Top 8 Rich Women Dating Sites

Top 8 Sites Where Rich Women Looking For Men

Developed with an emphasis on financial prosperity, some websites have been launched to satisfy the richest women and men who like them regardless of how old they could be. Believe it or not, there are women who struggle to mingle because of their jobs or time.

If you are a woman who has properties, you may feel interested in sharing a part of your fortune with someone who is in a different situation. S

Regardless of the intention they may have, there are several sites that can meet their requirements. These websites are bent on providing women the opportunity to meet guys who don’t feel ashamed of being spoiled.

If you have been dreaming of dating a rich woman, it is important to visit websites where you can find them.

In this article, we’ll review some free dating sites to meet rich women.

Top 8 Rich Women Dating Sites

Adult Friend Finder

Like a traditional dating site, Adult Friend Finder gives you a collage of rich women based on their location and connection status. There are thousands of women on Adult Friend Finder, although the majority of the user database is clearly dominated by the opposite sex.

Adult Friend Finder

If you’re wondering how to spot a chick rolling in money, the only thing you have to do is submit your zip code and a list of females will appear shortlisted. Sugar mommas and young rich girls will be shown to you according to your adjustable and editable preferences.

In fact, Adult Friend Finder permits you to search for girls in accordance to their race, sexual orientation and body type, so not all is about money. It is possible to find lots of rich women on the brink of divorce, but the relationship status should not be a problem in this place.

Apart from finding girls with money in pocket, you will also see many of them buck naked. The site has characteristics of any other rich women dating sites but with more features that make it different and above all, much steamier.


GetIton is among the free dating sites for women seeking rich men.

The first step to become part of the community is to fill out an 11-question form about personality. Such survey allows Get It On to determine what type of women you are looking for.

Get IT On

While registering for GetItON, applicants should submit details about their sexual preference and spell out what they are seeking. This is a hookup site, so it is recommended to believe it’s good to find love. The relationship status is also an important fact that should be submitted.

GetItOn is all about sex because it is interested in knowing about visitors’ sexual appetite and other insights into their personal life. This leads us to think that many middle-aged women enter here to overcome a breakup or find someone younger to spoil.

This is evident because the site is made only for open-minded people. It operates following the same strategy as OkCupid. Once subscribers you have completed the form, the app comes with up with matches that share commonalities with you.

Ashley Madison

No matter the age, Ashley Madison is a hookup site, whose interface and sign up process can be easily understood never mind the age. This affair website does not require much personal information and protects the user’s identity. It even provides a mask to put on headshots.


As a dating site to find rich woman, Ashley Madison requires members to submit their relationship status. Are there rich single girls? Yes, most probably above 30. According to polls, the site garners visitors around that age. Both genders leverage this portal to commit infidelity.

While a great part of its users is from the USA and the UK, there are others that come from South American countries. Despite this, it is quite improbable to find affluent women from those places. The best and richest ones could be spotted in Australia and USA.

All the information you enter is portrayed in your profile page media, but don’t worry, it is restricted for view to unpaid users. Aside from its easy sign-up process, Ashley Madison offers certain contact features like free email, free gifts, and messaging.


OkCupid is known as the dating site that asks the right questions. It is an alternative to the swipe trending sites like Tinder that are connecting most people around the globe. OKCupid is aimed to create long-lasting arrangements and does not have space for cheaters and players.


So, OkCupid could serve as a dating site to meet rich women who, for the most part, don’t have time to go on dates or have broken up with their life-time partners. This seems obvious if we consider the nature of the site.

Nonetheless, it could be tremendously tough to find older singles. OKcupid is said to receive thousands of visitors and new female subscribers, many of which are in their 20’s or below 30. Could they be immature? Yes, of course, but immaturity doesn’t mean they are money-diggers.

OkCupid gets newcomers from all over but the best about this is that the rich women who join this dating site are not interested in money; they are not materialistic. To prevent issues, OkCupid presents a quiz which helps disclose this kind of personality stuff.


If we are talking about rich women sites, we cannot leave Rich Women Date aside. This portal is intended for rich women who seek young and old folks. This means that, unlike other dating site with this purpose, age should not represent a limit here.


Most rich women who take part in this community are alone and haven’t dated a guy for a long time. They don’t care about finding men without banking funds, this is not important for them, because they are geared up to spoil them with money and gifts.

The problem with this is that it takes them time to find an honest guy who doesn’t hurt their feelings. Rich Woman Date hits the theaters to eliminate all of that. It bases its connections on personality traits and individual interests.

Rich Women Date is not focused on providing very attractive but wealthy girls. On the other hand, it targets elegant and good-looking gentlemen who take dating seriously. The type of dudes you will find here love spots and romance.


XMatch is a casual dating website that operates under the umbrella of the huge family of Friendfindernetworks, which is also in charge of Adult Friend Finder and SawpFinder. This is a porn site like the previous two which shares its member base.


Xmatch is geared towards individuals who are looking for a causal hookup, but due to its large user base, it normally receives joiners from all walks of life including rich women who are married, single, divorced and are seeking guys that need financial support: sugar boys.

All members are open about their kinks and affluent girls are not exempt from that. Most of the female users that partake in Xmatch are middle-aged women around 30-45 years old. So, these are down-to-earth women who don’t want to waste their time.

Those who register for Xmatch are only interested in sex and nothing else. Men are also around that age or above. It is necessary to add that some female broadcasters are moneyed because they have pulled off on this free rich women dating site.


If we are talking about hookup apps that are reaching far, Tinder must be in this ranking. The app offers its service for iOs and iPhone users. It aims to display the nearest users that are online and has no filters, making it is easy to come across with all kinds of women.


Tinder does not center on personal details and stuff, in fact, it never asks for it. The app is completely free but as one of the 100 free dating sites for rich women, Tinder comes up with several Premium plans like the Tinder Plus and Gold that kick it up a notch.

Why is it good to use Tinder for rich women? The answer is simple. There are women located in every country. Tinder was primarily targeted at the youth, but now it has spread the wings towards other individuals that have money.

As to the age range, Tinder was first exclusive of young people, but now, with its incredible growth, many people have shown interest in using this app. So, Tinder is a Pandora’s box. You never know who you’re gonna find.


eHarmony was firstly used to serve typical heterosexual hipster people, but this is changing. eHarmony is great because the platform is well-known for being used by rich ladies from the richest countries like the United States and Europe.


There are opulent users of both genders, actually. Another thing is that eHarmony only provides its services to individuals who are single and want to restart their lives. Yes, this is not a hookup site, which makes it ideal for finding marriage-minded fat-cat women.

Although it has a test that needs to be completed for registration, the whole process can be done in 20 minutes. The quiz has 70 questions in total, which sounds intimidating, but if you look on the bright side of things, such test can help you find a right match that fulfills your interests.

The age range that prevails on this site is quite obvious. While there are individuals of all ages, most are around their 30’s and have steady jobs. This makes sense when we see the kind of questions members have to respond to be part of this community.

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