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Sex Dating Sites for Barbados – Top 7 Barbados Dating Sites

If you are looking to meet and date girls in Barbados, maybe you should try one of the following online options. There are plenty of women to choose from, and there are lots of places to take them to.

Barbados is an island bursting with nightlife and adventurous people, yet the day is also great to have fun in different resorts. If you’re a first-timer in Barbados, register yourself as a member in one of the communities below to get connections and potential dates.

Barbados is a great option when it comes to finding ladies for a hookup, but there are also thousands of singles seeking to get married or at least go steady. Barbados is a paradise that is known to have very sexy women.

In this article, we’re going through some of the best sites to meet girls and fuckbuddies when spending holidays in this breathtaking place.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the legit sites to keep in mind when traveling to a place like Barbados. It is abundant with Afro-Bajan girls and swingers, so it could be suitable to find any of those. If you’re looking to get married, forget about it at Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is not a free site, which means it offers packages for its members to enjoy many more features. In general, most AFF joiners are around 30, but this fact varies depending on the location. In all cases, if you want to be successful, make use of your credit card.

As you may know, Barbados has a very active nightlife. Adult Friend Finder contains tons of chat rooms associated with night life in this region. Wondering about how to date men in Barbados? Well, most male members are above 40 and look for younger gals.

Adult Friend Finder is a paysite that encourages local dating. Once you’re signed up and have upgraded your account, the site displays up to 300 member profiles nearby. On a side note, there are horny wives galore.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an affair site that empowers you to find a date with someone married or engage in another commitment. The platform aims to assist users in their lookout for a third party to spice up their sexual lives. So, if you consider yourself a cheater, you’re in the right place.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, as well as Barbados, is a great venue to get involved in a variety of relationship types. There are thousands of chicks in Barbados who seek a man for a one-night stand. Ashley Madison has a protection system that prevents users from getting caught or identified.

So, if you’re a traveler and want to have flings while you’re away, this site can help. It is important to make it clear that AM is not good to find love or that kind of commitments because it is a completely hookup site for swingers. Yet, it doesn’t give the option for couples to join.

Ashley Madison houses around 50 million members around the world, most of which are from the United States, and two thousand are from the island. The service it provides is free exclusively for women, but men have to pay to contact singles. is a laid-back site focused on providing casual sex to young people and swingers. This makes Passion a special website for finding college girls and young webcam girls eager to date and make money. Yes, you must be ready to splurge your money on dating while being in this destination. offers almost all, including attractive young girls and erotically disposed of singles. It also welcomes groups and couples. The majority of members on Passion are actually women who outnumber male users by a whisker.

If you’re looking to give reign to your desires while in Barbados, consider groups and chat rooms to find couples and groups on the island. The website has a large number of homosexual couples interested in casual and virtual sex, which does the job of masturbating.

The website suggests matches according to what you’ve submitted in your personal preferences. Although it doesn’t have an app, Passion runs smoothly on any device because it is not heavy with graphics.

When in Barbados, a tip to find girls faster is to use the Discover option. This function allows discovering members in your vicinity.


OkCupid is a very old site that has been in the dating industry for 20 years. It has gained up to 50 million members worldwide as well as a significant amount of Barbadian girls. OkCupid offers a variety of ethnicities that thrive in this region, including Caucasian and Asian.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

Most members are people who had lived in the United States and are now living in Barbados. So, it is normal to find milfs and very young girls seeking friends. This site is like Tinder but less dynamic, but it is always interactive and boasts of a very low catfishing rate.

At OkCupid, you’re free to do almost anything, but people generally use it to find friends. The average age of users is very low, as it is between 25 and 34. Apart from friendships, you can also find friends with benefits and serious relationships, too.

The member pool of this renowned social network comes from all walks of life and countries like the United States, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Despite the age of the majority of members, there are many professionals in there.


Metrodate is a free dating site that gathers groups and forums from the major cities and towns, including those located in Barbados. portrays a plethora of females living in hot places like Carlisle Bay and Bathsheba Bay.

The site offers numerous groups to meet regionals, but also a great section to stay up-to-date with upcoming events, nightspots, and available clubs to meet locals, gays, and transsexuals. This site is amazingly lively especially after 11 pm on weekends.

Now, some reviewers state that the metrodate interface prompts the site to provide a better service to residents than travelers, but such a statement is false. Metrodate has been rated 4 out of 5 specifically because of its high success rate in finding girls for foreigners.

Metrodate is like a social network that behaves as a bachelorette directory. It is not a hookup portal, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be used for that purpose. What is true is that metrodate is one of the best laid-back sites from among all on this list.

Aside from that, it is a free-based service that includes a wide range of features at a low cost. Consider visiting this site to find some girls in Barbados.


Badoo is a dating site that appeared for the first time in 2006, and since then, it has been capable of creating thousands of casual and serious relationships around the world. The site undeniably has one of the largest Bajan user pools.


Badoo reports around 300,000 signs up, many of which come from this island, Barbados. It is also considered as one of the dating venues with the least number of fake profiles of all hookup sites. Badoo is, for some, a hookup service, but it is merely intended for casual dating.

Badoos puts special emphasis on physical appearance, but strangely never asks members to submit a headshot or photos. This is evident when you realize the site never prompts you to flesh out your profile to attract more interest.

In spite of that, it continues to be one of the most trustworthy sites on this list. So far, it is home to 400,000,000 users, which ranks it above many others in terms of member base length. The native language of Barbadians is English, but Badoo is available in 46 more tongues.


Sentimente is a dating site which, despite its meager member base of only 1.5 million members, has won the heart of the Bajan population, what regionals like about this site is its user-friendliness, which enables them to communicate with no effort.


Sentimente was created with the purpose of providing chances for long-term relationships and marriage, but nonetheless, enter this site mainly for chatting and chilling. Many subscribers that are from the island are around 30.

Sentimente, as its name suggests, doesn’t show pornography anywhere. It has been online for 20 years old and only hosts 1.5 million members because it is targeted at Caribbean citizens. The site assists people from Puerto Rico, Jamaica, The British Virgin Islands, and Barbados to find dates.

Signing up to join this community takes less than a minute as the only things that you need are a valid email address and password. The website intends to find locals for dating, so location is changed automatically when travelling elsewhere.

Among its special features, it has instant messaging, private chats, and the option to be invisible.

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