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If you are in the UK and you are seeking a platform to find cougars, meet-a-cougar is a good jumping-off point. It is one of the best sites that specializes in finding young men for middle-aged women. So, if you are in this position and are 35 years old, try it.

Cougar refers to women who are into men 10 years younger. They hunt for these guys to please them and give them all they want, and vice versa. Meet-a-cougar is still a small community that caters to attached and single 50-year-old ladies who want to go on dates.

The portal is geared towards local daters and young men seeking to get laid with mature women. Even though Meet-a-cougar is totally in English, it is actually managed from Spain by Salamandra, a Spanish French-speaking corporation.

Member Structure

It is a fact that MEET-a-Cougar is home to thousands of 45-year-old female users. 56% of its user base is made of women, while the other 44% are men, but not all male members are as young as expected. Many guys in this community are actually sugar daddies, which diverts the purpose of the site.

60% of members are from the UK, but there are also guests from the USA, India, and Africa. 70% of the users who are not British are from the United States and India. The age range of male members is 23-60 years old, which means the age is proportionally diverse.

Most netizens are Caucasians. There are singles of other ethnicities, but it is not common. Customers have reported fake profiles have massively signed up for this site. This is true when you give a glance at some pictures on the main page. They are unquestionably taken out from the Internet.

Signup Process

The signup process is free and enables you to meet other people in your vicinity. The registration option is all the way down on a button that is blinking.

Once you click on the signup button, the site automatically drives you to a short form. The website asks you to choose your gender from man, woman, and couple, and pick the gender of your intended match. There’s no option for gays and trannies.

Select the city you are in, however, you may struggle to find singles out of The United Kingdom. The site is completely in English.
After you submit your personal data, Meet-a-cougar sends you a verification link you have to click on. This is the end of the process. Please, add photos following this step.

In the process of creating your profile page, feel free to add information to complete it besides your age, location, and sexual preference. Like on other dating and hookup networks, type a bio and explain your reasons for being on the site.

Making contact

Since you are on a site for dating cougars or rather mature women, remember to be polite and attentive. Do not send them pictures that may wane their interest. At first, it will be necessary to flesh out the profile with steamy pictures.

Once you upgrade your membership, you gain access to other features like instant messaging. You can read and reply to messages, but to send more messages, you need to become a paid subscriber.

You can strike a conversation hassle-free if you and your match are paid users. Being matches is the sole requirement to exchange messages without limits.

There’s not a public chat, forum, or any other communication feature. Meet-a-cougar only enables you to chat via private messages.

Mobile Apps

While meet-a-cougar doesn’t have an app, there’s an alternative for on-the-go users. The mobile app Meet a Cougar hosts the same features as Meet-a-cougar. Many people use it because it is practically the same but easier. The app Meet a Cougar is not related to the Meet-a-cougar site and is relatively new to the business.

The app is in 8 languages which are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. Most joiners are from Europe, specifically from the UK.

The app is free and gives you tons of options to interact and add an in-depth description for others to know you better. Reviewers say it runs pretty well on smart devices.

Meet a Cougar, which portrays a cougar logo as identification, can be downloaded on the Apple Store and has no compatibility with Android devices. It requires a 40-50 dollar subscription.

Some customers, however, have shown the application in a bad light stating that women registered there are not attractive and look malnourished. As regards men, they look more attractive than women, as per female users.

Pros & Cons


  • The site encourages all kinds of relationships, including one-night stands.
  • This is a porn site with lots of thirsty women.
  • It functions as an app for more convenience.
  • It offers a quick registration process.
  • Basic but comprehensive search tool that filters searches based on basic features.
  • It boosts local dating.
  • Meet-a-cougar is an NSA site. You can meet couples as well.
  • Very simple interface.
  • You can browse forever with no display picture because it protects the identity.


  • Not as known as other websites in the same niche.
  • Meet-a-cougar lets outsiders know what is happening inside the site. Profiles are not that private.
  • Unfiltered registration process. You gain access without undergoing almost any filters.
  • Bots abound. How is it possible to get 4 messages in just 2 minutes? That’s weird.
  • The website restricts free users from using contacting features, therefore upgrading is best.
  • Bank card is the only payment method accepted.
  • While Meet-a-cougar claims to be popular, it can be tough to find reviews.


Although the registration is free of costs, the website is totally paid and full of restrictions.

Meet-a-cougar has 3 plans that come like this:

  • 7 days: 9.90 euro (this may work as a trial plan in case you want to try the site first).
  • 1 month: 36.90 euro (it is seen as a rip-off plan. Too expensive for 30 days, and you’ll never know if it is going to give you results).
  • 3 months: 22.65 per month: the most recommended program. In the end, they’ll bill you 68 euro for three months.
  • 6 months: 16.50 euro per month (the second most viable plan. It includes such a meager monthly fee).

There are only three payment options: Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. Bank card is the only method for payment they accept.

Meet-a-cougar does not let you navigate so much and continuously encourages you to register. When you sign up, you are given an 8-message limit.

Special features

  • Instant messaging: use the private chat wisely, knowing you have to be more direct with mature women. They are neither teenagers nor shy. So be nice and straightforward. Women on this site are horny.
  • Favorite list: Do you like any lady you’ve seen on the site? Favorite her. Put her on the favorite list of your preferred women on the site.
  • Photo album: the amazing opportunity to make your attributes public. Create galleries with the hottest photos you have.
  • Support: they are always up to clear up people’s queries on how to use the site.
  • Like: like people you find attractive, just like you do on social media.

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