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Asstok Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Adult Dating on the Platform

Asstok is an adult dating website that caters to individuals who are seeking casual hookups and sexual encounters. The site provides a platform for like-minded people to connect and engage in consensual adult activities. Asstok stands out in the adult dating market for its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and large user base.

The purpose of this review is to provide an honest and objective assessment of Asstok and answer key questions that potential users may have before joining the site. 

We will explore the features and services offered by Asstok, membership options, user demographics, safety and security measures, user experience and interface, as well as success stories and testimonials. By the end of this review, readers should have a better understanding of whether Asstok is worth trying for adult dating.

Asstok Overview

Asstok was launched in 2018 with the aim of creating a safe and discreet platform for adults to connect and explore their sexual desires. The site has since grown to become one of the leading online dating sites globally, with millions of registered users from different countries.

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Features and Services Offered

Asstok offers a variety of features and services to its users, including:

  1. Advanced search filters: Users can search for potential partners using advanced filters such as location, age, gender, sexual orientation, and preferences.
  2. Instant messaging: Asstok has a messaging system that allows users to communicate with one another in real-time.
  3. Video chat: Users can engage in video calls with other users to get to know each other better.
  4. Photo sharing: Users can share photos and videos with other users to help them make informed decisions about potential matches.
  5. Virtual gifts: Asstok has a virtual gifting feature that allows users to send gifts to one another.

Membership Options and Pricing

Asstok offers both free and paid membership options. The free membership provides limited access to the site’s features, while the paid membership offers full access. 

The pricing for Asstok’s paid membership is as follows:

  • 1 month – $39.99/month
  • 3 months – $26.99/month
  • 12 months – $15.99/month

User Demographics and Activity Levels:

Asstok has a large and diverse user base, with users from different age groups, sexual orientations, and ethnic backgrounds. The site has more male than female users, with the majority of users aged between 25 and 45. 

The site is highly active, with thousands of users online at any given time, making it easy for users to find potential matches and engage with other members.

Advantages of using Asstok for adult dating

  1. Large user base: Asstok has a vast and diverse user base, which increases the chances of finding a compatible match.
  2. User-friendly interface: The site has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use for both novice and experienced users.
  3. Advanced search filters: Asstok offers advanced search filters, allowing users to narrow down their search and find compatible partners easily.
  4. Robust security features: Asstok has strict verification and screening processes, which minimize the risk of fake profiles and ensure a safe and secure online dating experience.
  5. Video chat and virtual gifting: Asstok offers video chat and virtual gifting features, which enhance the user experience and make it more interactive.

Potential drawbacks or limitations of the site

  1. Male-dominated user base: Asstok has more male than female users, which may be a disadvantage for female users who may receive a high volume of messages from male users.
  2. Limited free features: The free membership option on Asstok is quite limited, with access to only basic features.
  3. Paid membership fees: The paid membership option on Asstok can be expensive, especially for users who wish to use the site for a more extended period.

Comparison with other similar platforms in the market:

Asstok is not the only adult dating platform in the market. Other popular platforms in the same niche include Tinder, AdultFriendFinder, and Ashley Madison. In comparison with these platforms, Asstok has a more extensive and diverse user base, which increases the chances of finding a compatible match. 

Asstok also has more advanced search filters and offers video chat and virtual gifting features. However, Asstok’s pricing for the paid membership option can be more expensive than other similar platforms.

Ease of use and navigation:

Asstok has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use the site. The site’s design is user-friendly, with a clean and organized layout that allows users to access different features and services with ease. The search filters are also easy to use, allowing users to customize their search and find potential matches quickly. The messaging system is straightforward, and users can communicate with one another in real-time, which enhances the user experience.

Design and aesthetics of the site:

Asstok’s design and aesthetics are sleek and modern, with a clean and organized layout that is visually appealing. The site has a simple color scheme, with a white and blue color palette that is easy on the eyes. The use of large and high-quality images adds to the site’s overall visual appeal. The site’s design is also mobile-responsive, meaning that users can access the site on their mobile devices, making it more convenient to use.

User feedback and reviews

Asstok has received positive feedback and reviews from users who have used the site for adult dating. Users have praised the site’s user-friendly interface, robust security features, and large user base. Users have also appreciated the site’s advanced search filters, which allow them to find compatible matches quickly. Some users have noted that the site’s paid membership option can be expensive, but they still consider it worth the price for the features and services provided. Overall, Asstok has received positive feedback from users, which reflects the site’s overall positive user experience.

How to create account on Asstok

To create an account on Asstok, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Asstok website at
  2. Click on the “Sign up” button located at the top right-hand corner of the homepage.
  3. On the registration page, select your gender and the gender you are interested in.
  4. Enter your email address and choose a strong password for your account.
  5. Click on the “Join Now” button to continue.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from Asstok. Click on the confirmation link in the email to verify your account.
  7. Once you have verified your account, you will be prompted to complete your profile. Provide as much information as possible, including your location, interests, and preferences, to increase your chances of finding compatible matches.
  8. After completing your profile, you can start browsing and searching for potential matches using the site’s search filters. You can also send messages to other users and use the site’s advanced features to enhance your user experience.

That’s it! You now have an account on Asstok and can start using the site to find adult dating matches.

How to Delete Account on Asstok 

If you wish to delete your account on Asstok, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Asstok account using your email address and password.
  2. Click on your profile picture located at the top right-hand corner of the homepage.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Settings.”
  4. On the “Settings” page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Delete Account.”
  5. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion of your account. Click on “Delete Account” again to confirm.
  6. Your account will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer be able to access it or use any of the site’s features and services.

It’s important to note that deleting your account is a permanent action and cannot be undone. All of your profile information, messages, and matches will be deleted from the site’s database, and you will not be able to recover them. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your decision carefully before deleting your Asstok account.


Overall, Asstok is a highly rated adult dating platform that offers a range of features and services for users looking to connect with other adults. The site’s user-friendly interface, advanced search filters, and robust security features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to try online dating. While the site’s paid membership option may be expensive for some, the features and services provided justify the cost.

Asstok is recommended for individuals looking for casual relationships, hookups, or one-night stands. The site caters to a diverse user base, and its search filters allow users to find matches based on their preferences and interests. The site’s messaging system also makes it easy for users to communicate and arrange meetings, enhancing the user experience.

In conclusion, Asstok is an excellent adult dating platform that provides a safe and user-friendly environment for individuals looking to explore their sexuality and connect with other adults. As the online dating industry continues to grow and evolve, Asstok is likely to remain a popular choice for those seeking casual relationships and hookups.

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