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Best Gay Dating Sites: Top 10 LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

Of all the existing gay dating sites on the internet, Mennation is one of the best for providing the largest number of free services.

Finding a gay dating portal 100% free is well-nigh impossible since most features are paid, and the demand keeps growing.

However, some sites still have contacting features at no cost. Two of them are GayFriendFinder and OkCupid, which are among the 100 free gay dating sites. OkCupid, in specific, offers free IM, which is the feature that users generally use to chat. Regardless of the costs, these programs get millions of visits monthly.

There are plenty of sites that do provide a free service, but not all are on this list. Websites like Sea Acustica, My Racine County, and Road Master engine world cater to the United States with services at no cost.

In the end, despite the large number of destinations for chatting with gays cost-free, there are a few matchmakers and programs that can be considered serious enough.

Keep reading to find out more.

Top 10 Best Gay Dating Sites


Although GayFriendFinder is for gay males, it is also used by women who seek girls. Not only GayFriendFinder is free, but it is also a place that runs perfectly on most mobile devices, even those with an old OS. GayFriendFinder is one of the easiest platforms to use.

Gay Friend Finder

The good side of GayFriendFinder is it is designed to find serious commitments. In spite of that, some register to have hot dates. But, GayFriendFinder is going through a problem. It is getting a higher rate of inactivity, which is translated into fewer connections.

This is strange, considering GayFriendFinder sounds familiar and nearly adopts the name of Adult Friend Finder. The site is not free, as many contacting functions are restricted to a free membership. Free users, however, can interact in forums or through blog posts. 

So, what is actually free of cost on this platform? You can meet and date couples and groups. You can also check out profiles freely. As for reading and replying to messages, this is impossible on a free account. Gay Friend Finder offers a trial version for newcomers to make use of the free features. 


  • It is free to navigate and check out profiles. 
  • Responsive on mobile devices. 
  • It has chats and forums which can be used without spending money. 
  • It allows seeing who’s online for free. 
  • You can create your own blog or browse others at no cost. 
  • The search function is great. 


  • Gay Friend Finder has limited messaging. 
  • No app. 
  • If you are not a premium subscriber, you cannot use phone support.

Adult Friend Finder 

Adult Friend Finder is probably the most popular website that caters to gay and straight people. The site is not thoroughly centered on gays but serves a great variety of genders, including transsexuals, transgenders and bi-curious.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is another sex finder that requires payment for a part of its services. Still, the platform registration is free, and there are no hidden fees. Uploading photos and videos is also free. You can optimize your profile to get more visits seamlessly.  

Reading content in blogs is also among the free options AFF offers. The portal presents broadcasters, but not all are visible to free members. Some webcammers require a paid subscription for view. Anyway, there are lots of gays doing nude shows, and they have no problem admitting free users. 

Although Adult Friend Finder is not particularly oriented to gays, the majority of its user pool is truthfully diverse. It is an amazing matchmaker with a total NSA atmosphere where gay couples and groups meet and date. 


  • Some chats are free.
  • Forums are the best way of communicating.
  • They charge $0 to discuss and have a word. 
  • AFF has a plethora of chats. Sometimes, it is tricky to decide on which one to enter. 
  • Webcammers everywhere.
  • NSA chat. 
  • It has porn. Uploading nudes and explicit videos has no price tag.


  • You can’t send messages on this site.
  • You can’t use any of its contacting features related to IM. You can’t reply or read messages either.

For many years, has been considered one of the best online gay dating sites, but it has been losing ground in the business. What impresses me about this site is the ease of use and its browser-friendly layout. Customers report everything is laid out clearly, and the options are very helpful to find even bisexual dudes.


Nonetheless, not all that is yellow is gold. The website is paid, and the most important functions remain blocked for unpaying subscriptions. Free users can use the basic search tool, which permits them to search members by age and location.

Users can also search singles based on the type of commitment they are seeking. Another free noteworthy feature is the chat room. 


  • Very easy to use.
  • Outpersonals has a chat that is available for everybody.
  • IM is free, albeit limited. 
  • You can upload unlimited photos and videos and give access to Gold members to view them. 
  • You can leave the profile blank if you want to.
  • This could be right or wrong. 
  • Free registration. This is normal in all gay and straight dating sites. 
  • You can create blogs at no cost. Use this option to make your likes public. 


  • You only have five messages per day on a free account. If you want to maximize this function, upgrade to a paid membership. 
  • As a free member, you can’t send winks, which is weird on dating sites where winks are unblocked. 
  • You can’t view profiles fully. There’s a certain restriction that involves photos and videos. 
  • Gold members are the only ones who can watch live broadcasts.


Mennation is one of the 100 free gay dating sites with most users around the globe. The matchmaker includes free and paid features as its counterparts do. If you are looking for companionship, Mennation can help, and if you are looking for sex, it can do it too. 

Mennation doubles as a dating and a hookup site with a vast user pool of over 100,000,000 members. How free is it? Mennation has some features that can be tapped in without spending bucks, but it is true the most important functions are blocked. 

As a free member, you are able to join in and optimize the profile. You can upload an unlimited number of videos, which can be viewed by members who are with a paid subscription. Impressively, you can see who’s viewed your profile, so you know who is interested in you.


You can likewise create blogs and read the write-ups people create. If you want to go live, you can do it without a price tag as well. Nude chats are also accessible for free users. This way, you can be a voyeur and a webcammer at zero bucks. 


  • You can go live for free.
  • Access to chats and live broadcasts. 
  • Too many members worldwide. The site keeps growing in number. 
  • Gives the chance to add photos and videos without restriction. 
  • You can write blogs and let people into your page to read them. 


  • IM is blocked. 
  • Some nude chats can be blocked.
  • You can’t add friends with a free membership. 
  • Profile views is blocked too. You need a paid membership to stalk people.

TSDATes is one of the 100% free gay dating sites in the USA that provide different contacting features. This sex finder gives the possibility to have one-night stands, sex, but it is not so good at giving lasting relationships. So, if you are going to use it, bear this in mind. 


The registration on this site is free and very quick, indeed. TS Dates is a LGBTQ community that targets transsexuals and transvestites mostly, but it has no problem in accepting straight and gay folks. As for the communication features, it is not possible to send messages for free.

Despite IM is restricted, free users are allowed to join and participate in nude chats. So, use broadcasts to mingle with other TS and TG at least publicly. People with free memberships can meet transgender women since they make up the greater part of the database. 

Another feature attainable for free is the commenting option. If you find a member that catches your eye, show your interest by voting positively or commenting on their photos. This is another way of interacting without fees. 


  • Most broadcasts are open to all members. 
  • You can drop comments for free. 
  • You don’t need money to vote.
  • You can take part in sexy contests. 
  • You can go live at no cost. 
  • If you want to make your life public, write content so people know you. This is also free.



  • IM blocked. 
  • You can’t read messages. IM is completely restricted. 
  • You can only navigate profiles partially. You might not be allowed to explore some photos. offers nothing beyond sex and flings. If you are seeking a platform to find love, do not waste your time here. is a hookup site that presents a mixed database of straight and homosexual singles. There are actually plenty of bisexual men on this site. serves as a community that lends itself to photo-trading and sexting. So, people use it to meet singles personally or virtually. Both options are achievable. The bummer is it presents few features. There are 6 or 7 features among the paid and charge-free options. 

As a free member, you can check out profiles and view photos and videos without restriction. However, some profiles can be blocked, and some pictures are masked for free members. The only option that is not limited is livecam, which can be accessed with no issue. 

IM is also free. You can make contact by sending messages, which is a distinguishable characteristic. Besides IM, it also comes with chats for public conversation. You are also allowed to poke members by sending flirts. 


  • Sending messages is free, which surprises about a 100% free gay dating site in the USA that has been online for years in the business. 
  • Free chat. 
  • You can go live-streaming at no cost. This is good, considering many visitors can see you and interact with you at a time. 
  • There are no limits to upload visual and written content. 
  • Another free option is to send flirts.


  • Searching for members by age, location, and relationship type is a problem. This is a paid feature. 
  • Sign-up is free for a limited period. 


While Grindr has been losing its reputation in recent years, it still garners new registrations consistently. It is actually among the 11th top completely free gay dating sites. Grindr comes out as the replacement of Tinder for the LGBTQ community. 


Grindr is an application that is downloadable for Android and iOS devices. Users report constant technical issues, which have derived in a drop in membership decline rates. However, it still ranks high. 

Grindr is free as opposed to the majority of matchmakers on this list. This means you can send messages for free, and you can read messages, touch base with premium subscribers and much more. Grindr grants complete functionality to free members.

The only feature that remains unblocked for free memberships is the live chat. 


  • Free private chats. The app enables IM for all members.
  • Available for Android and iOS (although it works more smoothly on iOS devices). 
  • Tribe selection is also on offer, although only one is selectable. 
  • You can create chats for more enjoyment.
  • You can explore profiles without giving money.
  • You’re given full access to profiles. 


  • There are ads all over. The site displays too many ads to compensate for the features people do not pay for. 
  • Chats are too simple for free users. It has only text, and no emojis are included. 
  • Grindr can lead devices to crash.


While OkCupid is not intended for the homosexual audience exclusively, it has millions of gays and bisexual individuals seeking friendship, companionship, or fun. OkCupid cannot be considered as a hookup community, as it acts more like a social network such as Badoo and Tagged. 

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

Talking about totally free gay dating websites, OkCupid really is. OkCupid is a good option for young singles, college girls, boys, and queers. Regarding what is free on this app, chatting in private can be done for free, but it is not permitted to keep track of visits and other secondary functions. 

In general, the most important features for communicating are free on this app. As a free user, you can leverage the search tool, which is similar to the advanced tool on other dating apps.

There’s another feature that is free, which is called Double Take, one of the core features of OkCupid. But unpaying subscribers must deal with ads, cannot see who’s viewed them, and cannot boost their profiles. 


  • All the contacting features are free.
  • OkCupid is accepting of all genders and sexual orientations. They are including genders as they appear in the spectrum. 
  • Paid options may not be necessary. The app is pretty functional without the extra features. 
  • Available for all mobile devices. 
  • Very responsive. 
  • Legit profiles. 


  • Not a gay-centered app exclusively (but still a choice to give a hack at). is another social networking service that is geared towards gays and straight singles. While Match is not thought for hookups and one-night stands particularly, it aims to find any type of relationship. This makes it very similar to OkCupid, except that its user pool has fewer gay males. Reviews | 100% Free Trial is also one of the easiest gay dating sites in the United States. As you log in, you see the content is easy to read, and images do not look cramped. It also includes free features that can be of interest.

Regarding the free tabs, it may contain more restrictions than other dating platforms. Match, for example, does not allow free messaging or anonymous browsing. 

So, what can you do on Match if you can’t read and send messages charge-free? You can play matchmaking games. 


  • Games are free.
  • Huge user base, probably bigger than the one of Adult Friend Finder.
  • Since you can’t have a word with anybody, you can send likes for free.
  • You can check out profiles. 
  • It is an app that runs on all mobile devices.
  • Nice interface with few components to speak ill of. 


  • You can’t read messages, and you can’t reply to them, obviously. 
  • IM is fully blocked for people on free accounts. 
  • Match lacks gays and people from the LGBTQ community. It has gays and queers, but not enough.


Tinder is a general matchmaker that puts thousands of singles in front through a swipe feature. This is a totally free app that does not require a paid subscription for Instant messaging and swipes. Yet, it is important to say free users have limited swipes.


Tinder is user-friendly and very popular worldwide. The software gets visitors from any country, and it is primarily focused on local dating. If you want to date somebody from abroad, you need to upgrade your membership to increase your chances. 

The program remains functional in every sense, but some features that can be important are blocked for free members. Free users, for instance, can’t undo swipes, which means they can’t correct a swipe they did accidentally. 

But the search tool, which is the second most relevant feature on this kind of app, is basic and pretty handy. Tinder allows swiping up to 100 users per day, or more than that. Only locals are displayed, though. 


  • Tinder is arguably free. If the term free applies, we can call it that. 
  • One-of-a-kind swipe function. Although other apps have adopted this option, Tinder’s swipe feature is still above par. 
  • The app is compatible with all smart devices. 
    Ideal to find locals. 
  • Suitable to chat with young gays. Most gays are in their 20s. 
  • Tinder has millions of members around the world, although its user base seems to be hitting the ceiling. 


  • Tinder is a program that stands out for having well-detailed profiles. People upload one picture and no more than that. 
  • Users claim subscription fees are high.

Conclusion – Which Gay Dating Site Should You Choose?

After reading this article, it is likely that you are wondering which gay dating site to choose for your needs. In the end, it really depends on what you are looking for in a dating site. If you are looking for something casual and private, Adult friend finder might be a better option for you. On the other hand, if you want a more serious relationship with people who share your same interests and values, Gay friend finder might be a better fit.

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