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Sex Dating Sites for Biker – Top 8 Biker Dating Sites

Biker dating sites are the safest and easiest way for riders to get involved in a relationship that gets them out of their routine. These websites, which are home to riders from all over the planet, are chock-full of singles with quite good knowledge about Harley Yamaha, Honda and more brands.

These sites are designed for both genders, so they are not only expected to service single guys who practice this sport. Most people who visit this kind of portals are not alien to motorbikes; they love them and want to find a partner with the same interests.

However, biker dating sites also make it possible to find friendships and open relationships. They mostly create opportunities to date local bikers, but this is downright up to the user’s interests. Some bikers are globetrotters and feel more comfortable when meeting someone from abroad.

In this article, we are going into what top biker dating sites are and how they work. Keep reading.

Biker Planet

Biker Planet is rated as one of the top biker dating sites in the world. What makes it stand out from above others is he capability to provide dating services additionally to customized features for bikers. The site is manually checked to prevent possible scammers coming in.

Biker Planet verifies users’ driving license and other details like photos they upload and the age. Because of such anti-scam security system, it is more than evident that it only has real motor-bikers with some exceptions.

The website has been operating since 2002, and thus far it hosts more than 512,000 members. All users are real bikers because they are asked for some documents previous to registering. This place is then not designed for biker admirers.

It is known for offering features that incredibly adjust to current bikers’ demand. The drawback of this site may be the numerous pop-ups that show when somebody enters. Nonetheless, such advertising campaigns have reaped fruit because they have ranked high in lists.

Harley Dating

Harley Dating Site is another outstanding platform created for connecting singles that are into FL Series, Fatboy and XL Sportster. This is like a club that provides services for single daters who are biking enthusiasts. So, non-professionals can join here.

The reason why Harley Dating Site is different is because it doubles as a forum and a big chat room where people exchange their experiences. The portal, however, does have preference towards joiners who have a Harley-brand motorcycle.

Harley Dating Site centers on the idea that most women feel that HARLEY motor-cycle drivers are more cool than others. This is evidently the basis of why Harley riders are preferred here. Regarding communication options, it gives the possibility to send winks and post on forum.

All profiles created on this platform are robust and packed interesting information. In general, each member can create their own blog, weigh in during discussions, reply to emails, initiate conversations, and upgrade their memberships whenever they want to.

Biker Friends Date

Biker Friends Date is another dating venue that allows you to share anecdotes in forums and meet single bikers. Many people see it as a traditional forum or chat room they use for when they are not busy. Remarkably, the portal welcomes all genders and sexual orientations.

Biker Friends Date is not a new site but it is not an old one as it’s been online for over 5 years. Although it is home to many lesbians and gay guys, it doesn’t allow pornography but normal pictures. Biker Friends Date is part of the Friends Network.

Biker Friends Date solely concentrates on local dating, so it will only suggest members that don’t live far-off. As other free biker dating sites, it includes the option to block members as well as receive, and reply to their messages.

Another thing to point out is that it is completely free and is lacking in premium plans. There’s not even a trial plan. It is likely to find scammers on a site of this sort because of this.

Other than that, the registration procedure seems tedious. It displays 15 questions all of which must be completed. Users can join this community utilizing their Google account, though.

Biker Dating Site

Biker Dating Site is a portal dedicated to professional bikers. Just like the aforementioned bike riders dating site, it welcomes all genders including transsexuals. It is not a porn site, so do not expect to find grown-up content here or exchange nudes.

This is a small version of eHarmony but for bikers since it specializes in finding matches by specific criteria. It is also among the largest sites for bikers, which can be tough for riders to strike a convo due to the overwhelming number of members.

It is a paid site which offers search results that enable more visibility through setting changes. It gives you the possibility to create videos for other members to see how good you are on the bike or things related to daily activities you perform.

Biker Dating Site works on compatibility features; therefore it will suggest you matches that are no way similar to you. If you don’t like somebody, you can block them and continue waiting for more suggested users.

It features a private chat option for talking in private after sending them and invitation.


Bikerkiss is considered the best free biker dating site thanks to its great system for finding matches and casual dates rapidly. It hosts thousands of accounts that are highly active. It acts as a forum where people participate mostly in discussions about bikers and stuff related to that.

It is easy to contact women, which is for the most part, free of cost. You can even contact several women and read their replies without spending extra cash. Most chicks are generally biking enthusiasts rather than practitioners.

The site offers some affiliate plans that come with extra enjoyable features. Registering is easy and painless. It just requests little info from users to get started, which may be something negative considering that the site can get registered users that are clueless about biking.

Joiners are free to add personal details as per convenience; they are never forced to do at once. Something like the display picture can, for example, be skipped till later. The site keeps everything simple but offers great customizing features to embellish the profile.


Biker.Dating provides its services to die-hard single bikers. Why hardcore singles specifically? Mainly because Biker.Dating is a website that serves riders who live the wind. It is a social network of riders which aims to find friends and other kinds of relationships.

Whether road trips to nowhere or a cruise, everybody loves bring out on the road speeding up on a bike here. The proportional gender rate is compounded mostly by men and a low percentage of women who generally share the same interests.

Most riders on this site love dirt bike, cruisers, and pocket rocket. It is possible to find friendships, but also casual date and marriage. Biker.Dating is home to users that organize parties, biker rallies, and other events that involve the riders of this site.

In addition to that, Harley riders are a common thing here. The website has a matchmaking system which basically consists in creating connections between the most compatible singles. Biker.Dating is not restricted to local dating.

It has compiled lots of success stories about international bikers marrying locals that are worth reading.

Biker Force

Biker Force is a site which caters to individuals who love motorcycle riding and people who love this sport but do not practice it. The lion’s share of its members is passionate about motorcycle riding and lives that lifestyle. The platform is quite straightforward and far from cumbersome.

Biker Force can be used by anybody as it is extremely easy to navigate. The design is simple and has no flashiness or pop-ups. Even before you log in, the website portrays part of the online users to encourage visitors looking for free biker dating sites to join in.

Biker Force targets people who live in the US, but if you don’t, there’s no problem because it is accepting of all ethnicities. The site’s interface is black and white and everything seems to be pretty spelled out for new visitors.

The functionality of this portal enables netizens to sign up and try it out. While it is easy to register for this community, it is also true that it’s simple to create and maintain the profile. Additionally, it includes various free and paid plans.

Biker MATCH 

Biker MATCH is a social network that operates from the UK to bikers from around the world. Even though it formerly catered to British people only, the community has made itself available to all biker lovers.

This is a free dating site that services bikers and motor-cycle riders. It had started out as a courting site in its entirety, but it evolved into a social network with time. It also offers chatrooms and forums for singles to interact and stay on top of events.

In such forums, members can post about ongoing and future biking events in the section to publicize that information. All forums are very active and cover a variety of topics associated with bikes, technical help, and biker dating.

The site itself is very basic and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use search facilities on it. At present, the site boasts of 51,000 members, 75% of which are male bikers, while 25% are female. Note: It is expected to find more guys than women in this type of portals.

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