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Sex Dating Sites for Caribbean – Top 7 Caribbean Dating Sites

Dating in the Caribbean islands is straightforward as there are always many girls from many countries to hang out with and tons of clubs and bars to have fun. The sea sets the environment, the atmosphere.

Are there many single women and men to meet in any of the Caribbean islands then? Certainly, there are plenty of them. However, the age of most of them could not be as low as expected.  You’re likelier to find more milfs than young adult chicks thirsty for sex.

Nonetheless, this is not a thing of concern. The Caribbean islands are awash with people of all walks of life. So, if you’re looking for professionals, they are easy to find in any of the islands you visit. If you are looking for prostitutes, any of the following free Caribbean dating sites can help.

So, take notes of the following Caribbean dating sites to find Afro-Caribbean companionship for love or sex.

CaribbeanCupid is one of the niche dating sites that Cupid Media operates, which has helped Caribbean men and women find companionship since 1999. Caribbean Cupid is aimed at singles that are not only from the Caribbean islands but from other places.

Caribbean Singles intends to find friendships and partners but actually encourages any kind of relationship. The site has available features you can leverage to find dates. It offers several membership plans, one free and two others that are paid and provide more benefits.

The free plan keeps members strictly limited from some important functions like instant messaging and the possibility to read and reply to messages. So, Caribbean Cupid is thoroughly a paysite you just can enjoy with a Premium plan.

The registration process to be part of this site is very straightforward. Applicants must only utilize an email address and a password to sign up. This process finishes in one or two minutes. The purpose of this site is to find friends, but it is quite feasible to find love as well.


  • Very straightforward registration process.
  • Very active portal with plenty of unattached people
  • It has a significant amount of more Caribbean personals than other sites.


  • Many features remain restricted without a free plan.
  • Caribbean Cupid may be lacking Caribbean singles compared to other sites.
  • It can take a lot of time to fill the profile fully.
  • Only English-speaking users.


There are two basic plans: the free membership, which doesn’t allow sending messages to people, and the Premium plan that does the opposite. Below are the costs and prices of the Premium accounts.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Platinum Membership

  • 1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD
  • 3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
  • 12 Months 10.00 USD / Month 119.98 USD

Gold Membership

  • 1 Month 24.98 USD / Month 24.98 USD
  • 3 Months 16.66 USD / Month 49.99 USD
  • 12 Months 8.33 USD / Month 99.98 USD

Caribbean Cupid has two types of paid memberships, Platinum and Gold, being the Gold one much better and with options that last longer.

You can pay the above plans with a credit card or PayPal.

If you were wondering where to meet Afro Caribbean girls and guys, consider Caribbean Matches among your best alternatives. For many, this is one of the best places to meet and date Caribbean fellows who live in Jamaica, Barbados, and the British Virgin Islands.

Joining Caribbean Matches is simple and does not demand too much from the newcomers. The problem with Caribbean Matches is that once you’re registered, it asks you to upgrade the account to increase your chances.

During the registration process, it is noted that the site prioritizes at least the basic traits of personality. It applies a test with some personal questions visitors can skip to answer later. The good news is that they are multi-choice questions that can be answered quickly.

Such practicability makes the sign-process process really easy, and people are not encouraged to add too much information. Apart from signing up for free, members can send messages for free, but they will not be able to read the replies if they are free members.

Another action you can perform for free is one of browsing. Due to such limitations, Caribbean Matches always urges new members to pay for a subscription.


  • Very easy registration.
  • Very good to meet people from Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands.
  • You can contact members without upgrading the account.


  • You can send messages but if people reply, you cannot read their messages as a free member.
  • This site doesn’t have an app.
  • You need to pay extra fees to highlight the profile even more.
  • You can make the first step but replying to messages is a problem with a standard account.


It has one subscription plan which is subdivided into three. These are their costs and prices:

Plan Cost Cost Per Month Saving vs. 1 Month

  • 1 Month $24.99 $24.99 0%
  • 3 Month $59.97 $19.99 20%
  • 5 Month $89.94 $17.99 28%

The premium plans allow searching members through much more advanced filters. 

Badoo is a free online site that has been in the dating industry since 2006. Many would think it was created in America, but it is indeed a dating site in the Caribbean from Russia. Today, Badoo operates as a website and an app at a time and still puts limits to keep steamy content away.

Badoo rose to fame through Facebook; in fact, it still uses Facebook to create accounts. However, it became standalone in 2012, when it started to get more Afro Caribbean visitors and Latin Americans.

Nowadays, it is a massive site with the majority of members from Europe.

Badoo sets itself from other dating sites because it never describes itself as a dating site as such but as a social network like others where people communicate. So, let’s define Badoo as a social network where people register for free to find dates.

Badoo has subscribers from all over, but it is evident that most of its membership comes from the United States. This is not a porn site whatsoever, and most of its members are in their late teens and are young adults.


  • Ideal to find sugar babes
  • Registration is free as well as many of its unmentioned features
  • Due to its huge member pool, the odds of finding somebody on Badoo are higher


  • Some people claim it is no good for long-term relationships.
  • It strictly focuses on local dating – meaning it will only show members that are geographically reachable.
  • Plans on Badoo are ridiculously expensive, so better stick to those that are free.


Badoo has free plans and paid services.

As a free member, you can register for free, upload pictures, send limited messages, read them and reply to them. There are also games like Encounters in which you can participate freely.

The Premium account helps become a featured member and appear in the first searches. That’s the most remarkable feature obtained as a premium member.

These are the costs and pricing corresponding to Badoo plans:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Badoo Premium

  • 1 Month 12.99 USD / Month 12.99 USD
  • 3 Months 10.66 USD / Month 31.99 USD
  • 6 Months 8.00 USD / Month 47.99 USD

Badoo Credits

  • 100 Credits 0.03 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
  • 550 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 9.99 USD
  • 1,250 Credits 0.02 USD / Credit 19.99 USD
  • 2,750 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 39.99 USD

Badoo offers three payment options among which include: PayPal, credit card and via mobile.

Adult Friend Finder 

It is well-known that Adult Friend Finder is one of the largest dating and hookup sites, with over 80 million members around the world, including a hundred thousand members from the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands.

The only purpose of this dating site is to create an environment that makes it easy for customers to find sex partners, and if it’s not possible, they can find virtual sex. The site offers a wide variety of options that make all this possible.

Adult Friend Finder is like a sin city where people sign up to engage in all kinds of relationships such as couple share, polygamy, fuck buddies, and more. If you’re contemplating using this site, bear in mind that it purely aims to look for sex and self-satisfaction.

This is an NSA website open to married people and singles. If you’re seeking a romantic relationship here, you may be losing your time. Besides providing casual dates and a lot of sex, AFF likewise displays mature content in a significant way, so it can be used as a porn site.


  • The member pool is so big that the mere idea of drawing a blank seems inconceivable.
  • The registration is free, as well as participating in forums and chat rooms.
  • Partaking in live chats has no cost.


  • Not good to look for love in any way possible.
  • Too many functions are paid, leaving less than the basic options as free
  • It has been reported to be flooded with scammers and bots, which must be removed by admins with the passing of time.


These are the plans and pricing. These membership types haven’t been long upgraded.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Gold Membership Best Value

  • 1 Month 39.95 USD / Month 39.95 USD
  • Gold Membership Most Popular
  • 3 Months 26.95 USD / Month 80.85 USD

Gold Membership

  • 12 Months 19.95 USD / Month 239.40 USD

As you can see, the site is moderately expensive but still affordable for some. These plans can be paid through bank transfer, credit card, and mobile.

It is advisable to use any of the Premium plans to be able to communicate on AFF. The site won’t let you send at least a message without a paid subscription.

In general, if you’re looking for a real encounter, you’ll require a paid account, but if you’re just looking for a five-finger shuffle, stay with the free account because it’s enough.

Ashley madison

Ashley Madison is not the typical dating service you might be using to find lovely girls in their late teens or 20, 30-year-old singles. At Ashley Madison, you come across people who are in their late 30’s and are married, taken, with children and are seeking extra-marital relationships.

Ashley Madison is like Adult Friend Finder but is more concentrated on swingers and couple share. It helps married guys and women find some extra-marital sex very discreetly by protecting their identities. So, whenever you see profiles there, many are displayed with their face blurred out.

In the beginning, right after its launch, the site was dedicated to online cheating exclusively; however, this has changed since there’s nothing to learn about cheating anymore. Lots of Afro Caribbean islanders enter this site as singles to find other singles as they do in other afro Caribbean dating sites.

This means the target audience of this sex dating site is now different, especially in the Caribbean region. There’s a significant amount of European and American women looking for sex on this site but are not necessarily married.


  • Broader target audience.
  • Has a very active Afro-Caribbean community on site.
  • Discreet interface for discreet cheaters.


  • Not a lot of young people under 30 there.
  • Many profiles are incomplete. They can be catfish.
  • Many men for a few millions of ladies.
  • The site is completely free for women, but men have to pay to get the most out of all features.


This is how prices and plans are distributed.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total


  • 100 Credits 0.59 USD / Credit 59.00 USD


  • 500 Credits 0.34 USD / Credit 169.00 USD


  • 1,000 Credits 0.29 USD / Credit 289.00 USD

Ashley Madison turns out to be a cheaper option than Adult Friend Finder. The site has a good amount of paid subscribers who live in Turks and Caicos.

Some premium features include instant messaging and profile boost, so it is recommended to opt for one of the above options.

Ashley Madison’s plans can be paid via credit card, direct debit, and PayPal.

The site is discreet. They never put another card statement when you pay, so nobody can link you to this affair site. 

Latin American Cupid is a top 100 free Caribbean dating site that caters to Latin people and admirers. Although it only has 5 million subscribers, it is still one of the most popular destinations to find Latin girls and Caribbean singles.

The word ‘Latin’ may tell you the site is solely available in English and Spanish, but no, it is available in 8 languages. Besides, it serves people from countries far off of the Caribbean region, so it is not a prerequisite to be Latin or Caribbean to join this community.

It has multiple options for contact and a sign-up process that takes just 5 minutes. When filling the profile, it is important to give details about lifestyle and cultural background. There are many joiners who come to this site that speak up to 5 languages.

Latin American Cupid is focused strongly on physical appearance, making its members often describe their hair, eyes, and other traits. As to the lifestyle, you can see that the majority of profiles contain comprehensive information about hobbies and religion.


  • Not only does it serve Latin singles, but it also helps people of other nationalities to find Caribbean love.
  • Profiles are decently filled with the essentials.
  • It doesn’t display ads, which guarantees a good customer experience.
  • It boasts of having around 3 million Latin American and Caribbean registered members.


  • Too much focus on physical appearance, which contradicts the fact that the site also intends to find friendship.
  • There are no forums, meaning it lacks contacting features.
  • Message boards are missing.
  • We need to upgrade to make use of the little number of features the site offers.


It is important to make clear that prices and costs per subscription vary depending on the time of purchase, access point, and location. This means prices changes depending on the device the user is registering.

The site has two types of memberships besides the free one: Gold and Platinum.

The Gold Membership gives the option to message other members, boost profile, and read incoming mails. The Platinum membership turns out to be better with the translation function that renders what people say into other languages.


  • 1 month at $29.98 per month
  • 3 months for $20.00 per month (billed in one payment of $59.99)
  • 12 months for $10.00 per month (billed in one payment of $119.98)


Costs in USD:

  • 1 month for $34.99
  • 3 months for $23.33 per month (billed in one payment of $69.98)
  • 12 months for $12.50 per month (billed in one payment of $149.99)

Latin American Cupid also offers the payment methods aforementioned above: PayPal, bank transfer, check, and credit card.

CaribSingles has been online for 12 years, helping singles to find serious and casual relationships. It comes to be a great alternative, mostly for Caribbean people on the lookout for singles. Many of its members register from islands like Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

It has maintained its millions of yearly subscribers since its release. CaribSingles is more recommended to find serious commitments due to the age of its member pool. The majority of members are over 25 years and are looking for marriage.

On this website, you find mainly people who work, have children, and on the brink of divorce. This is not a place for playing games. Thousands of tourists have found their soul mates here when they visit this website prior to heading to the Caribbean Sea.

CaribSingles is best on a Premium membership because it provides several plans with enticing packages. Becoming a Gold or VIP member increases the chances to find love and meet new people. Along with that, it gives an unlimited number of emails and contacting features.


  • Most members are Afro-Caribbean singles.
  • Good for long-term arrangements.
  • It offers top-notch customer support.
  • It is a very active community. There’s always someone to talk to.
  • The site is translated automatically into the language of your location.


  • It has no app.
  • The site is overshadowed by others on this list.
  • The interface needs improvement because it looks outdated.
  • No trial plans.
  • Joiners need to pay to enjoy most features.


CaribSingles doesn’t have a trial plan but two types of subscriptions that are pretty affordable. They are:

The premium subscription with prices that change depending on the user location. So, enter CaribSingles on Google, and you’ll get a quote calculated in US dollars.

The site also offers a plan, which is the Vip Add-On subscription that is paid monthly.

For both types of memberships, you must use your credit card, wire transfer, or SEPA.

CaribSingles does not offer coin plans or things that work similarly.


These are the best Caribbean dating sites on which you can find from friends to casual hookups in the surroundings of the Caribbean Sea. If you’re looking for a soul mate, it is better to opt for sites without porn content like CaribSingles. They tend to be better for long-term arrangements.

Most of these free online Caribbean dating sites stress physical appearance. This is normal, allowing that the Caribbean beauty features slender bodies. In fact, many travelers come from Europe and Australia to go on dates with these women. And they got it.

Now, if you’re looking just to meet new people from this region, things are much easier, indeed. Apart from the swagger most Afro-Caribbean females have, they are very friendly and sociable. This is a special feature in most Caribbean dating sites. A feature that is not included in packages.

On the other side, meeting the Caribbean online can help you save on dinner and accommodation. Websites like CaribSingles and LatinAmericanCupid can help with that. But if you’re not planning on travelling yet, this is a great opportunity to engage in a video chat with an ebony girl.

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