Top 7 Dating Sites for Over 40

Senior Sex Dating Sites For 40+ – Top 7 Dating Sites for Over 40

Once you hit 40, all the apps and sites dedicated to online dating can seem a little strange. Current apps and websites are focused on more swiping than anything else, and metroflog and some old websites have disappeared.

Now, Bumble, Tinder, Hinge are the trending apps. They feature a young and frivolous overtone that can be uncomfortable to you. If you don’t have any problem with that, you can use some of these top ten dating sites for over 40.

After all, the only thing you need is aiming for what you’re intending to. If you’re a serious encounter, go for the apps that allow you to attain serious arrangements. If you want flings, preferably choose websites for finding hookups and one-night stands.

There are specific dating sites that cater to singles and cheaters around 40. Make your choice based on your needs. Here are some free dating sites for over 40.

Senior FriendFinder

This is a dating site that specializes in helping 40-year-old and senior citizens to find new friends and romantic relationships. In this place, they are free to communicate via email, chatrooms, and meet other personals willing to engage in a committed relationship.


At Senior Friend  Finder, all profiles contain enough information as to learn about members really well. Plus, it includes advanced search tools that make it easier to find friends or someone special nearby.

This website is known for having a responsive customer service department that clarifies all queries efficiently. Moderatos check every profile that is registered before letting them in. Another thing is that all photos are also verified.

Senior Friend Finder counts on a fraud detection system that ensures every member on the site is safe. The main reason why a 40-year-old folk should choose this dating platform is because it is specifically intended to streamline meaningful relationships for people aged 40 and above.

More importantly, it is possible to see photos of users that are even older, 50 years old, 60 years old, besides, there’s no adult content on the site.

Ashley Madison 

Ashley Madison has a unique audience: cheaters. Over the years, it has been able to connect millions of people around the world. If you’re an American, Canadian, or English, you are likelier to strike it lucky when seeking a match.

Ashley Madison

The majority of people who visit this porn site is middle-aged and above, but young girls can be found here. The problem with Ashley Madison is that most of its membership pool is compounded by guys, which can be complicated for daters to find singles of the opposite sex.

Ashley Madison is an affair site, so forget about getting romantic here; nobody is interested in engaging in something like that. Here, what people look for is somebody to cheat on their partner or spouse. Most of the male profiles you will see are from men that are already married.

Since, this is by far an affair and NSA site; it aims to provide discreet relationships. The system enables users to create a profile for free and blur their pictures or put a mask on their face. This is a strong reason to think Ashley Madison is only for cheaters. 

This is a senior site that exclusively serves individuals aged 40 years old and above. In fact, when you’re about to register, the site ensures you’re really that age and not young. Despite this, a lot of joiners manage to trick the system and become part of the site being under 40.


This is because the only thing that limits people from registering is being legal age and nothing more. In view of that, thousands of young women register for Senior Sizzle to find love or a sugar daddy that helps them economically.

So, the site is diverse in age. As for the location of its members, most of them are Americans but it’s also true that the international community is growing on Senior Sizzle. Consequently, the site encourages local matchmaking and international love as well.

Senior Sizzle hasn’t grown so much as to create thousands of matches as some of the best dating sites for over 40, but one point to remark is that straight singles outnumber gays by far. So it’s not a good place to look for same-sex arrangement.


Although Zoosk was created in the United States for the American youth and middle-aged folks, it actually hasn’t captivated so many people in the States. Instead of that, it garners up to 35 million registered users from all over the world.


Speaking of the user pool that makes up this site, we see that, besides having a considerable number of Americans, Zoosk is home to many British and Canadian seniors. The app is used by commuters, whose job keeps them away from home.

So, Zoosk is an American app that has caught on more in Europe. Most daters are singles that like adventures and are looking for love. The site has also changed throughout the years in the attempt to adapt to the new social changes and demands of online dating.

It is not advisable to use this app for finding one-night stands and that kind of arrangements. When visitors join this community for the first time, all of their first photos are meticulously checked to make sure they are real and not bots.

If we talk about old dating sites for over 40, Match must be on this list with its 23 years of existence. The site is famous for creating long-lasting relationships instead of supporting casual dating. Reviews | 100% Free Trial

It has evolved with time, especially with the incorporation of new features that make profiles more meaningful. Very few users have complained about their 1, 3, or 6-month membership plans. If we look at reviews, most say that these plans are worth the money.

Unlike other dating sites for women over 40, this one does carve out new joiners by asking a lot of questions. This quiz is about personality, habits, and hobbies, which is part of the info Match uses to deliver daily suggestions.

In contrast with the singles who come for serious relationships, there are always netizens that register with other intentions. So, be careful whenever in a new conversation.

The site updates the location depending on where the member is headed to. So, it starts showing different suggestions and local events of the place where the user currently is.

This helps seniors and 40-year-old travellers meet other singles even on the road.

Elite Singles

ELITE SINGLES must be among the best online dating sites for over 40 for sure. It solely encourages serious dating, but it puts no restrictions to international love. This site also makes people answer a lengthy 100-question quiz before registering.


Elite Singles is different because it focuses on people with an educational background.  This is how Elite Singles values daters. They primarily use the Five Factor Model theory, which consists in personality traits that helps them provide more accurate matches.

At Elite Singles, there are millions of daters above 40 years old, but it is not possible to browse them all. The reason is that, unlike other senior apps for 40-year-old singles, Elite Singles presents 3 to 7 matches per day and does not allow searching.

This is one of the best dating sites for women over 40 who don’t have enough time to inquire into complicated profiles of guys. The site has gotten mixed reviews, but its reputation remains stellar, though.

Elite Singles distinguishes itself from other dating venues because it surprisingly takes into account of age of members to provide suggestions. Additionally, it considers aspects that have to do with lifestyle, religion, and net wealth.


Another site that has been around here for many years is eHarmony. It uses a proprietary quiz that includes questions about skill sets, emotional health, beliefs, and other characteristics people may have to connect singles.


Evidently, eHarmony was not created to find hookups, but strong relationships and long-lasting couples. The site also considers other aspects to provide daily suggestions and get closer to potential candidates. It takes note of regular activity on the site.

The app is targeted at heterosexual men, meaning it hasn’t expanded its gender ratio enough yet. Nevertheless, it is possible that it introduces new changes that allow seniors to date people of other genders more freely as though they were in OkCupid or the like.

As a downside, it has a long registration process which is necessary.  It mainly caters to people in the USA, but often gets subscriptions from people from other 200 countries.

To first-timers, it offers a guarantee that ensure 3 free months of use in case they don’t find love during that period of time.

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