Best Gay Dating Websites for older

9 Best Gay Dating Apps & Sites for older guys

Despite many gay dating websites are currently online, gay dating continues to be disappointing and sometimes distressing because of the few options. Today, many sites and apps are tailored for gays of all kinds, including the black community and senior gays.

But when looking for the top gay dating site, it is risky. Some platforms claim to work as older gay men dating sites, but this is not true. With the diversity of gay portals right now, it is hard to separate legit sites from fakes.

There has been a rise in older for younger gay dating lately, and with that, many gay dating websites for seniors are born. According to MarketWatch, gay dating portals are preferred by gays to meet someone from the Internet. The bummer is most of these websites are centered too much on sex and casual relationships.

In order to narrow down the options of gay dating sites for older men, it is important to navigate the Internet a little bit. Besides the sex dating platforms and apps for gays, there are still many that serve people who are looking something meaningful.
In this article, we are going to talk about the top 9 gay dating apps to date older guys.

Top 9 Gay Dating Apps & Sites for older guys

  1. Gay Friend Finder – Meet Gay friends
  2. Adultfriendfinder  –  Find Adult Gay Singles 
  3. OkCupid – Find a Gay Match Today
  4. Hinge – Match, Chat, Date
  5. Grindr – Social Networking App for Gay
  6. Scruff –  Top rated LGBTQ app
  7. Tinder – Most Popular Dating App
  8. Her – Best Lesbian Dating App

Gay Friend Finder

If you want to meet a gay senior, Gay Friend Finder is the best site for you. It has been around for a long time and is not intended for serious commitments. Gay Friend Finder serves as a homosexual version of Adult Friend Finder in this regard.

Gay Friend Finder

Gay Friend Finder hosts gays from around the globe, but a great majority is from the USA. It is very active and has singles and married people interested in couple swapping and orgies. Gay Friend Finder lends itself to coming across old gays or bisexual guys who are taken.

This site, however, has more females than men. If you are looking forward to dating an older man gay, resort to the search function. Also, submit your info properly, specifying what you like best and your sexual preference. Gay Friend Finder runs smoothly on all devices, even if it has an old Android version.

  • It is suited for casual dating. Do not take it seriously.
  • Works for finding couples. You could date an old gay couple on Gay Friend Finder if this is your fantasy.
  • The opportunity to meet Latino old gays. The site garners many Brazilian visitors.
    Ideal to meet Asian gays.
  • Signing up for this community is a piece of cake.
  • Ideal to date local people. Is your boss homosexual? Maybe, he’s on the site.
  • The portal includes geo-targeting. It is impossible to miss locals.


  • Many women. Some women are straight, which reduces one’s options.
  • Useless to find meaningful connections. All is about sex on this site.
  • You may find lots of fakes because the registration fields can be left empty.

Adult Friend Finder

While Adult Friend Finder is for all, it is also one of the gay dating apps for older guys. The site is very popular with 80 million folks. Adult Friend Finder is the PornHub version to chat and meet old gays and bisexual couples for a sexual adventure.

Adult Friend Finder

Although AFF is open to all kinds of arrangements, it is not recommended to hunt for love. To strike it luck, upload as many photos as you can, no matter if they show nudity. Unlike other sex sites, it has an app for Android and Apple.

Users claim there are many bots on the site, which is something that can’t be avoided. The site is not free, and contact features are blocked. As to the age of members, most are young, making it difficult to find old guys. You can try anyway.

Adult Friend Finder is intended for photo-sharing and posting hot videos. The site has various chatrooms to contact gays and go live streaming.

  • Not many women on the site.
  • A special space for flings. Don’t look for love here.
  • One of the porn sites that offer a downloadable app.
  • If you are near middle age, it can help you find somebody young.
  • Are you fond of cuckolds? AFF can work.


  • The age of users is too low. AFF needs more 50-year-olds.
  • Forget about long-term relationships on AFF.
    Too many paid features. You can’t even send a message at no cost; only winks if your account is free.


Hinge is the only app that requests its deletion if it works. It is an app that caters to fellows who are looking for something serious and not games. So, if you install it and find what you are looking for, you can uninstall the app.

Hinge is a site to have serious conversations, and porn is not allowed. To be fair, it is not the best app for dating older gay men but works better for dating sugar baby boys. If you are in your 50s, this dating app can help you find someone to spoil.

While other apps are packed with catfish, Hinge seems to be like Facebook or Badoo in the number of fakes. The app is plenty of genuine members who do not want to play around. Old gay men can comment on photos and videos published by gays who are younger.

Hinge is the opposite of Tinder, so do not use it with the same purpose.

  • You can register with Facebook or phone number.
  • The app demands that you post six photos to chat. This is mandatory.
  • While it sucks for younger men to find seniors, it is suitable to date sugar babes.
  • No porn. Only decent conversations. No dirty talk.
  • Ideal for lasting commitments.
  • More men than women.
  • Still very few people on the site. Only 5 million.
    Great for singles.
  • Hinge is free to download and register.


  • Not many users over 50.
  • You can’t send photos. The chat is text-based.
  • Only matches can talk. Those that are not matches can’t interact.


While OkCupid is not exclusive for gays, it works wonders for the LGBTQ+ community. OkCupid encourages same-sex relationships and drums into them. Besides, it is more affordable than eHarmony and also less strict with the rules.


OkCupid is one of the apps with the largest user bases, but it may not be the case for old gays. The major part of the populace on this app is younger than 30 years old, which can be disadvantageous.

Since it is an app for young folks, old gay men can register to date guys who are young. OkCupid supports all kinds of relationships, from casual dates to marriage; it is a diverse community. Core features can be used for free except those that connect you to members who liked you.

The app is downloadable for Android and Apple, and only matches can talk. On the plus side, there are more guys than females, which is truly convenient.

  • The activity on the site is high. It is tough to get bored.
  • Suited for finding young men.
  • OkCupid encourages all kinds of relationships.
  • It gives the chance to chat with bi and transsexuals as well. All genres are admitted and included among the registration options.
  • Better to find middle-aged guys. A high percentage of users are around 40.
  • Signing up only takes 10 minutes, maybe less.
  • A clean interface displays online members only.


  • Most people are from the USA, but there are still visitors worldwide.
  • Useless for gay dating older men.
  • Only people who like each other can chat.


Grindr is another app that facilitates long-term relationships. It is completely free, maybe more than OkCupid. What distinguishes Grindr from other apps is it is fully targeted at gays and bi. Although users report it is full of bots, the site is very popular, with 200 million photos uploaded monthly.


Grindr can help find local gay seniors, as its matchmaking system is geo-located. If you want to engage in live chat, become a premium member. Grindr is a gay community that includes gays, trans, transvestites, and lesbians.

The community is slightly active, with 3 million users daily. Most of its members are from the United States and the United Kingdom. There are also other 190 million users worldwide. Grindr connects folks based on personal interests and beliefs.

The site is not aimed at gays who are old, but it seems easier for middle-aged folks. The majority of members are 20 years old. There are only two ways to connect on Grindr: through messages and taps.

  • Can you help find gays over 40?
  • Huge user base, but not all members are legit.
  • Ideal to meet young dudes. This is for the old men looking for that.
  • The site is free of charge.
  • It welcomes all genders, not only mainstream homosexual buddies.
  • A lot of activity on the app with so many people uploading pictures.
  • Excellent for finding gays nearby.
  • You can log in through Facebook or social media.


  • Few old gays.
  • Live chat is blocked for free users, but it is the only feature in this condition.
  • Solely two ways to communicate. This is a hindrance.


If you are going to install this app, make sure your phone uses the latest Android or iOS version. Scruff is a good site but tends to crash smartphones, so beware. In spite of that, it gets many visitors and users are active and willing to chat.

Scruff is also popular for having a low rate of fake profiles, including members impersonating wealthy guys or sugar boys. The other problem is the use of popups that supports the site. Scruff is an app for gays, trans, bisexuals, lesbians, and every member of the LGBTQ+ community.

The website has grown to 12 million netizens worldwide. Scruff used to allow half-naked pictures but not at this moment due to issues with Google. Scruff is visited by 350,000 Americans monthly but has few seniors. It is more suited to meet young guys.

The app permits all types of commitments. Although you can become a member to find companionship, sex, friendships, and gay dating younger for older.

  • It is like a social network to chat and have a good time.
  • You will not find pornography here.
  • Ideal to date young guys.
  • It welcomes all genders.
  • Open to all kinds of relationships, including older for younger gay dating.
  • Workable to get penfriends.
  • It allows sending photos, GIFs, text via instant messaging.
  • Scruff houses various communities, and you can add yourself to one of them.
  • Private albums can have porn.


  • It May is not be the best app for hookups or love but for friendships.
  • Few old gays are available to interact. The rate of this population is low.
  • No porn.
  • Tends to slow up phones.


Tinder is perhaps the most popular app on this list. It is not focused on gays only; it is a general community. The site hosts gays, straight individuals, lesbians, and gay seniors. Its perk is the focus on local dating, which is easier on this app because of its big and legit user base.


Tinder is based on swipes to like or dislike people. It accepts all kinds of relationships, including same-sex commitments with old gay guys. It is an app for young members, but you can still find bisexual old men looking for casual dating. While few users use Tinder for long-term arrangements, many others do so for sex.

There are more men than women on Tinder, but the gender proportion gap is not wide. It is possible to meet singles from the United States and other countries, as the location of members is well distributed.

You can register using Facebook or phone numbers in a couple of tweaks. You can stay logged in on multiple devices. Tinder registers bots that are supposedly women but not as many as other apps, for sure.

  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Improvements in Profile quality. You can input more details now.
  • Tinder supports the LGBTQ+ community by including more pronouns for the users to identify.
  • Instant messaging has no price tag on Tinder.
  • An upgraded Membership gives access to Top Picks, which are necessary to view profiles of 50-year-old guys.


  • The app is striving to attract more LGBTQ guests, but it needs to add more inclusive words.


Is a website for lesbians a good fit for finding older gays? This is among the dating sites for older gay men. Her gives the option to send messages for free and without restriction, which gets it ahead of other platforms.

Her Dating

Whenever you join Her, fill out your profile with recent photos, so other members can know you. If you seek to meet old guys, you’ll be possibly contacted by one of them utilizing a girl photo. The best option is to filter searches and head to the middle-aged women section directly.

Her is not pornographic and can be linked with Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram like a social network. This site is based on geo-location and puts emphasis on local dating. To send a message, you need to be friend of the person you are interested in.

  • Feasible to find young men of 20 years old.
  • The app is active. Most fellows are always willing to chat.
  • HeR  encourages all types of relationships, including friendships.
  • The app can be connected to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.
  • The sign process is simple and only takes a few minutes.
  • It is also a trendy swipe app.
    Newcomers must upload photos to communicate.


  • Not too many old buddies on the site.
  • Lesbians and queers reign as a matter of course.
  • Since the email is not requested, many fake profiles are registered.
  • Her doesn’t allow you to search on your own. The system does it for you.

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