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Top 10 Sex Dating Sites – Online Sex Dating Sites (100% Free)

Sex dating sites, also known as hookup sites are basically the alternative to courting platforms that reversely create meaningful relationships. They have been around for 20 years or so since 2000, and have helped milennials and now centenials to find partners mainly for sex.

In these sites, you don’t have a real conversion; instead, you mingle in the hopes to find sex. Admittedly, sex dating sites came to change the way we connect and have sex with somebody unknown. They are head to head with serious dating sites like Eharmony and OkCUPID.

It is a fact that nobody finds marriage feasible in these portals. Despite this, they welcome all ages, ethnicities and ways of life. They are now present in apps and are available in the various operating systems we use the most.

Next, this is a list of the best free online sex dating sites specially designed for those that are horny.

Adult Friend finder

To many, Adult Friend Finder is considered the best all free sex dating site because it is one of the oldest pioneers in the sex online industry. While many apps cater to young daters who want to fuck, this one leans towards mature singles looking for the same stuff.

Adult Friend Finder is a more interactive version of PornHub but it incorporates more contacting features. Whether you’re looking for a face-to-face date or virtual sex, Adult Friend Finder can help you with all of that.

Inside the platform, there are hundred thousand videos and pictures that make it impossible not to turn on. Besides, it encourages local dating and sexting. Nothing is blurred out on AFF, so it sounds improbable not to see dicks or nasty things.

AFF provides live video options, multiple groups for specific kinks, a great variety of chat rooms and even more. All this leads us to conclude that this is a wild and dirty site. Plus, there are millions of open-minded people that may be looking for the same as you.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an affair site that targets fellows interested in people who are committed. This is basically what AM is all about. Plus, it provides an atmosphere where attached individuals can commit infidelity and singles get round to it.

At Ashley Madison, it is not obligatory to fill out the profile because it is counter-productive. The site encourages netizens to upload photos and other media discreetly and edit all headshots if possible. The truth is that most don’t fill their profiles completely.

After registration, users can view and comb through other profiles. It is important to emphasize the fact that most profiles are no way in-depth, which prompts visitors to register with bogus pictures. So, you never know who’s behind the screen when using Ashley Madison.

The website uses these policies because it’s their method to protect users’ identity. In the end, they don’t want to ruin people’s relationships. All pictures are free to view.

Likewise, all members are able to sign up using a username as identification. Other than these data, they must disclose their city, location, age and type of relationship sought out for. Certainly, they can submit information that is not real.

Being on is like starring an erotic film. This is not the right site to find love whatsoever, yet it could do the trick to those that are looking for sex and give full reign to their kinks. All content on aims to arouse all partakers.

It is easy to feel admiration over its communication features which even allow the use of the cam. Most of the time, is used for sexting and virtual sex. Features like ‘MyStuff’ are of those unique functions that allow contacting forgotten members.

As other free sex dating sites, offers webcam service, which we all know it’s great for talking to people before meeting in person. The kink search is a feature that allows knowing about others’ fetishes. This last function does not appear on other free local sex dating sites. offers a guarantee that entitles daters to use it for free months at no cost in case they didn’t feel satisfied the first time. The portal has around 36 million members from the United States, but the rate of online population has dropped to 60,000.

Sexfinder is thought to be the Adult Friend Finder and of the next generation because it has whatever it takes to be dubbed like that. At present, it has over 89 million users worldwide, and most of its members register purely for sex.

SexFinder intends to voice out and explore sexual fantasies and kinks. Furthermore, it welcomes everybody, which includes LGBT members, bisexuals, couples, and groups. This is clear evidence that the website works great for finding orgies, threesomes, and everything alike.

Despite all of these amazing features, of the 36 million registered singles, many of them are flagged bogus. Other than that, free membership does not suffice to even communicate. If somebody wants to send messages, they must pay.

The price for these features is high and not many people may be contented to pay for them. It is home to 60,000,000 American daters, 76,000 of which log in for virtual arrangements. As normally, men outnumber women here 70% to 30%, like in other portals of this kind.

Most users are 25 years or older and couples have the chance to register together as one single member.


Hornywife is among the free sex dating sites for women whose content centers on naked wives having sex and showing skin. This is like a huge gallery with content related to milfs, but none of this content is professionally made, but homemade pictures uploaded by the very same members.

Overall, all pictures that are on hornywife are from the profiles of the registered women. Male users and lesbians can browse through them and hit them up for little money. All of these women are categorized by who’s online, new matches, and VIPs.

Once you sign up, you start viewing matches that are filtered by Cupid Preferences. All profiles are easy to edit and portray important information related to profile owners as well as the people they contact the most.

Aside from containing those date, daters can also see the messages they’ve received and sent. Horny Wife lets netizens communicate through photos, videos, flirts and the like. They are likewise allowed to like and comment on photos and videos.

The most popular members feature in the homepage.

As the name suggests, this is among the top 10 free sex dating sites that cater to singles that specifically look for married and committed users. All that happens here stays here. Whether a virtual or in person sexual experience, the site suggests doing all with discretion.

This makes it ideal for attached individuals who join to engage in an extra-marital relationship as well. As explained, those that don’t have a partner seek attached daters to have fun or get cash. Occasionally, it ticks all the required boxes to engage in cuckcold sex.

Nonetheless, reviewers say that the site is best for cyber-sex than anything else. It hosts live-streams, videos that members themselves upload, and other broadcast options. The majority of users claim they use the site just for masturbating and having virtual sex.

This affair site specializes in displaying pictures that depict fetishes and kinks. More importantly, users are given the option to turn off their profile to create private networks and chat privately.

Additionally, it is easy to navigate and had a large visual influence comprised of pornographic content which is displayed everywhere, even in chat rooms. Users can add the members they like most to their hotlist.


Xmatch is a hookup site whose only objective is to create casual dates and provide sex to singles, couples, and groups. The site is quite libertine as it offers same-sex couple sex and welcomes genders no matter their origin.

Among all the 100 free adult sex dating sites, Xmatch is the one that most likely contain thelargest number of fake profiles. If you’ve wondered what the catch is about this site, the answer is that it is probably because it’s great to find one-night stands.

Another aspect that catches the eye is the percentage of registered females on this site. Xmatch reportedly has 91% of its whole member base compounded by women and a small percentage of men. This is strange considering that women tend to join these sites less frequently than guys.

It has a mobile version for iOS but nothing seems to be available for Android holders. The website features a design with the same style as any NSFW site.  Regarding membership rates, some users say it is expensive.


GetitON comes with a bang, especially because of its eye-catching blue-and-white color scheme and simple process to sign up. Under normal circumstances, the whole sign-up process can take 3 minutes despite the 11 questions that must be completed.

The survey is mostly focused on physical appearance and the type of relationship users might be pursuing. Speaking of compatibility, it is easy to know which members we can get along with thanks to a compatibility indicator next to each profile.

Regarding the search function, it is based on location, who’s online and other variables that help users find matches much easier. Added to that, it comes with a live-stream option and a hot-list to add members users are interested in.

Citizens can chat with others through email and flirts. These are the most casual ways to show interest in this sex dating portal.

Instead of connecting daters on personality basis, Xmatch does it by connecting them according to their sexual preferences and raunchy fantasies. It is unquestionably a raunchy site.

99 Flavor

99 Flavor is a risqué ventures along with other totally free sex dating sites like Passion and ALT. It is destined for sexually adventurous individuals, never mind the age, gender, or sexual orientation. It is one of the best free online sex dating sites that serve countries like Israel and Croatia.

It is a community filled with uploaded pornographic content that permits users to interact and have fun virtually. It is difficult to gauge which site is hotter between ALT and 99 Flavors, but regardless of the various thoughts out there, 99 Flavors absolutely stands out above all.

In this platform, everybody is licentious; they air out their kinks openly. 99 Flavors has roughly 95 million members worldwide, which means it is clearly one of the biggest. Plus, it has tons of swingers and strippers of all genders and ethnicities.

There’s no doubt the site was created merely for fun, not for love. 36 million users of its whole data base are from the USA while others visit the website from various European countries. On a side note, most are young with ages between 25 – 35.


BlackSexMatch is geared towards singles that love black skin, plain and simple. All of its services are offered at truly balanced price ranges depending on the location. It mostly benefits users located in the US and UK with minimal fees.

BlackSexMATCH is a grown-up site which, with time, has been able to attract the attention of million daters. This portal has zero tolerance for discrimination, so offensive comments are not permitted.

This platform is not free, given the fact that it contains features that are paid. It welcomes both attached and single individuals, but the latter are by far preferred. Registration is free but, as mentioned above, some features need money to work.

The average monthly fee is $25, which is not too much. This is possible the main reason why it has gotten so many members from all over the world. The site is home to regular Joes, but also home to webcam models who charge for private services.

It is used mainly by singles who are seeking to find hookups. Local hookups can be found after sifting through profiles by search options. A contacting option that most customers use is the flirt, which is free and most suitable to vie for a girl’s attention.

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