about that.

For this reason, eHarmony demands that its customers fill out a long questionnaire to be part of the community. The site then chooses the right personals based on the answers given. Its matchmaking algorithm is so efficient that more than a million users have gotten married.

You can interact through messaging but if you have a free account, you’re only allowed to send pre-created messages. To change this, upgrade to a Premium account. All membership types are offered at a reasonable price.

This site may sound discriminatory, but it really isn’t. Elite Singles only focuses on connecting people who are educated, have a good background and are dreamers. Fortunately, there are many Asian singles that are high fliers.


So, EliteSingles is a great site to inter students who are staying in other countries to attain a degree. It can then be used for finding a partner or friends from the territory they are currently exploring. Thousands of Asians take a journey annually to take college studies.

The platform is very picky when it comes to accepting new members. It sets applicants completing a long personality quiz that has 100 questions. Elite Singles uses this to pair users with others who, according to this test, share similar goals and life interests.

After completing this test, you can browse profiles charge-free. The problem comes up at the moment of replying to other members. This kind of feature needs is paid.

Filipino Cupid

Clearly, Filipino Cupid is a dating site that hasn’t be for long in this industry, which caters towards Filipino chicks and male daters. With a free account, you’re not as restricted as in some of these top 10 Asian dating sites, as you can still send a limited amount of messages and browse profiles.


However, once the free messages are exhausted, a paid membership becomes necessary to keep interacting. Additionally, some personality questions often pop up when navigating the site.

This means the site doesn’t make you complete a lengthy test, but in the end, you wind up answering many personality questions separately.

All questions asked on Filipino Cupid cover aspects of private life, hobbies, and activities that may be of interest to other singles. It is very important to clarify one’s true intentions. Aside from that, it is recommended to come up with a very detailed profile.

It has a search function option which makes it easy to search for people. More specifically, you can search users by location, age, religion, and facts that are hard to imagine like the use of body art, tattoos, and piercing.

Asians 4 Asians

Even though Asians 4 Asians merely aims to create Asian couples from Eastern countries that are Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Indian. This leads us to think the site is more fitting to Indians and Muslins than to people who practice other religions.

Compared to other free dating sites in Asia without payment, Asians 4 Asians has gradually lost members since it appeared in 2000. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be a reason to fret as all profiles are authentic and responsive.

In spite of serving Indians and Muslims, Asians 4 Asians is not website created in an Asian country but in the UK.  The platform evidently serves Oriental people who are now living in the United Kingdom rather than in India or Indonesia.

This courting venue is completely free and just like other portals that are part of the list of 100 free dating sites in Asia, it has paid membership offers. It does not depict adult content site since it respects the religion of the majority of its visitors who abstain from pornography.

Asian 4 Asians operates in partnership with other sites like

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