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Top 8 Fetish Dating Sites – Free Fetish Sex Dating Apps

Online dating sites may be good for simple hookups, but they are also great for finding people that are seeking to satisfy kinks and fetishes. In the beginning, it can be a little difficult to get acquainted with this kind of portal, but then it gets easy to grow on them.

As opposed to the majority of dating services, a fetish website is aimed at people involved in fetishes and masochism. They increase the chances of finding somebody who wants to play or explore these proclivities.

They don’t belong to the group of hookup sites that don’t allow blogging, chit-chatting, kink-posting, and making fetishist preferences public. They are just different.

Fetish dating sites provide access to other pleasurable experiences and ways of seeking like-minded people without getting criticism, feeling uncomfortable, or getting the private life exposed. They are designed for kinky fellows who want to get exposed.

A fetish can focus on a particular action, body part, or object that unleashes sexual arousal or a higher level of eroticism. In this article, we’ll review some free fetish dating sites to have a ball on. is a network for members interested in forms of sexual relationships that center on sadism. Users can bond over fetishes like bondage kinks and explore other activities that appear on this website among its stockpiles of pictures and sex videos.

The platform contains articles and other types of content for its customers to enjoy. just ensures all of its members are legal and publish extremely explicit and sexual material. allows its visitors to register under aliases that protect their identities.

This site interface may be somewhat complicated to understand at first as it is a little jumbled with too much content, videos, member profiles, articles, chatrooms, instant messages, and live-streamers.
It has a resemblance to some porn websites we may find on the Deep Web, save for the fact that ALT is safer than them. This fetish portal censors certain language choices that can be offensive or goes beyond the community guidelines.

While is seen as a fetish website, it bans terms like rape, which cannot be utilized in replies, comments, or posts. However, it does accept wordage related to killing or incest within legal terms.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is perhaps among the biggest sites that serve customers with an inclination towards sadism. It has over fifty million members, which are comprised of fetish lovers and unconventional daters.

Due to its huge user base, Adult Friend Finder is a place that keeps growing. It is a paid website with premium charges that range from $40 to $240 a month and plans that cover 1, 3, and 6 months correspondingly.

Probably, the most eye-catching aspect of this website is the large membership pool plus the webcam section that allows seeing others before meeting in person. Sending friend requests is among the best features of this platform.

It has such other features that stand it out from the universe of existing foot fetish dating sites. While it is not popularly known as a BDSM portal, it is evident that it is categorized as a kinky site. Here, there are people of all races, and there’s no space for discrimination.

Adult Friend Finder features great customer support and gives the option to add friends to the hotlist for contacting later.

From the name of the site itself, it is clear what this site is intended for. Fetish is a BDSM website that welcomes everybody with extravagant sexual desires and kinks. Besides celebrating sadomasochism, the site provides a great environment for members to express themselves.

It is a site that has zero-tolerance for discrimination in any way; thus it makes itself available to many genders or sexual identities. It is also exclusive to fetish lovers and sadomasochism admirers. is designed for kinky customers and inexperienced users.

Many BDSM websites have failed to equal fetishes and but is not like them. So, if you feel curious about any type of fetishes, this place may suit you best. The membership pool of this site is continuously growing.

At the present time, Fetish hosts over 150,000 folks and boasts of a high percentage of active users on it. Fetish database is dominated by men who are 60% of its populace. However, since kinks are not things that stick to a norm, gender is not important here.

Most of the guys that are part of the community are open to having new experiences with other men and women. is a place owned by the Friend Finder Network that serves kinky fellows. BDSM and share a lot of commonalities like pricing, types of community, methods, censorship rules, and interface.

BDSM is practically the same as but has minor changes that affect the interface. While is riddled with bots and spammers, BDSM is apparently much cleaner and has fewer members than amazingly keeps the site spam-free.

Although the site is often ragged on as being as scam, this shouldn’t be a surprise since bots are very common in this type of site. Nevertheless, many people have complained about its protection system and varied fetish-lover database.

What differentiates this app from its counterparts is that the majority of women who thrive here are not paid, actresses, or models. Additionally, it offers chat rooms, webcam, and the opportunity to interact with hot paid models as well.

As a non-paying member, you’re only allowed to read the site magazine webpage but get no access to any profile.


Kinkd is a freaky dating site for practitioners of bondage and other types of fetishes that surprisingly offers a more serious dating approach. This is why Kinkd is seen as the black sheep from among the other free fetish dating sites.

KinkD uses the swipe left/right technology that enables users to pass, like, and contact fellows. It is more costly than other hookup sites, but there are no perfect websites in this niche.

On setup, you’re asked to answer usual questions and upload a selfie. Next, you’re asked to submit your sexual preferences as well as your location, age, gender, and expectations. This site was created in Australia, so it is normal to view folks from Australia at most.

KinkD enables you to swipe up to 8 users daily and solely portrays netizens that live near you. The search function consists of a scrolling feature to browse profiles like we were scrolling up and down.

As a free member, you’re allowed to view profiles and send winks, but if you want to message them, you need to upgrade the account.


Whilplr is a dating site that aims to cater to kinky daters and create a favorable environment for those interested in bondage, footwork, and other sexual activities that are pretty uncommon. Whiplr belongs to the group of gay fetish dating sites.

This website is made for fetish daters and hot homosexual men that are willing to connect with other kinky practitioners. The site is pretty much straightforward and has a well-designed interface that facilitates the process of finding a partner or couple along the way.

The only negative is that the customer service often responds clumsily. At times, users have to specify their trouble to the customer service agents, so they can get their issues resolved.

In contrast with other fetish-based apps, Whiplr tends to be stricter and persnickety. Just upload a headshot that describes you well and does not offend other people. Regarding the profile details, you’re free to type whatever you like.

While the app generally regulates member activity, it boasts of having a matchmaking system that generates matches as perfectly as other renowned free foot fetish dating sites. By the way, it shows matches that merely live nearby.

Kinky Koo

Kinky Koo is an app that lets you hook with people that are interesting in role-playing, masochism, fetishes, and everything associated with BDSM. All members that download the app and register have a wilder side they want to explore. Kinky Zoo is a partially paid site.

Kinky Zoo helps fulfill fantasies that would disgust other types of communities like domination or bondage. It currently stands out among the best fetish dating sites right now that are exclusively targeted at this kind of audience.

Like other fetish apps, it has a lot of features that include video uploading, chat rooms, webcam chat, and instant messaging, but it keeps full profiles blocked to free users. In fact, you may see some photos are blurred on a free membership.

Kinky Zoo is a Pakistani dating site that is intended for kinky groups. It is reported to have slow growth, but now it has over 1 million members. It may be tricky to find locals through this app, and some users may appear masked.

A free account gets you access in and browses profiles superficially. The best place for installing this app is


When you imagine a fetish dating website, you think of a scary den where there are only untrustworthy folks with mental problems. FetLife is not all about kinks and footbinding, but about giving support and creating other kinds of relationships.

So, if you’ve been exploring corners of your sexuality that are unknown to you, Fetlife can help with that. Becoming part of this community is relatively easy as it practically calls for two steps: information submission and confirmation via phone.

By asking applicants to confirm via phone, FetLife weeds out bots and fake profiles. The platform will never require you to submit information that reveals your identity; instead, it urges you to add as much or little information as you want and join groups to engage in conversation.

The real engine of FetLife is the groups and but lacks a good matchmaking algorithm like OkCupid and Tinder. The website hosts groups and offers the option to send friend requests. Everybody can also post blogs and chat with others privately.

FetLife is like Facebook but has another approach. It strives to connect fetish lovers only, so if you’re looking for something different, don’t waste your time here.

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