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Asspig is one of the dating sites to use to find gays nearby. It is also a destination to befriend singles and have fun online without compromise. Although the site is not free, it claims to offer contact services very affordably. The profile scanning is very strict to enter the community.

Asspig is meant for hookups and serious relationships between men. Because of its features and severe rules, it has become one of the most reliable and complete sites in the gay dating business. With thousands of gay men registered, it pledges to be a low-cost alternative for gay dating.

According to Scam Advisor, this site provides a safe environment full of legit profiles. It uses an automated algorithm to connect singles based on the location and interests. However, it is still new and needs to gain more reputation among the LGBTQI+ groups.

Asspig is useful to date gays from Europe, more specifically from nations near the Netherlands. While it is still not very popular, users are posting some good and bad reports on review sites that show it in a good or bad light.

Below, some points to look into Asspig and what it offers for gays around the globe.

Features of Ass Pig

  • Great design.
  • The option to fill out the profiles with more information about sexual likes.
  • Payable through diverse payment methods.
  • Nice instant messaging, although it only works for premium profiles.
  • Live chat to interact with members via cam.
  • Profiles are private, unless you give access to visitors.
  • Basic contacting features.
  • It allows uploading videos.
  • Photos can be inserted in albums.
  • Quick search and advanced search.
  • Quick search centered on age, location, and ethnicity.
  • Responsive customer support. The help center also provides meaningful information.
  • Every profile is checked painstakingly. Profiles that violate the terms of service are banned immediately.
  • Asspig is intended for all kinds of relationships.

Ass Pig Member Structure

Asspig’s member structure will stay as a mystery until you are a member. Asspig is a site that features tons of gay men of ages around 30 and 40, most of which are hairy. The website goes by the name of the hair surrounding most guys’ asses.

The second-largest populace inside the platform comprises 20-year-old and 50-year-old guys. Most are from the United States, Canada, and the UK, thus dating locally and internationally is limited. It is also a fact Asians are as common as North American guys.

There are also loads of guys from the UK and Australia but not at a large proportion. Women are not allowed to join this platform and every attempt of joining is halted by the admins. Most guys who chat on Asspig are men with a double life and a college background.

There are a few bots with Google photos that have fooled the system. This is feasible, as the site does not ask for face pictures but asses. Since the majority does not show their face, it is difficult to ascertain who they are and their legitimacy. However, this is part of the game.

Ass Pig Sign-Up Process

Becoming a member on this site is easy but can take time. Nobody underage is allowed to take part on this community.

While the form contains basic questions, some may not be necessary for the purpose of the site, yet all answers must be responded.

The first fields are the birthdate, and then the email. After that, comes the username and password, which must combine 8 letters and digits. You can sign up as an individual or a couple, however, plans for couples are pricier.

Next, tap into your profile and start uploading images. You can do it freely and without the concern of being out of the site. No guests can view what the participants do.

For account setup, Asspig finds itself very comprehensive. It includes fields such as the cock size, body type, ethnicity, and fetishes, and options like bondage, spanking, and vacuum pumping. The About Me section shows info submitted separately.

Asspig also asks if you have a cam, run a website or smoke. Profiles likewise have details about drinking habits, languages, preferred meeting places, HIV tests, and asses (uncut or not).

Ass Pig Making Contact

Making contact on Asspig is straightforward and only possible on a paid membership.

Profiles do not have the option to mask the profile picture and other photos, so the identity can’t be hidden. As the best way to call the attention on Asspig is by uploading private images, the grown-up content is all over.

Asspig has a live chat, on which users chat with others via cam. You have the option to search for singles by location, age, and other criteria. You can even do your search by sexual preferences and likes. Some profiles do not have a profile photo, which means they are potentially fakes. The platform provides extended searches.

Inviting to private chats is enabled for paying subscribers. If you don’t want to chat with somebody, you can block them to receive no messages.

Ass Pig Price

Although Asspig can be used for free, it offers 4 plans for more pleasure and enjoyment.

The first plan must be paid monthly. It costs 7 dollars, but if you no longer want to be a paying subscriber, you can cancel your membership and pay no more fees.

People with a 3-month plan must pay $5.67 on a non-recurring basis, which means they can’t stop it at halfway point.

Members with a 6-month plan pay $30 one time or $5 per month. This is non-recurring, too.

Finally, users with a 12-month plan pay from $35 to $45 one time or else $2.92 monthly. They can clear the quotes via check, money order, or bill pay. This plan is best for couples ($45).  

Payment Method

Asspig plans are paid via credit card like Discover, Master Card, and Visa. Other alternatives can be via check, money order, or bill pay. The latter are cheaper and are more applicable to couples and annual plans.

The site does not accept BTC or coins. It does not accept euro either. Still, Asspig sends updates via email if there are any changes.

The cancellation must be done by contacting the customer support. It is not a straightforward process that can be solved with a click on a button.

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