7 Best Asian Gay Dating Sites

With the growth of the LGBTQì+ communities, Asian gay dating websites and apps are rising in number too. They come off as anti-discriminatory spaces that service Asian men and lesbians with interests in same-sex commitments. In the beginning, these sites used to have a few thousand members, but now figures have skyrocketed to millions.

The awakening of these apps started to gain strength in 2017 when some sites like Adult Friend Finder and Mennation played up the role of Asian gays. Besides welcoming gays and lesbians, these portals accept non-binary individuals, queer people, and transsexuals.

The price of these apps can vary, but they’re generally not free. This goes against their ads claiming they’re flexible and charge-free. While this may not always be a fact, it is true most Asian gay sites are focused on romantic dates and ban porn.

That said, most Asian gay dating apps are tailored for those who want a spouse. In this article, we’re not pretending to cover them all, but the ones that matter most. Below are Asian gay dating sites.

Top 7 Asian Gay Dating Sites 

  1. Gayfriendfinder – Meet Gay friends
  2. Adultfriendfinder –  Find Adult Gay Singles 
  3. Mennation – Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys
  4. Gay Asian Male – Make new friends
  5. Gay Asian Singles – Find Your Gay Partner
  6. Tendermeets – Meet Gay Singles
  7. Quickflirt – – Best Dating Site


Gay friend finder is a hook app that acts as a dating site for unattached individuals. On this site, it is normal to find singles and couples all mixed up and mingling. Gay friend finder is a pioneer in the Asian gay dating business and is home to millions of daters. 

Gay friend finder is among the top-charting sites dedicated to gays worldwide. It contains a lot of features, yet most are blocked. Gay friend finder is familiar to many gays who connect from America and Europe, and Asians are starting to join in bulk. 

One of the best aspects of this app is that it has chat rooms and forums for members. Since it is not exclusive for men, many women enter to socialize with their peers. GayfriendFinder has a Lesbian category. 

This venue is ideal to find companionship or one-night stands but to make this possible; the site puts more attention on local dating. 


  • You need to be a paid subscriber to tap into most features.
  • Optimal for gay males and females.
    It welcomes queers, TS, and TV.
  • Gayfriendfinder has been online for 12 years, and it’s getting stronger. 
  • The site gets updated monthly. 
  • Low cost. The minimum subscription costs $12. 
  • A nice variety of Asian gays from Japan and Indonesia. 
  • The app is suited to explore kinks and fetishes. 
  • It doesn’t stand a candle to Adult Friend Finder, but you can find members from that site as well. 


  • All contacting features are paid. 
  • Not good to find love or long-haul commitments.  


Adult Friend Finder is a platform ideal to find easy sex and see uncensored profiles. The portal is all about dirty chats with gay Asian men and lesbians who also engage in photo trading or broadcast paid shows. It hosts diverse chat rooms to meet lesbians and homosexual buddies worldwide.

While Adult Friend Finder is a premium site, it offers a few free features to break the ice. You can send free flirts and winks to contact Asian gays. But to do great in the community, become premium. 

The site contains a wealth of Asian porn as well. You can find gay Asian porn of men having sex and webcammers in private rooms performing shows. Although the photos of your friends are also viewable, as well as their stories, Adult Friend Finder allows making albums private. 

The site offers about hookups and hot dates uniquely, and there’s no space for romanticism. Most Asian gays are from Vietnam, Myanmar, and Eurasia. 


  • It has a lot of Asians, most of which live in the United States.
  • The opportunity to chat with Asian gays and meet hundreds of cultures.
  • Offers Asian webcammers, including transgenders. 
  • Age range over 30. 
  • Ideal for photo trading, video and image sharing. All content on AFF is porn. 
    NSA site. 
  • Useful for sexting and virtual sex.
  • Local dating. 


  • Not good to find love. 
  • Most features are paid for. 
  • There are tons of bots and fake profiles. 
  • Impossible to hide the identity or blur one’s face, at least. 


Although Mennation is not as popular as Adult Friend Finder, it garners millions of visitors per month. This is a hookup site that is tailored to gays, where Japanese and Filipino gays dominate.

The homepage of Mennation looks crowded and cramped, but it’s mainly because there are too many tabs and users. This site is rated among the best in the gay dating business, getting guests from around the globe, especially from the United States.

As to the membership pool, Mennation is chock-full of gays from Thailand and the Philippines. Most are 30 years and have a settled life. Mennation does not help to find serious relationships, but it does the trick by offering hot alternatives. 

It is a very active community, which by the time this article is published, has over 11,000,000 active users. Trans, bisexuals and even non-binary folks make up the database.


  • Big user base. 
  • Optimal to date gays, transgenders, and transsexuals. 
  • Very active community. 
  • IM.
  • Chat rooms. 
  • It has plenty of contacting features. 
  • The site has bots but not as many as Adult Friend Finder. 
  • Swift registration process. 
  • It is not accepting of women. The site only approves the presence of men. 
  • Ideal to find bisexuals that are the second-largest population on the site. 


  • It doesn’t intend to find serious commitments. 
  • The age bracket is too high, containing loads of 50-year-olds. 
  • Mennation is short of members living out of the United States. Most Asians reside there).

Gay Asian Male

Gay Asian Male is a gay Asian dating app that provides casual dates and companionship. It doesn’t work as a hookup spot, but a place to interact with admirers. The site receives gays from Myanmar, India, and other Asian countries where homosexuals are restricted.

The Gay Asian Male’s registration is easy and can be completed in minutes. It also hosts a tab to catch up with news about the Asian gay dating realm. Besides admitting men, this community opens the door to lesbians who seek love. Gay Asian Male has been around since 1999, and it is one of the oldest websites in the gay category.

Since it acts as Badoo or Tagged, this site is not pornographic. The search tool is basic and focused on New, Online Users, age and location. This way, you chat up Asian singles of different ages near you.

The website enables you to upload videos on your profile to let others know you in detail. Gay Asian Male counts on a matchmaking system that gives suggestions according to personal tastes and interests.


  • It aims to find love. This site is serious.
  • High-end and intuitive matchmaking system. 
  • Asians from Thailand, Vietnam, and Russia. 
  • The age of members ranges from 24 to 50 years. 
  • One of the oldest with over two decades in the business. 
  • Browser-friendly layout. 
  • The website has a section for articles and a blog. 
  • No ads. 
  • Private profiles.


  • Very bald interface. The layout is too simplistic. 
  • Despite the time it’s been online, Gay Asian Male has grown no more. 
  • No app.  

Gay Asian Singles

Gay Asian Singles is one of the leading dating sites for the LGBTQI+ communities. It encourages all kinds of relationships, from serious commitments to one-night stands, and it is also one of the Asian dating portals for gays with the fewest bogus profiles. 

Because of this, this gay Asian dating site is suitable for sex and romantic dates. The site offers Chinese gays and bisexuals all over and works with a search tool based on age, personality and type of relationship. Japanese fellows are very common. 

The site includes an option to send messages, reply, and upload videos to the newsfeed. There are also women, but males outnumber them by 40%. To eradicate fake profiles, the community has an anti-scam system to keep them away. However, if you are looking for an app, this site is not a choice, although it runs smoothly on phones. 

The portal gets visitors thanks to its basic layout and the big Japanese gay user pool. Home to thousands of Chinese as well. 


  • Easy-to-use interface. 
  • Low cost. 
  • Three trial memberships. 
  • It also offers four plans, which the most expensive cost 40 bucks. 
  • Although the site seems empty, it still receives many visitors. 
  • Mostly for gay men. 
  • Gay Asian Singles is mobile friendly.
  • Ideal to contact gays living in the United States and countries like France. 


  • Not free. The IM and video chat are features that are blocked. 
  • It does not possess a native app. 


Tendermeets is not the biggest site to date Asian men, yet it is worth the money due to the features it provides. Some claim this place is getting flooded with fake profiles, and engaging in gay Asia dating is tough since it’s too crowded. 

Tendermeets offers a place with a smooth and user-friendly interface to chat with singles upon registration. Once you sign up, you can start searching by the online users and the member age that interests you. While Tendermeets is supposed to provide long-haul arrangements, some users do dirty chats on it. 

On the other hand, it is paid, so if you want to use IM and other contacting features, you need to become a premium subscriber. On the plus side, it is a very effective matchmaker that makes very few errors when giving suggestions. And further, it is not only for dating but also for socializing. 

This platform is a good fit to find a partner in the vicinity. Tendermeets is excellent for local dating. 


  • Suited for local dating. 
  • Asian men are living in the United States and Japan. 
  • Interface designed for the youth. 
  • People age 24 to 36 years old. 
  • Constant monitoring to ward scammers off. 
  • Smooth and easy to use.


  • Tendermeets is struggling with bots and scams and has always done. 
  • It can be pricey, and some users report they have been ripped off. 
  • Not a dating site that is aimed at gays. 
  • Too many negative reviews. Enter and have your own experience. 
  • Many girls. 


Of the gay Asian dating sites on this list, Quickflirt is probably the best rated according to Sitejabber. Quickflirt is a general dating site also used by Asians to meet or date people. In the recent years, more and more gays are registering to find love or somebody to chat up.

With that said, Quickflirt searches for locals and not far-off dates or distance love. The app has been online since 2007, time through which its reputation has improved. The portal is like its name; it is a place to flirt with singles, thus there’s no space for kinks or porn. 

However, the site is more targeted at singles who want to have fun or just talk. If you want adventures or hot dates, you can get it too, especially with Japanese gays residing in the United States and Canada. The design of this portal is appealing and eye-catching to youngsters. 

Besides the attractive layout, it is a very simple app with a responsive anti-scammer.  


  • User-friendly interface with features at hand. 
  • Good user pool of Japanese gays. 
  • Multi-purpose- Use the app for chatting or dating. 
  • App and site that runs smoothly on phones.
  • High rated. Quick Flirt seems trustworthy and worth it. 
  • Available on Play Store. 


  • Not an exclusive app for gays. 
  • Few members. 
  • Many dates don’t end up in bed or personal encounters. All sticks to sexting and online fun, which can be disappointing. 

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