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NZPersonals Review – Perfect or Scam? doubles as a dating site and a social network to find friends or engage in conversation. It has connected thousands of Kiwis since it was founded after two decades. The registration for this site is free but may come with some hidden fees afterward.

The site targets a broad audience, and it is a good fit for those who want to find either love or fun. On this platform, you will find couples and individuals who just want to see pictures. The site has 22 years old in the business and continues to be somewhat active. has created new options for user enjoyment. In the past, the interface looked outdated, and things haven’t changed too much. Nonetheless, it is browser-friendly and easy to navigate.

This space has been loved and criticized. Some say it is a fraud because it has many fake profiles. These comments come mostly from users who are in the adult section. As to the friendship section, things apparently go better off.

In this article, we are going further into

(Before you continue reading, there’s another site called, which exists no more but is often mistaken for the Nzpersonals. The domain of this site is and not

Member Structure

The site is clearly geared towards Kiwis, in fact, the banner says it is mainly for Kiwis. Despite this, it has another notice below that welcomes Aussies, people from the Faroe Islands, Samoa, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, and Tonga.

As you can see, Nzpersonals welcomes everybody, especially those who live near New Zealand. However, anybody can register regardless of the location. The site does not restrict visitors from registering from America, Europe, and Africa.

As it was to be expected, most members are from the largest cities in New Zealand: Canterbury Region, Wellington, and Waikato. The platform is chock-full of seniors. People aged 55 and even 70 are all over.

As to sexual genders, it offers all of them. Actually, Nzpersonals emphasizes inclusivity on the site. So, mainly in the adult section, you can see transsexuals, pansexuals, and same-sex couples. However, straight users outnumber the other genders.

Signup Process

To sign up, click on the Join button that will redirect you to the registration form. The registration process is easy and fun, even if you are not familiarized with grown-up sites. The first page can lead you to the adult section or the dating and friendship section for singles.

The dating and friendship section is just for applicants who want to chat or find something serious. If you are not into hookups, this can be the best choice. On the other side, the adult section is plenty of grown-up photos, nudes, and is suited for hookups.

The registration process for those sections is just the same, after all. just requires submitting a username, password, email address, marital status, gender type, country, sexual preference, and how one wants to be found on the site.

It is important to add that in the marital status field, there are tons of options that range from single to couples. The options in the gender type section are many.

After that, you need to confirm you’re not a robot and click on the authentication link that was sent to the email.

Making Contact

There are many ways to get in touch with people on NZ personals, but not all are not free. The site offers a community for discussions and events. Apart from that, you can alternatively join groups and respond to discussions.

Another way to have an odd word with other members is through photo sharing.  If you want your pictures to be commented on, create galleries. also includes webcam sessions, but they are Premium. is a community that encourages members to communicate mostly on webcam for prevention.  To make things faster, NZpersonals features a tab to search for online members. Generally, there are up to 3,000 people connected.

Another contacting feature is the on-site mail, where you can see the sent and received messages. You must verify your account to make use of some of these features. As a free member, you can check other profiles for free.

Mobile Apps

There is not an app and such a thing for mobile phones, but the desktop version is quite responsive and works efficiently. You can log in on smartphones and PC. You won’t also have issues with data privacy because the site is safe and secure.

Although Nzpersonals looks old, it has a very intuitive design. You will never get lost roaming across the options. Utilizing Nzpersonals on the PC is as simple as on the smartphone.

The first thing you’ll encounter is the login form without the contacting functions which appear on the upper side.

If you are going to access the site using a smartphone, bear in mind that it lacks some desktop options. For example, it doesn’t display features like online members, community, mail, webcam, chat, friends, profile, and account. mobile layout is even simpler than its counterpart. The main portrays an in-depth description of the site. The layout is black, white, and grey looks obsolete and doesn’t slow up portable devices.

Pro & Cons


  • Old and highly reputed site in NZ.
  • User-friendly. Not many options that can confuse you.
  • It is compatible with smartphones and PCs.
  • It has two sections that separate people who want friends from those who want sex.
  • Ideal for chatting via webcam.
  • It has a variety of membership plans.
  • The website is packed with Kiwis and people from the surrounding islands, which makes it more interesting.
  • Sex workers can post their listings offering their services, and all members can view them.
  • Compared to other Kiwi dating sites, it is inexpensive. Quite affordable for everybody, as you’ll see below.
  • It operates as a social network.
  • It asks for the ID for profile authentication.


  • doesn’t have an app.
  • Many functions are blocked for free users.
  • Many notices telling you to upgrade.
  • The trial lasts only one day. After 24 hours, you need to choose a plan.
  • It is difficult to find young people.
  • Where are the reviews? It has been 20 years in the industry, which means it should have many.


The free access to Nzpersonals is limited. The site encourages you to become a full subscriber to enjoy the extra features. You can pay the fees via credit card, check, and cash payments. As you can see, it has no PayPal option.

It offers 5 plans for 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and one year. also offers gift vouchers.

The webcam function can be only accessed with a premium plan. The website has an introductory package and a gold membership for couples for a week that costs 10 bucks.

Each plan comes with a 1 week, 2 weeks, one-month, and 2-month extension. If you opt for the one-year program, you will end up with a plan that lasts 14 months plus the extension.

Prices per plan are broken down like this.

  • 2 weeks – $10.
  • 1 month – $15.
  • 3 months – $25.
  • 6 months – $40.
  • 1 year – $55.

Special Features maintains the basic communication tools that are present in other sites. Some special features are:

  • BLOCK: Nzpersonals enable you to block users you are not into.
  • Send gift voucher: gift vouchers must be purchased, as plans do not include them. Send gift vouchers to the people you like by accessing their profiles and clicking on Send Gift Voucher. This is a way to show interest, too.
  • Like: you can like a profile, even if you are a free user. Profile photos are visible.
  • Add friend: you can add friends, no matter the membership plan you have.
  • Events, activities, and parties: Stay on top of events or activities arranged by other members. Free users can know the details.
  • Community Groups: groups and discussion forums that are separated from chat rooms.
  • Webcam: this is a feature that was added recently. To chat via webcam, you need to have a paid subscription.
  • Post ads: if you are a sex worker, consider promoting yourself and your services through this option.

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