Top 9 Sugar Baby Dating Sites

Sex Dating Sites for Sugar Baby – Top 9 Sugar Baby Dating Sites

Thanks to sugar baby dating sites, now it is easier for guys over 40 to meet younger women. This is great considering that in real life most hardly-ever succeed. The bad news is that many of these sites dedicated to sugar daddy dating are packed with bots, call girls, and leeches.

If you are a sugar baby, you need a website that features a significant amount of wealthy men willing to pay for you. Sugar babes must stay away from websites that make them waste their time and field messages coming from Splenda daddies. 

The following sites that we are going to review claim to skip the games and take you to the pod of gold. Forming a sugar baby and sugar daddy arrangement is becoming popular because the number of sugar babes looking to get extra cash is consistently increasing. 

Being a sugar babe involves meeting wealthy men who have money and are ready to spoil.

In this article, we are going to analyze the best free sugar baby dating sites that cater to sugar babes on the lookout for sugar daddies and cash.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site which, at the same time, offers millions of girls that are willing to date as sugar babes. Are there guys over 40 looking for them? Sure, there are. Adult Friend Finder boasts of having one of the largest member pools from among all dating sites.

Adult Friend Finder

This dating venue contains a series of advanced searching mechanisms that allow finding sugar babes and sugar daddies (whatever you’re looking for) as desired. It has filters based on physique facts like the breast size and favorite sex position. 

Although this site is a very old site and has been online for decades, its user pool activity hasn’t gone through a member loss. It continues getting joiners from all over and stays active through chat rooms, forums and groups. Webcammers are also an important part of this steamy site. 

The portal is versatile in many aspects but it’s not ideal for finding love. If you’re a sugar baby, it can be the ticket you have been looking for because as a woman, you can broadcast ad engage in private conversations to arrange paid dates.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an affair site, which sounds perfect for committed guys over 40 or50 looking for sugar babes. This is totally a website for cheaters, where attached women and men enter to find extra marital relationships. It works out perfectly for frequent travellers. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison has nothing to do with love; instead, it focuses on making fellows cheat on their partners. Many male members are over 30 and are married, which probably means they are affluent or are individuals geared up to spoil.

As to the female member pool, the age is much lower. It is clearly a site full of webcam girls who do the same thing as in other top sugar baby dating sites, so it is normal to see them striving to find a sugar daddy to get some cash. 

The portal protects people’s identity by providing them options to cover their face or so. So, whenever you sign up for this site, enter your details and configure your profile in a way some details remain private. Then, edit your head shot by putting it a mask.


Seeking or also known as Seeking Arrangements, is a dating site where sugar daddies and sugar mommas seek much younger partners to spoil or mentor them. In return, sugar babes stay with them, travel with them, or even start an atypical relationship with these people. 


With this, the portal has redefined the concept of what a perfect relationship is, meaning it doesn’t stick to traditional ways of online dating. The platform is for both, sugar daddies and sugar babes, and mixes business with pleasure. 

Surprisingly, it is not a hookups portal like AFF or any other. It leans towards serious arrangements where sugar daddies and moms try to get a second shot in love while sugar babes are loved and spoiled. Its philosophy centers on materialistic love; but love is love. 

Here, it is conceivable to go on dates with someone younger you’ll support financially, while they are taking care of you in case of trouble. 

Something to remark about this site is the impressive amount of sugar babies over sugar moms and daddies. This could be overwhelming. 

Most subscribers are from the USA.


While Seeking is home to many more sugar babies than sugar daddies and mommies, SugarDaddyMeet is a service with a completely different user data base packed with sugar babes. This relatively new site only operates in 20 rich countries.


Due to the fact that it is solely available in the wealthiest countries, it could not be online in some Latin American countries that have no English native speakers. The site is new; it only has 2 million users, 300 of whom are sugar daddies who get online on a daily basis.

The gender ratio, as referred previously, is quite uneven with 1.4 female users; so finding a sugar baby should not be a problem. The site is originally from the United States, and most of its members are from that country.

Signing up for Sugar Daddy Meet is far from complex. At first, you won’t see too many members online but this sensation fades away when you start chatting. This is one of the best dating sites for sugar babies that categorize wealthy seniors, sexually speaking. 

Sugar Daddy Meet supports both gay and straight relationships.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy is a dating site that caters to sugar daddies and babes where sugar daddies are unexpectedly young. If we look into the registered senior profiles, you’ll realize that the age range doesn’t surpass 55 years, while most sugar babes are in their 20’s. 


This means the site welcomes people of all ages despite it says it is clearly for older folks who look for very young attractive women. Actually, there are singles that even look for other unattached individuals around their age. 

The portal has changed the concept that sugar daddies are like Saint Claus in December. It encourages meaningful relationships that can last for long. Sugar moms are also a common thing here, and you see them doting on boys. 

The site boasts of having very attractive daters of both genders including students, performers, and sexy ladies in their 20’s. On the other side, there are many attractive gentlemen, who apart from their looks, are game to woo.   

Signing for Sugar Daddy takes 5 minutes and the first photo you upload is checked by a moderator.  No profile field can be left incomplete.

Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is a service provided to men who look for young ladies to have some fun, affection, or start a relationship. If you believe in this kind of relationships, sign up and keep in mind you’ll spend some bucks.


Secret Benefits is intended for all kinds of relationship, actually. You can be here to find a one-night stand or something serious. Additionally, it serves as a dating venue for those seniors who, despite their experience, are hard to approach younger women.

At Secret Benefits, women are practically sugar babies, that is, women who seek financial support. The site is not free and has a particularly different payment system. It consists in allowing guys to perform actions for free on the site and then the site offers them a paid membership. 

Messaging, however, will always require a paid subscription. Among the actions you can carry out for free are creating the profile and browsing the user pool.


SugarDaddyForMe is clearly a dating service that assists older guys and women in their quest of sugar boys and girls. The site does not only support sexual arrangements but it also supports the idea of providing sugar daddies or ladies as mentors in life.


SugarDaddyForMe is not a website that garners too many visitors per day and its user pool doesn’t seem to have more than 4 million members. As usual, the majority of subscribers are from the United States, nearly all of them. Mature men exceed women in number. 

Despite that it is not as popular as some of the best sugar baby dating sites, it is well-known that all of its male members are actually wealthy. The registration process is just the same as in other absolutely free sugar baby dating sites in which 5 minutes are enough to sign up. 

This is one of the few sugar baby dating sites that do not require email submission, so no user is vetted to enter that info. As an upside, profiles can be navigated even without a subscription, so visitors can have an idea about the functioning of the site from the outside.


Whatsyourprice is the site that most distinguishes itself from other free sugar baby dating sites here. The platform doesn’t aim to exchange messages, play swiping games or so; instead, it encourages sugar girls and boys to place bids.


Whatsyourprice is like an incentive game. Instead of exchanging messages upon registering, it lets you get straight to the point by placing bids and according to their economy; members decide which option to take. 

The bidding member is expected to pay the amount he offered during the auction, including all other expenses. 

The site claims to provide dates in a matter of 3 days or less. There are 455,000 members that are from the USA and it sounds obvious to admit that female users outnumber men. Until today, Whatsyour price has created around 5 million dates. 

As a bonus, many members, especially the female ones, are still in college. Dates can be as expensive as $130 (per day), which is $80 more than the average cost of a date in the USA.


Richmeetbeautiful is courting site that offers dating services in Europe, however, it has gained popularity in the United States with the admission of American older singles. A large part of its population is over 30 years old.


If you check the search bar, you’ll realize that many profiles do not have a head shot. This can sound bogus, but the truth is the site has safety measures that authenticate these profiles. 

The age distribution is from 30 to 55+. Registration is free and does not take a lot of time or lengthy tests. As a matter of fact, users can utilize their Facebook accounts to join this community. The only thing you’ll submit after this is your personal info as personality tests are omitted.

The other attractive thing about site is the permission to upload photos directly from Facebook. Next, Rich Meet Beautiful asks you to verify your profile to ensure you’re not fake. It welcomes both gays and straight people. Sugar Baby and toyboy are enabled options, too.

It contains a comprehensive array of search tools to search personals according to location, age, gender, and connection status.

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