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Sex Dating Sites for Jamaican – Top 7 Jamaican Dating Sites

Getting an app on Google or Apple Store in the hopes of finding hookups or love in Jamaica is straightforward at the present time. There is a plethora of websites that are dedicated to offering interesting profiles to meet and date in Jamaica.

This island can be small but is attractive to find girls and get sexual adventures. There are 10,000,000 online customers every day seeking personals interested in hanging out. This proves how popular Jamaica is in the last years in terms of dating.

The following websites provide a comprehensive service that allows meeting ladies of all ages, cities, statuses, and levels of education. Many Americans, as well as Europeans, like girls from the Caribbean, because they are lovely and sexy.

In this article, we’ll see the best websites for dating in Jamaica, warts and all.

Adult Friend Finder

The first question that comes to mind when using Adult Friend Finder is: does this popular site have whatever it takes to provide hookups in a place like Jamaica? The answer is Yes. The site is popular. It is one of the legit sites to consider when looking for Americans or Jamaicans.

Adult Friend Finder

First of all, this is a paysite. So, previous to registering, you need to consider using your credit card if you want to take advantage of features on this payment page. However, AdultFriendFinder offers some chat rooms and forums that can be utilized for free.

Adult Friend Finder is so massive that you can get up to 200 messages in no time. If you are passing by Jamaica, expect to come across personals from America and Jamaica. It’s not that the site is exclusive of these countries, but it is very common.

The website promotes all kinds of relationships, but the majority of people who look for something while in Jamaica prefer threesomes and cuckolds. In the case of women, Adult Friend Finder provides tall, well-built guys from the black community for fuck.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the best venue to find hookups for Americans and English seekers. If you are committed, Ashley Madison is reported to get the highest divorce rates in America and Jamaica from above other dating sites. Even pastors and military men have fallen for it.

Ashley Madison is an affair site that’s aimed at everybody, including internet millionaires and entrepreneurs. In Jamaica, the ones that most frequent this site are naturally surfers and fish-men that are already attached but looking for something outside their marriages.

Ashley Madison Review

The website lends itself to even more than that. If you’re about to retire in an island like Jamaica, Ashley Madison can provide you with picturesque legal aged models or girls in their 20’s. However, you should be aware that some Nigerians impersonate Jamaicans on this platform.

Another notable thing is that Ashley Madison tends to receive many retirees looking out for Jamaican sugar babies. They just need to be careful with those escorts who masquerade as Jamaican singles but hail from other islands.


If you’re interested in meeting people from around the globe or even only from Jamaica, Jamaican Dating can be enough. Its counterparts, HyeSingles, and Turkish Personals are websites for connecting singles, but this website is more for friendships and marriage.


Jamaican Dating is more oriented to marriage-minded individuals and friendships. This is possible because, since its partnership with the World Singles Network site, they have changed their dating perception to meaningful relationships.

And yet, regardless of how reliable this site claims to be, joiners insist there are some bogus accounts and suspicious activities that occur on the site. Despite this, Jamaican Dating seems to be worthwhile. You must certainly try it.

The website records an increase in logins to 40,000 globally receiving daters from the United States, Jamaica, and South Africa. It has an equal share of sexes between males and females, most of which are in the marriage age, 24-34 years old.

An interesting fact about this site is that the majority of its members come online on their smartphones mostly. There’s also a good amount of people who go onto the site from the UK.

Mingle 2

Mingle 2 is a dating site that is still growing since its creation in 2008. Minge 2 was founded by the name of Just Say Hi but was then renamed. To be part of this community, nobody has to undergo a tedious process and registration can be done in half a minute.


This means the site lacks a personality test that conditions the registration process. After sign-up completion, it offers an array of features that are cost-free, which is very rare in most dating sites nowadays. Mingle 2 does not require uses to enter too much information about themselves.

Mingle 2 has become a site for meeting girls in the British Virgin Islands and Jamaica. Compared to other sites, it houses twice more Jamaican members than other hookup sites. This is worthy of remark since its member pool is considerably smaller than the one of others sites.

The site gives enough freedom for profile management. It never asks you to submit a blurb or a headshot, but let’s keep it real; these things are important to gain more matches at the moment of looking for them. Furthermore, each profile can be rated.


Tender Meets operates as a social network and a dating site. It has a matchmaking system that allows getting compatible matches very easily. The fact of being a social network enables inexperienced users to utilize it without previous knowledge about online dating.


Tender Meets is then a social network that provides tools for meeting personals. Compared to other Jamaican dating sites, Tender Meets offers a great variety of girls of all ages who live on the island and are set to mingle. However, it also suggests matches from the USA and other places.

This is a dating venue that doesn’t only encourage all kinds of relationships but also welcomes all sexual orientations. In this place, many Jamaicans who pertain to the LGBTQ+ community enter without being afraid of getting judged. Tender Meets is designed for open-minded folks.

The site also hosts chat rooms where people can interact. The site’s layout looks like one of old dating sites, but it suits well to those who are precisely looking for that interface simplicity.

The platform advocates long-term relationships instead of casual dating.


Maybe, you haven’t heard of this site if you don’t live in Jamaica, but Caribbean Cupid has been among us since 1999. It is part of Cupid Media and intends to generate friendships and long-term relationships. Caribbean Cupid is very popular in Jamaica and Aruba.


The site has it all for you to have a successful date. It offers three plans, one of which is free and the other two are paid.

The difference between Platinum, Gold, and Standard memberships lies in the fact that the former two allows reading and sending messages while the standard account doesn’t.

Caribbean Cupid’s registration is free and hassle-free since the only things you need are an email address and password. After that, the site lets you navigate through the Jamaican profiles online. It strongly encourages romantic relationships.

Some people, however, use this alternative to just find friendships. It is possible to find married personals, but most are not looking for flings. The site has a Caribbean interface that makes you feel like you were in a Caribbean dinner.


Jampersonals is a Jamaica love site that aims to create serious commitments and hookups. It was founded many years ago in 2004, and since then, it has been incorporating other register fields to improve the chances of finding love and sex.


Jampersonals is also a place where members post blogs and articles where they tell to the community about their sexual experiences. The site is frequently updated with info related to dating in Jamaica and the ongoing trends and events to consider when visiting.

The website has a chat box to chat with other singles. It is more commonly used to find serious commitments, but due to the new dating trends, it has introduced options to register as couples so they can meet other swingers and singles.

Owing to this, some couples sign up thinking of finding other couples and cuckolds. In third place, some members use it to find flirt and an extra-marital affair. Are you into fetish? You can also find it there as the site allows uploading content that is steamy.

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