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Sex Dating a Senior as a Freshman – Top 5 Senior Dating Freshman Sites

Let’s be honest: if you thought dating in college was the same as dating in high school, you were flat-out wrong. It is even more complicated because there are new rules and college takes a lot more time than other previous stages. That’s why. 

Despite this, that doesn’t stop seniors from dating freshmen. In fact, seeing a senior dating freshman is very common in many American-influenced colleges. It is true that college has rules, but students know how to deal with them.

Senior dating freshman sites turn out to be a great alternative considering the age gap and freedom that people get after 18. Plus, there’s no doubt that college events are more fun than the ones in high-school. It is a different world where seniors always seek freshmen for hookups.

Certainly, senior dating freshman websites were made for this purpose. It is important to be aware that serious commitments are well-nigh impossible at a certain age. The following websites are a representation of what dating in college is like: hookups and casual sex only. Read on.

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder is a site that always does the trick when it comes to finding local sex and dates. Using Adult Friend Finder can help us find young ladies who have just entered college. What is more, many female members on this platform are models and are around college age.


The fact that they are webcamers doesn’t mean they are not pursuing their studies anymore. This is the magic of Adult Friend Finder. The girls you hit up here are solely seeking sex and others some money. If you’re about to graduate from college, they can find you interesting.

Adult Friend Finder sounds like a better alternative for finding seniors than freshmen. Most of its male members are over 25 years, and some are still in college. As said, there are many women whose age is not above 20 and are eager to have flings.

Registering for this site is pretty easy. Submitting your personal info will take you half a minute.  The site requires you to upload a profile pic and write a bio to kick off. If you’re hunting for something specific, you better do this. is another dating site that is very similar to Adult Friend Finder but less pornographic. Registering to join this community is a task that takes 2 minutes. The site is exclusively for hookups, so forget about finding the girl of your dreams here.

Again, age range is important when seeking a senior dating freshman site. Passion’s age range is above 22, which makes it ideal for finding seniors instead of first-college-year coeds.  Best of all, it offers a wide range of features that streamline on-site communication.

Passion lets users send flirts, use group chats, enjoy live webcam shows and view photos and videos at no cost. You can harness the function of group chats to create your own and invite people from college. It’s a great idea to meet seniors and freshmen.  

On the other side, what makes Passion unique is the amount of unblocked contacting functions it has. In the end,  you can show your interest in various ways charge-free.

There are 90 million registered members – do your math and figure out how many seniors and freshmen there must be.

is another portal that helps seniors to go on dates with freshmen thanks to its particular age range. Sex Finder is one of the dating sites that college students utilize the most to find girls nearby. It is likewise useful to meet people with other sexual orientations.


Most males here are 25 while girls younger, around 22. This is the age where libido is said to be at its peak. Sex Finder is one of the most popular hookup sites along with others like AdultFriendFinder and Passion for spicing up sexual life while in college.

In this portal, people enter to learn new fetishes and try out things they had never tried in bed. In this regard, Sex Finder can be used for arranging orgies and extremely crazy pool parties.

The downside is that many of its functions require a good amount of money, and the price to pay is a little higher than others. 

In exchange, both males and females gain full access to many kinds of profiles, including lesbians, trans, bi-curious, seniors, and freshmen.

Xmatch is one of the sites with the highest reputation on this list. It claims to create up to 60,000 matches on a daily basis, 14% of which are between seniors and girls in the first college year. Xmatch lets members send flirts and winks, but messages are limited to paying members.


The site comes out as a useful choice for the features it has. It has over 15 million registered members in the United States and Canada, who are still taking classes in college. Many of the ladies on the site are not older than 21 years and perform cam shows when they are not studying.

Due to such popularity, it is no wonder why guys over 23-26 prefer this site. Aside from that, the registration process scarcely takes 5 minutes and is the same as other platforms for dating. At Xmatch, daters talk a lot. You can get up to 35 messages in a matter of 5 hours.

Xmatch lends itself to working as escorts and finding them. Of course, there are plans you need to pay to have more chances to find a girl. Once you’ve made up your mind about which plan to take, you’re allowed to watch unlimited webcasts and reply to as many messages as you want.

As a bonus, Xmatch runs smoothly on mobile phones.

is, for one, the best all-time site for coeds and young singles. It has been around for decades, and its algorithm works perfectly at the moment of finding matches.


The most enthralling facts about OkCupid are the matchmaking system and the test to provide compatibility rates.

Now, if you’re somebody who dreams of being a senior dating freshman, registering with your Facebook would help a lot. OkCupid is not a porn site and encourages all kinds of relationships. So, it is not confined to casual sex or flings; you can also find friendship here.

OkCupid is advantageous for seniors and coeds because it provides the option to link their profile to important social networks they may use, such as Facebook and Instagram. Unquestionably, this boosts the chances of finding seniors or freshmen nearby.

This site seems to be designed for university students. When you’re taking the quiz, you realize it’s actually focused on things young adults do.  Plus, unlike the other sites above, OkCupid does have an app that runs seamlessly on Android and iOS.

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