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Sex Dating Site for Serious Relationships – Top Dating Apps for Serious Relationships

You can be 50, but your palms still get sweaty facing online dating. You might go through the same things you experienced when you were younger: get edgy and perform an awkward conversation because of work curfew.

Well, for most people over 50, that curfew is gone. Online dating over at 30, 40, and 50 is pretty uncommon. Trying to find a serious date at a certain age is a taboo; hence middle-aged people shun it.

These are the best free dating sites for serious relationships.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the courting site version of PornHub. It is considered one of the best free dating sites for serious relationships. 

Adult Friend Finder

On this site, you can watch live videos, which is a feature that has increased its popularity. It has a free version, and the desktop interface has nothing to envy from a mobile app.

It is also one of the cheapest dating apps on the market, pricing $30 for one month, $20 for three months, and $15 per month the one year. People are very active in the Adult Friend Finder.

You will find people in different time zones, making it difficult not to have a serious date promptly. Are you looking for a serious relationship here? The site shares user data with other serious apps.

Admittedly, Adult Friend Finder is for the booty call. Subscribers claim they receive messages from hot women that seemingly never sleep.

Adult Friend Finder can then be seen as a hookup site but also as a platform for finding love with users that take part in other sites.

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If you thought OkCupid was only for youngsters, you were wrong as it caters to a wide range of ages. If you’re a senior looking for a sugar baby, take advantage of the age rate.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

OkCupid is not a dating site that employs a personality test to connect people. It is a swiping app that improves searches through more personality questions to ensure users get serious relationships.

The site has been updated with the passing of time, allowing for a wider range of matches and connections.

OkCupid is better for local dating. It is important to say that although OkCupid implements liberal matchmaking, it is aimed for singles only.

The app doesn’t only include people of all ages, but also a wide variety of genders. This makes OkCupid one of the most populous sites where age and gender go together.

The expansion of genders has increased the compatibility rate. The site has been redesigned, and it’s now easier to navigate.

Mobile Apps

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Coffee meets Bagel

If you were looking for an app with a decent woman user base, Coffee meets Bagel is the right place. The site allows accumulating points that unlock premium features.

coffee meets bagel

It has tutorials to show people the correct use of all webpages. Coffee Meets Bage focuses on connecting people with others that are part of their environment.

Coffee Meets Bagel is not the typical dating site on which you connect with new people; instead, it shows profiles of people you deleted from Facebook or haven’t seen in real life for a long time.

The Premium account, which has been recently released, prevents ghosting, which is the term utilized to define people who cut off communication for no reason.

So, if you’re an individual in your 40’s looking to meet up with somebody of the past, Coffee meets Bagel can make this possible.

If results are not convincing, upgrade to Premium, and increase your chances of up to 40%.

Mobile Apps

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Hinge is the app for millennials that leaves casual sex aside. You can surely look for sex here, but most of its users are looking for a serious relationship.

Hinge Dating

If you’re over 50 and want to date a young lady, Hinge can be suitable. It comes with a free version together with three other plans that cover one month, three months, and six months correspondingly.

Not only is it one of the best free sites for serious relationships, but it also comes off as one of the most affordable apps on the Internet with a 6-month membership that costs $5 per month. Since its launch, its user base has been growing gradually.

And again, if you seek to go steady, this app boasts having high stats for second dates and one of the best-rated algorithms.

The bio of people on Hinge is unique as there are questions that touch upon topics related to drug additions or hobbies like smoking weed.

If we evaluate Hinge, we can come to the conclusion that it is a serious site where there’s an even chance to find love.

Mobile Apps

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Her is the special app for women who are lesbians and are looking for a fling or a serious relationship. It also does the trick for straight women looking for a threesome. Her comes with a free version.

Her Dating

This application doesn’t only engage you in a serious relationship, but also in local queer events. Her is better for use when looking for local sex or a partner who lives near.

There are no men on the site. To prevent guys from registering, Her asks for Facebook verification. It is important to say that bios are different here and have inclusive pronouns.

It has a user base of 4 million and keeps growing. Her is said to be an affair site, cut out for queer women who want to date several women at a time.

The app’s catchphrase is “meet as many women as you’ve ever imagined in life”. Age is not a limitation here. Make your choice while swiping profiles. It is the best free dating site for serious relationships for queer women.

Mobile Apps

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Plenty of fish

As all the courting sites and apps on this list, Plenty of Fish also covers a good variety of age groups. It works similarly to OkCupid, basing the delivery of Matches on a lengthy personality test they’ve named chemistry test.

POF Dating sites for teens

Plenty of Fish then focuses on personality, but other criteria may be included.

Plenty of Fish allows browsing users without spending a penny, but it’s better to use an upgraded account to obtain better results.

Thanks to its similarities with other dating sites, Plenty of Fish remains on top of the list of the most popular sites for serious online dating, unquestionably.

Mobile Apps

Try Now: POF is another popular dating site of those with a wide user base and longevity that has prevailed for more than a decade. It emerged by the time the Pop culture arrived, and it’s been one of the best free dating sites for serious relationships since then. Reviews | 100% Free Trial

It uses a questionnaire to match people with similar preferences and personality. The difference may be in the way Match delivers matches.

On Match, you can find several matches, but the site provides one match at a time per day. This means it has a system that tailors matches better than other sites do.

Age is not a problem. There is not that kind of restrictions. It has one of the best algorithms capable of generating matches for a population as large as New York. It claims to have the largest user base of all dating sites, including Adult Friend Finder.

It also comes with a free version and three plans that cover 1-month, 3-month, and a 6-month program that costs $20 per month.

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What makes eHarmony suitable for finding serious relationships is the wide range of ages.


The site is not aimed for visitors over their 50’s specifically, but it can truly provide great results if the questionnaire is properly completed.

If we’re looking for a serious relationship regardless of age, eHarmony can do the trick. The long questionnaire helps to determine the correct matches through filters.

A well-done profile puts you on top of search engines and allows filtering tailored searches. eHarmony has people of all walks of life, actually. Filters increase the chances of finding somebody compatible.

On the other side, casual daters and liberal folks are smothered on the site. In this app, you will only find conservative and marriage-minded users focused on love.

The app has a free version and several plans, including a three-month, six-month, and 12-month plan that costs $23 each month.

Mobile Apps

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As its name suggests, EliteSingles is a place for people who don’t have time to swipe right but spend time too much time at work. It is an app designed for career-oriented people.


EliteSingles ensures no catfish register to the site by setting very high prices and a lengthy questionnaire that take over 5 minutes. It is not for people who don’t take dating seriously.

It is the perfect site for professionals that are single. It puts special emphasis on individuals’ and professional goals and hobbies.

Thus, EliteSingles has a more established pool for people willing to date educated singles only. This is the main difference between this app and others like eHarmony and Match. You won’t find more professionals and college grads anywhere else than on EliteSingles.

82% of its members are older than 30. Younger people are also welcomed but must take dating seriously.

$50 is the subscription price for those who don’t want to go steady. This fact makes it one of the best free sites for serious relationships on the internet.

Mobile Apps


Zoosk pans out to be one of the easiest apps for use on this list. It is available in 25 languages, and location is not a problem as it lends itself for long-distance dating.


Zoosk is also a swiping app, but its system works differently. All matches are based on behavior and actions performed on the site. Actions like messaging and liking are the basis it uses for delivering matches.

The system identifies what kind of person you like most for chatting, and then it delivers results. For this reason, Zoosk doesn’t require you to submit a long-form as part of the registration.

The only questions Zoosk asks are about education, ethnicity, body type, and hobbies.

Additionally, all profiles are verified, and short of the sigh-up process that has no questions, the account can be set up very easily. If you wink at young girls, only young girls will be suggested.

The most expensive plan costs $30 per month.

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Christian Mingle

On aging, we tend to be more spiritual than ever. Christian Mingle is a site for dating Christians and God believers.

christian mingle

It works very similarly to other courting sites that use swiping for finding matches but is more focused on singles and local dating. So, it is one of the best free dating sites for serious relationships today. Forget about hookups here.

Before registering, it requires you to do it with your Facebook account to prevent catfish. Finding somebody within 50 miles is very simple on Christian Mingle.

To be able to communicate via messaging, you need to subscribe to a paid membership. With a Standard membership, can only wink at other people.

On a positive note, there are many more women than men, and all are singles. Most women are religious, so take this into consideration when signing up.

Christian Mingle asks you to reveal your church affiliation. A month on the platform can cost $50 net.

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Bumble is the site for the women who like to take the step forward first. This app for the empowered women of today’s society has an intuitive interface and a robust free version.


On Bumble, guys cannot make contact first but all the way around. Women must wink first, talk first, message first for guys to be able to communicate.

However, Bumble doesn’t only focus on local sex. It also encourages its visitors to meet other people based on their networking and make friends like on other social networks.

It is said to give the opportunity to connect with other members for free, but there’s a catch here; you must be a woman to message first.

It includes a free version and a paid membership that costs $30 monthly.

The Paid membership is called Bumble Boost and lets you know who’s interested in you. It also allows you to extend the time to respond to matches in case you can’t respond within 24 hours.

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Tinder is almost the only application that allows you to find a local hookup in under 10 minutes. As the other apps on this list, Tinder is also about swiping, but it is more entertaining.


It has four very affordable plans. The free version, the one-month, six-month, and one-year plan, which only costs $6.67 monthly. Very few people can say Tinder doesn’t make things easier for casual and serious dating.

In contrast with other apps, Tinder has a massive nearby base of local daters. The site changes your location if you’re traveling, so location is not a problem here.

Tinder is for everyone because it has no age or gender restriction. It is currently one of the most effective and legit apps for serious dating right now. Most profiles are real.

Very early in the beginning, it used to be a hookup site, but now it has turned into a terrific matchmaker based on local dating; however, it continues to be very laid back.

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  • What is the serious Dating Site?

A serious dating site is a place where meeting other people is not a long shot; instead, you have high chances of getting a serious relationship.

It differs from a hookup site because it concentrates on local dating and lessens the importance of casual sex. So, a serious dating site generally makes it easier to find people nearby.

It is also for people solely looking for commitment. It includes lucky success stories, and things like ghosting and breadcrumbing are not all over.

Nonetheless, it is still possible to find something disheartening occasionally. Sites like these do not go with naughty dating trends.

  • What is the favorite dating site for serious relationships?

It is difficult to precise the best free dating site for serious relationships, but we can name three. is said to have the best reputation for serious dating, superseding OkCupid, which focuses more on friendships.

Match, however, is closing in on by eHarmony in the average of marriages from among all dating sites.

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