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OutPersonals.com Review – Hookups & Dates with Gay Men


OutPersonals is a gay community with nearly 400,000 members that offers a static directory of gay singles and lots of connecting features that streamline a casual encounter or hookup. People join this community with the only purpose of meeting users with a mindset like the one they have.

OutPersonals is a hookup site that leaves aside geographic limitations between members to develop casual relationships. It focuses on local dates rather than international relationships. Added to that, it promotes virtual sex as well as orgies and other extreme types of relationships.

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Although it is best for finding local daters, some don’t care about this and use OutPersonals for finding casual love and sexting. The site includes many search tools that allow narrowing singles to help users find what they are looking for exactly.

Profiles are very comprehensive and they contain accurate info about people’s physical appearance, interests and personality. Needless to say profiles also contain videos.

OutPersonals as a hookup site helps gay users find couples and groups that may be interested in sex and satisfy their kinks. This dating site is not a good place for finding love whatsoever, so bear this in mind when registering.

Member Structure 

OutPersonals is a casual dating site for gays exclusively but it doesn’t close the door to straight guests. Overall, the site welcomes all genders, including transsexual people, that is, women who have turned into men and vice versa.

The first members you’ll see are the traditional gays. They make up more than 50% of the whole user base. Many of these personals seek straight men to have same-sex dates. This may not surprise because straight members look for the same.

The second type of users you’ll find here are bisexuals. Most subscribers on Outpersonals are bisexuals and are not over 35. Also, many are married and have a double life.

Other genders are transsexuals and tranvestites. A lot of straight users who are 40 and above look for tranvestites and transsexuals to replace sex with women.

Shemales and tomboys are also common. Shemales take advantage of the broadcast feature to perform shows and try to make some money there. The tipping function is not available as in other sites, but they can find dates with sugar daddies that can spoil them.

Signing Up

Signing up for OutPersonals is very easy because it entails creating a profile with the information you want other members to see. It is important to add that OutPersonal profiles feature very important details which include several physical traits.

You can add information about the color of your hair, your height, ethnicity and eye color. Likewise, you can add information about your occupation, things you do in your leisure time, and preferences. Finally, there’s a section to submit the type of relationship you are looking for.

The latter is an important field because it helps find matches focused on genders and sexual orientation. After that, it is necessary to add the relationship status, although this may not seem important on a hookup site of this kind.

Once you’re done with all formality, write an outline about yourself that tells the community about the things you like, what you do for a living, and most importantly, your fixations and the type of individuals you prefer to go out with.

Making Contact on OutPersonals

Making contact on OutPersonals will vary depending on the membership type. Basically, guests are allowed to do basic searches and see the people who are closer to them, while paying members can use other features.

Users can search for other members by location, sexual orientation, body type, relationship status, and physique. Through premium memberships, they can maximize all search tools and look for a larger amount of users without limitation.

Other than that, the site has a feature called Cupid Preferences that tells you when somebody has recently signed up. It tips you off about the new people who have arrived. If you are paying member, you can send a message or flirt to them instantly.

OutPersonals is highly active mainly because it has lots of people that are part of the global community Friend Finder Networks. Unlike Gay Friend Finder and Gay Cupid, Outpersonals aims to find hookup and casual relationship instead of something serious.

When you click into a profile, you’re shown a drop-down menu that displays the different available ways to communicate with other singles.

Profile Quality 

While you can use the site with a minimal profile, it is much better to add things like photos, videos, and descriptions. It is always best to add extra pictures to kick it up a notch on the profile. Remember to fill out all possible fields that have been left empty.

If you have a Gold membership, the website entitles you to view profiles fully, that is, check out each section of the profile. Some pictures are blocked by users but you can request to see those private pictures by sending an invitation.

The gauge on your edit page will tell you how much the profile needs to be completed. Anyway, you have the option to leave it like that or add as much as information as you can whenever you have a free time. Since, this is a hookup site, preferable add steamy photos and other forms of nudity.

Cupid Preferences portrays many things you like or do on a daily basis. This feature tells others about many things about you that are not depicted on the profile. Everything you put on Cupid Preferences are shown with the list of the basic preferences.

Mobile App

Unlike many other websites dedicated to hookups and sex dating, OutPersonals has its own mobile app besides the desktop version that shows the same design and interface. Anyway, if you’ve got a chance to install the app, don’t waste more time and make use of it.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be utilized anywhere you are. It helps guests socialize with other singles when they don’t have time to sit on the PC. The mobile app is free and is fast to install.

Now, to see the desktop version, the only thing you need is enter m.outpersonals.com and everything is there. The application performs better on iPhones than on Android devices. It is not available on Google or Apple Store, but on the aforementioned site.

OutPersonals updates the app occasionally by incorporating new features. It enables guests to check and send messages as well as receive notifications for every message they receive on the device. Naturally, it likewise allows uploading the same amount of photos.

Costs and Prices 

Prices are in USD but other users can pay in euros or Canadian dollars. Prices and costs are changed at least once a year or once every two years. They will be changed depending on location, access point, and time of purchase.

Installing the app and using the portal from a desktop have influence on the price. Ultimately, the website offers two types of memberships: the Standard membership, which is free and limited, and the Gold subscription which comes up with different monthly fees and extra features.

There are three types of Gold memberships whose variations depend on the number of months they are due to last. Some of the features provided by the Paid subscriptions go as follows:

  • Members can view and contact members without restrictions, including those that are Premium.
  • They are always featured on top of all listings and searches.
  • They are prioritized for review of profile and photos.
  • Best search capabilities.

Below are the costs:

  • 1 months for $29.96 per month
  • 3 months for $16.65 per month
  • 12 months for $10.00 per month

The accounts are payable in US and Canadian funds.

Special Features

OutPersonals has some special features which are available only for users that are Premium.

Among these features, we find that OutPersonals offers video and chat. This feature is great because it allows meeting a personal before meeting up. Another feature that sounds interesting is the dating magazine with real member participation.

Subscribers can read and participate in OutPersonals magazines after receiving points which can be redeemed for credits to comment on blogs, groups, and share their interest in something.

Web Cams galore is a section that displays many profiles of gay members and allows searching and chatting with them. It is a gallery of profiles that enables you to view their profiles fully and broadcast if you’re willing to.

Outpersonals is an app that empowers guests to upload porn photos to their profiles. This is possible and totally permitted but not many users post grown-up content and diverse forms of nudity. What is normal is the huge gallery of shemales and tomboys in this site.

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