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Sex Dating Sites for NERDS – Top 7 NERDS Dating Sites

Somebody said there was a kink for every nerd, and when it comes to dating them, straightforwardness may reap. Nerds, geeks, and people who admire them must ensure to join communities designed for singles that think like them, which is tricky.

While many apps like Tinder and Binge provide a lot of applicants, it is also true that personals spend time scouring through all members in the hopes to find the right match. Not many people are familiarized with Comic-con, computers, or so.

In this day and age of Comic-Cons and Marvel movies, nerds and geeks are apparently taking a second breath. These individuals are learning to embrace their inner nerd selves like the Facebook founder and Elon Musk did in his beginnings. They even succeeded in finding great matches.

Contrary to what netizens think, dating apps are for the tech-savvy who are, for the most part, fellows aged 18-30. After all, nerds are at home and are considered technology savvies. They really have enough time to come onto some free dating sites for nerds in their free time for sure.

Read on to discover the best dating sites for nerds. Gone are the days when they were always rejected by girls at school. Times have changed.

Adult Friend Finder

While Adult Friend Finder is more like a deserted strip club, it is also a place where tech-savvies can get some satisfaction. It has a free version and three other plans which are $30 a month to $15 monthly. This site helps them gain more confidence.

Adult Friend Finder

There are lots of horny people inside, indeed, AFF boasts of having 25 million members, which is more than eHarmony, a more serious dating website. Additionally, it offers video options, groups for ultra specific kinks, and chat rooms for interacting for free.

In this site, there’s such a large and diverse group of potential matches that it may be difficult for dweebs not to find sex. Although the odds of dating someone are higher, they must complete tons of compatibility questions if they want to see good results.

Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site. It has a layout similar to PornHub and has sections to interact via sexting and exchange videos.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of the dating sites for nerds with the hugest user database currently. Its membership base is comprised of fellows from all over the world. While there are lots of active users, there are also like-minded members looking for extra-marital love.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is usually frequented by dolts that are in the middle age. The platform targets married and committed individuals seeking to do the deed outside their current relationship. Many nerds who visit this place come from the USA and UK.

Ashley Madison is thoroughly an affair site created for geeks who feel unsatisfied with their relationship. If you check out the profiles carefully, you’ll realize that most women and men are married or taken and don’t want to be exposed.

This website is not for people who find cheating wrong. More importantly, married women usually send messages asking for sex or sexting. If you’re a tech guru, you surely know how to do sexting very well.

Making connections on this site is completely free, but if you want to use the features plentifully, you have to pay. To avoid this, enter the general chat for free.


OkCupid is designed for those nerds and freaks that preferring dating other homosexual freaks. The truth is that this portal welcomes everybody and is currently an LGBTQ+ community where users talk freely without feeling discrimination.


This is a website angled to men and women that love being open-minded. It is a free-to-use site, for this reason, it usually garners as much as 7.3 million messages per day. Why is it ideal for tech savvies? Maybe because of the 90,000 active users that chat actively.

When you first sign up, you have to answer a lot of questions related to gender identity. Other free dating sites for nerds actually prop to OkCupid for being so inclusive. Some questions like if you’re jealously healthy or if you’re into open relationships tell too much about the site.

OkCupid is a platform that truly hones in on open-minded individuals. The algorithm is fairly comprehensive and geeks will find contentedness in the way it works. Add this to the aforementioned fact that it encourages a free-judgment atmosphere.

OkCupid nixes every archaic niche and wordage that would shy dweebs away from dating. This platform a small nation compounded of a mix of people that are identified with a badge in their profiles, so others can identify and strike a conversation quickly.


is a website that has been capable of getting more than 96 million users around the globe. All of its members, including those that are tech gurus, are continuously active. Furthermore, most of its members are subscribers from the United States where millions of nerds reside.


Even though the site is packed with members from America, many others come from a variety of countries around the world. As a downside, Xmatch is dominated by guys, yet this is a good opportunity for women to engage with nerdy guys.

There’s no such a great difference between the membership base of Xmatch and the ones of Adult Friend Finder because they are practically the same. The database of this site is shared with other sites that pertain to Friend Finder Network. So, there’s a noticeable variation in its user base.

The site likewise has a small percentage of registered members that are couples. As for the age ratio, there are tons of individuals over 30 years old. As a bonus, many of these young members are professionals, which is something that many geeks really like.

The process to become part of this community is easy. Just select your gender and the gender you would like to interact with. Other options enable you to choose from among couples and women. is a grown-up site that caters to fellows who like BDSM, fetish, and all related to that. Whether you are curious or introverted, the site seems to tick all the required boxes due to its vast member base. Review is among the dating sites for nerds and geeks that aim to change their perception about dating. It includes an array of features but there is a wide range of functions that can be only enjoyed as a Premium member. All profiles are displayed especially for detail-oriented folks. presents a lot of advanced options that allow you to upscale the profile. On ALT, it is always best to come up with an expressive profile that looks more interesting to kinky users. Geeky women can take a lot of advantage of this for their nasty four-eyed look.

This portal features a wealth of options to chat with others. It has a free chat where members can have fun for free and another one where models broadcast shows while users watch. As a matter of course, it includes a hotlist to add users that could be contacted further down the line.

Get IT On

Although GetitOn is a less popular site, it has been among us for many years. It is a fetish site that gathers sex seekers, swingers, models, geeks, and sugar daddies from all over. It is ideal for dweebs because it serves the countries with the major population of them.

Get IT On

Despite its nearly two decades in the industry, it hasn’t been able to supersede other free online dating sites for nerds with its 10 million registered members. Many reviews claim this site solely admits real people looking for sex, but a real nerd would actually find out whether this is true.

The majority of visitors are from the United States and the UK, but there’s a considerably good amount of netizens from other countries. The site is outfitted with chat rooms and contacting functions for hot singles and nerds.

The fact that probably would attract most geeks is the anti-scamming system managed by real people who weed out scammers and gold-diggers manually. This site lends itself to photo trading, sex modeling, and swinger blind date arrangements.

Before registering, the website asks you 11 questions for better compatibility rates.
is a hookup site that would help any nerd turn on while lonely in the dorm. It has a lot of features to score hot and steamy hookups in any form, even virtually. The kind of pictures you may see here includes women in lingerie, in their stich, or playing.

With an incredibly big user base, comes with a lot of functionalities that would help geeks find sex or blow off some steam while watching porn videos on their phones. It is focused on empowered individuals who are self-confident but it also does the trick to sheepish folks.

Females outnumber men here and most of its visitors are from Thailand. There are likewise people from France, Canada, UK, and the US, but Asians are worldly labeled as nerds. The platform is said to have responsive users.

Passion is also a big LGBTQ+ community where gays, lesbians, trans, and pansexual individuals commune. For geeks who feel insecure, there’s also an option to register with somebody else as a couple. And again, take the abundance of female members in this site as an upside.

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