SwingTowns Review – Is It a Real or Scam?

Adverb Similar Facebook, SwingTowns offers a fun, inviting location to discover your next casual encounter.

To be precise, in terms of a sexual context, a plethora of individuals will be quite familiar with the term “swinging.” However, when individuals are asked about polyamory, an array of people out there would be clueless.

In simpler terms, polyamory implies maintaining a long-term sexual relationship with more than one partner. However, the consent of all the partners is necessary while opting for polyamory. Note that polyamory is different from polygamy. 

In today’s society, being a firm believer in polyamory is not just a way to express your sexuality- it is a way of life. While it is common these days to find a plethora of dating sites, you would hardly come across a reliable site which offers polyamory.

However, one such site which is existent since 1999 and offering polyamory is the SwingTowns. So, let’s explore the various intricacies in accessing SwingTowns for a modern-day user.

What is SwingTowns?

The dating category of SwingTowns is Swinger Contacts/Polyamory Dating. It is one of those hookup sites which welcomes people from various sexual orientations like gay, straight and lesbian. It is now above 18 years of age and is a stand-alone dating site.

what is swingtowns?

Interestingly, a plethora of users out there would say that this dating site resembles Facebook in a variety of ways. The website is solely made for swingers who are on the lookout to connect with singles or couples to satiate their sexual needs.

When it was first established, the site resembled a bulletin-board style. It was especially intended for open-minded adults to find each other. Today, it is better known as one of those sites which are home to a genuine and fast-developing community. 

While accessing the site, you would come across various types of people interested in fetish, hookups, polyamory, and all. It can be rightly said that today SwingTowns has adopted a modern face. Nowadays, it looks like a social networking site.

Moreover, for new users, the registration process is fairly simple. Notably, the new users should always complete their profile so that other members can see what your sexual preferences are. You should also mention your relationship status so that it is clearly visible to other members.    

Pro & cons of SwingTowns

SwingTowns also has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s delve into the details of them. 

The pros of SwingTowns

  • It has a Facebook-style interface which makes it easy for first-time users.
  • It has a low membership price.
  • You can access special threesome and polyamory seekers.

The cons of SwingTowns

  • First-time users would find it difficult to find partners using regular search.
  • It is also a bit difficult to browse online members.
  • The profiles are not detailed.

Signup & login process of SwingTowns

In order for a dating site to be successful, the signup and login process should be fairly simple. It is here that most users opt-out. When a dating site has a lengthy signup process, the dropout rates increase considerably among users. Keeping this thing in mind, SwingTowns has come up with a simple and easy login and signup process.

For instance, the new members would only have to provide certain basic essential information. As a new user, you would be prompted to furnish your username, email address, password, relationship status, and location.

Note that as a new user, you would also be required to provide brief descriptions. You also have to upload a profile picture and other basic information. To be frank, the signup process will not take more than 10 minutes. As this site focuses mainly on hookups and sexual encounters, the amount of information you have to provide is minimal. 

You have to commence the process of login by going to the SwingTowns signup page. First, you have to select your gender and the gender of the members you are going to meet.

In the next step, you will be asked to provide your email address. Moreover, you would also be required to provide a strong password so that your account stays secure. Pay due attention while selecting your username. You would also let the site know about your location and about your birthday.

So, this is literally the entire process of registering on the signup page. Now that you have the credentials of SwingTowns, you can sign in and start connecting with local members. 

Members Structure of SwingTowns

As mentioned earlier, SwingTowns resembles Facebook in a number of ways. So, as with Facebook, the users can find and add friends who will then appear on your timeline. This is a simplistic approach which is catapulting the popularity of the site.

Moreover, you can also see who is online at any given point of time. You can also find friends on the website and select whether to follow them or not. The action feed of SwingTowns is quite similar to the news feed of Facebook. This is the reason that as a new user, you would have no difficulties whatsoever in accessing the site.

On the other hand, the polyamory and threesome friend finder feature is a highlighting trait of this site. You can use this feature to contact other members through messages, instant messages, video chats or comments. 

In simpler words, using this site is quite intuitive. On your respective news feed, you can establish flirty rapport by commenting on pictures and posts just like Facebook. This site would also help you to access singles match who comes handy if you are a single man or a woman seeking sexual encounters.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy more features, the premium membership plan is appropriate for you. If you are interested in super-hot hookups with no strings attached, dating on SwingTowns is just the appropriate choice for you.

It is successful in harnessing the social network feel. This is also the reason that there has been a surge in the number of users accessing SwingTowns nowadays.    

SwingTowns Member Information

As mentioned earlier, this online dating platform utilizes a Facebook-like interface. Thus member interactions occur when you add other members to your timeline.

This online dating platform also gives its users a social feed where they can view other posts and witness who is online at a specific moment. You can also establish rapport and flirt with others by commenting on someone’s picture or video.

Thus, in other words, using this online site is quite a fun-filled experience. 

SwingTowns Contacting Members


So, your new account is registered and you are raring to go! Most dating sites comprise of a chat feature which lets you know the site’s members on a more personal level. However, dating sites these days have features like video and voice chat.

With the help of these features, you would get to know potential partners a little more intimately. So, have you found someone you wished to connect? In that case, you have to just send a couple of SwingTowns messages to the members you are interested in!  

SwingTowns Mobile App


To be frank, SwingTowns is yet to release a mobile application. But, note that using the site on a mobile device is not at all complex. In other words, the mobile site is pretty usable. If you are on the lookout of complete and integrated dating experience, you would get it on the mobile site.

You would avail of many of the same great features which are available in general browsers. For instance, if you are traveling somewhere and don’t have your laptop with you, using the site on mobile is quite enticing. 

SwingTowns Costs and Prices


SwingTowns offer three different plans for its members. It has a one month plan for $17. Moreover, it also has a 6-month plan for $69 and a 12-month plan for $129. It is quite evident that the most expensive plan is the 6-month plan.

However, if you notice closely, you would find that you will save more by opting for the 6-month plan. The cost of accessing the SwingTowns site is moderate when compared to other dating sites operating out there. Thus, being a member of this site is always an enticing proposition. 

SwingTowns Free Services

SwingTowns is absolutely free to register. However, it is important for you to note that with a free membership, it’s a bit difficult to get past all the users. You would not get the most of the site with a free membership.

If you are using this site for free, you would face difficulty in accessing all the photographs of the members. Moreover, with a free subscription, you cannot send messages which are a big issue.  

Fee based Services

When you have a paid membership plan, you are eligible to see the private pictures and videos posted by the members. Moreover, with a free membership plan, you would be able to chat with other members even if they haven’t liked you.

Note that with a free membership, you can only chat when someone has liked you back. But that is not the issue with a paid membership. Payment Options.

There are no trial plans when it comes to accessing SwingTowns. The premium membership plan is recurring and you must cancel it to stop payments. You can pay via your VISA and credit cards. Moreover, you can also facilitate payments via the CCBILL card. 

SwingTowns Customer Support

SwingTowns has a fairly sound customer support system. Since the time it was established, SwingTowns has been able to maintain its reputation with the help of a sound customer care system. In case you have any queries or grievances, you should visit their site.

You have to click on the contact option and you are just a call away from the helpful customer care support. Mostly, your queries would be solved within 2 to 3 days. 

SwingTowns Security & Safety

The site seeks out fake users and scammers. It also encourages its users to report inappropriate profiles. The paid users can access stealth browsing. If you want to seek more information on safety, you have to visit the safety and tips and tricks pages. 

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